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  1. hey just figured it out. my edit wasnt to 2.70. thank you so much for the help
  2. its not all the presets only select ones. even ones I see on here wih over a 100 people downloading them.
  3. hey all. My helix is updated to 2.60 firmware. but im getting a code and wont allow me to import. "Failed to import one or more presets A model used in the preset is not recognized" the code number is 8312. please help
  4. Every time I try to open the my music tab on the app it opens then a second later goes back to the music sources. Please help. The play jam tracks tab works fine. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I have multiple apple products and they are all doing the same thing.
  5. Ive had the same problem with the Helix and this POD HD 500. You just have the inputs wrong. It all depends on your rig. But Ive found the Studio direct works best with direct to DAW or FRFR and even L6 link into a dt25
  6. Hey i just got a POD HD500. Im using the computer software to download all these nice customtone patches. My issue is once I put them on the POD and use them once I turn off I lose them all. I send and receive the patches and It does nothing. Any help would be great
  7. Ive had terrible issues with these as well. I wonder if its a difference in the rig were using. I have had great luck with Glenn Delaune patches they sound very good. but if you figure it out please tell me how
  8. Pacohelix

    Wet Dry Wet Setup

    this is a great learning video and I'm not even interested in wet dry wet setups
  9. I tried running through my PA and it sounded good. not great. I looked into studio moniters and was not happy with the overall sound of everything. possible I just bought junk?
  10. HI all. I'm running a 69 into a helix out to a dt25. my acoustic tones are garbage. Ive downloaded patches off of the customtone. Ive bought acoustic patches. I tried my own. nothing sounds anywhere close to all these videos I hear on the net. The guitar is using the vdi cable to the helix. L6 link out of helix to the amp. the channel on the amp is set to bypass all preamp stuff. please help
  11. have you checked the global settings to see if it is something there.
  12. hey. I struggled bad with mine when I first got it. FIrst thing I can recommend is download patches off the custom tone or buy patches to get you close and then tweak to your liking
  13. Im new to this helix stuff and all this terms like DAW and stuff are confusing me. And now this snap shot stuff. What is that?
  14. I play through a dt25 with no preamp and these sound great. A little tweaking on the IRs that were provided. But now great
  15. OK I found a midi interface laying around. I downloaded DTEDIT. I see where I can change the amps and and select none and just use the power amp. pretty cool stuff. I don't have a midi cable laying around though gotta wait a day or two for shipping now. So once I blank out the amps on the DT what am I actually doing. If the amp is blanked I basically have 8 empty channels. so from there I'm just using the amp for Class A A/B and pen/triode. or am I missing something?
  16. ok ok so what do I need. a midi cable. a midi interface ( I read to change the dt settings you need this)
  17. Im new to all this techno stuff. But I want to change channels on my dt25 using helix. Right now its just set on the clean channel and i do everything with helix. I would like to use the other 3 channels. So do i use midi? do i use the l6 link. and how do i do it. please help
  18. hey I know phil collen uses a heavy string gauge and metal picks. Maybe backing the treble down and using a metal pick will help
  19. i think in terms of this tuner being 100% accurate its not. there for it sucks.. Im with ya
  20. I picked up a dt25 and am now running L6 link sounds pretty dang good
  21. I picked up a dt25 and im running the helix into it via L6 link. sounds great
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