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  1. Depends what you are doing with it, but I wouldn't go with either. If you are just running electric guitar through it, get a DT series. I had a Power Engine. Was quite disappointed and got a DT25 stack. As has been pointed out, they aren't full range so they aren't great if you are running an acoustic through it, but it gives you power tube warmth and works with the HD500. I have the full dream rig with a JTV69. I run my acoustic patches out of the effects loop into the PA. You can find some really nice deals. Absolutely the way to go IMO.
  2. LOL! iOS has a 78% adoption rate of the installed user base in 4 months of being out. They are saying that of the 22% jump in December only 6% was from iOS6. KitKat had just over 1% as of January 2nd. Only 37% were even on Jelly Bean! There is such a significant portion of the installed base not only on older platforms, but on multiple older platforms. Again, my point is the support nightmare this causes and in turn the reason companies come out with iOS apps first and in many cases exclusively. There is just no denying this. KitKat is a step towards closing the gap, but it is going to take a LONG time to make significant strides and much of the installed base cant even run it. Keep in mind every OEM has to port the system to their hardware and then the carriers have control over what is in the OS on top of that. The Verizon problem that you point out is exactly what I am talking about with the carriers. They don't fawn over Apple...they have no say in it. Apple's system and hardware is entirely controled by Apple. They operate this way by design. It isn't to be OS Nazi's. They control the experience because the experience is the basis of their entire philosophy. Google just wants ad revenue and they get that by having as many people use their tools as possible and track all their behavior so they can be effectively targeted. OK, now we are getting too far into the mobile OS discussion that nobody wants to hear on this forum. LOL Anyway, it isn't about iOS vs Android it is about why there is an iOS app and there is no Android app. This is the explanation.
  3. Exactly! So if and when this ever actually takes hold in the Android installed base then all you have to worry about is the difference in hardware and carrier/manufacturer os modifications. LOL Maybe the support nightmare gap between iOS and Android apps shrinks significantly, but that is WAY in the future and there will still be a gap. Bottom line is even in the best case scenario it still supports my point about why they would come out with an iOS app first. Here is another HUGE point on support. The adoption rates of new iOS vs Android. Monstrous is an understatement. http://www.ibtimes.com/apple-ios-7-trounces-android-44-kitkat-widespread-adoption-1525234
  4. You can just google the subject. This isn't even disputed. The reason is that there are so many versions of the OS out there to support on even more versions of the hardware. It's the reason Apple dominates app sales despite being have much lower install base. This isn't Apple love speaking, just known fact.
  5. It is in their interest because it keeps people buying existing products that they already have a huge R&D investment in. It also keeps people loyal to the platform when they come out with the next generation. I for example like many on these forums have been POD users since 2.0 and have upgraded to each generation of product and branched out with the Variax, JTV, DT, Tone Port etc. The upgrades they have offered in the past have kept me loyal and I have come to expect that support. In return when it is time for a significant next gen upgrade, I am usually first in line.
  6. jasonbogen

    The New Amp?

    They will no doubt create an Android app eventually and there are very good reasons why they along with most companys that make apps create iOS apps first, but market share is irrelevant to companies creating apps. First of all it's installed base that is important and Android is a little over 50% on that, not 87%. Secondly, it is the installed base of the market Line 6 is targeting that most relevant. Can't say what those numbers are, but it's likely even less in Android's favor (though still likely higher than iOS). The real problem is that support for apps on Android means supporting all different variations of both the OS and the hardware. That makes it a nightmare and explains why Apple still sells twice as much in apps and why iOS apps come out first so often. I'm sure nobody gives a crap about mobile marketshare conversation around here, but those simple market share numbers that everyone spouts off are such a poor indication of anything important in cases like this, it is laughable.
  7. This is the key thing I have been saying. I haven't heard it yet, but in theory, this thing should blow away any bluetooth music player in it's price range even if you take the guitar amp part out of the equation. Until they add the VDI, L6L, Direct out etc., it isn't a realistic replacement for any pro equipment, but it sounds like a great product for where it is targeted.
  8. User support for Android is monstrous compared to iOS. That is money and headache that I am sure they don't want at launch. Apple gets criticized for being a closed system and having strict rules for accepting an app, but the end result is exactly this. Don't want to start a huge conversation about it, but quite simply this is the reason. The alternative is that you think they aren't providing an Android app because they don't care about selling to the tens of millions of people using Android devices. Obviously that makes no sense. No company loves Apple that much that they turn away potential customers for that. Anyway, if you ever want to know why many companies have iOS apps and no Android app, there you go. I would bet if the product takes off, when they get the initial bugs out, they will add an Android app.
  9. As a serious musician, I am disappointed there wasn't anything for me announced, but understanding this product is not intended to be gear for me to gig with I actually think it is a very cool product at that price point. I think the problem is announcing it here and leading up to with tag lines that make it look like they are coming out with a revolutionary new product. If it had a VDI cable and L6L it would be exactly what I had hoped they would make before I got my DT. Lose the modeling and add tubes and you have the one amp option that isn't available yet for the dream rig...a FRFR tube amp. Then I wouldn't have to run my JTV acoustic models out of the effects loop into the PA. That is something I might actually replace my DT25 with.
  10. I actually agree. I think it's very cool at that price point. As I said in the DT forum, if the sound quality is as good as I suspect it is, at that price, it should blow away the competition as a bluetooth speaker system even before factoring the guitar amp features. The disappointment lies in the fact that it doesn't have much relevance to those of us in any of the dream rig forums.
  11. It's a great product for Line 6 IMO, but it has nothing to do with anything I am interested in (as a dream rig owner - DT25, HD500, JTV69). If it was HD series modeling with L6L and VDI compatibility that would be a different story. I have to remind myself at times that I am not part of their strongest market. That being said, if the sound quality on the music playback is as good as I suspect it is, at that price it would beat iPhone music players without even taking into account the guitar amp features.
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