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  1. Thanks folks.....good idea....ill run some tunes through it for a few hours to see if i can duplicate......
  2. Reviving an old thread. I'm running my Helix through a JBL EON 615. Twice now I have lost the gain at very important moments. I cant duplicate the problem at home but am suspecting it has to do with heat. Has anyone had these cabinets cut out on them?....any experiences with heat?...anybody?
  3. Makes perfect sense. Also happens to me, that’s what I came looking for. atvevery start up. Have to go to Global settings and move the knob to mic, then back to line to correct it.
  4. On the last block, the one that determines the output jack, you can increase the boost. It can be assigned to a pedal too I believe. That may do it.
  5. I've been running my helix into the return of my 5150 III to date and have been "ok" with it. No unnecessary tones are added. I went shopping on the weekend for a powercab...a knowledgeable salesman instead turned me to a Bose L1 Compact. I ended up renting the unit for the next month. My first stab at it and the sound was amazingly good, well dispersed, no ear piercing noise if you stand directly in front of it, lots of volume. I'm jamming with it on Friday so I will see how it fits with the other superamps and drums but I have high hopes and dont regret it so far....even though I just rented. Bose L1 Compact at Sweetwater
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