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  1. dannepop

    Global volume

    Great! That was what I needed! D
  2. dannepop

    Global volume

    Is it possible to get a global volume pedal without making an object in the chain? When having an object in the chain it always saves the current volume setting. Having problem with this sometimes! Perhaps I get used to it! D
  3. I get the feeling I´m a bug tester! This is all happening with saved presets from the earlier firmware! Random on and off of effects. Some effects not working at all, but when I move them around, lets say to the lower chain it starts working. A lot clearer signal when attaching the upper chain to the lower, with no added effects! I guess I have to go through all effects I made and recreate them to get them working! D
  4. I have used the updater app and it installs the new firmware to my floor Helix but not the new editor. It still says 2.01 in the about screen but it shows the firmware 2.10 in the top screen of the editor. This means that I can´t edit the sounds from my computer. I can see the patches but not any of the new add ons like the Pitch Echo and so on! What is wrong? Danne/
  5. I´m using my Helix with a JC120, works just great. Compared the sound with a StageSource Lm2 I bought and it was easy to get same sound out of the JC120. Just turned the treble and middle down to zero and it sounds great! Now I got a stereo setup! Danne/
  6. Wow great! I´ll read through your description! Danne/
  7. Could anyone sort out the setting on the compressors in Helix. What do they all do? I mean some of them is quite complicated. Like the LA studio comp. I need a Adrian Belew kind of compressor which I easily made with Boss compressors. Is there anybody that can help me? I can´t find any decriptions in the manual on all parameters to adjust! Danne/
  8. dannepop

    macOS Sierra ?

    I did a reinstall of the Helix app and then it works just fine! Had problems with Helix freeze before I did the reinstall! D
  9. An easy nubie question. Do I need a active or passive version of the Atomicamp CLR for Helix? D
  10. Thanks! I´ll try the FX return! Are you using a Jazz chorus as well? D
  11. I got a nice price on a Mackie SRM550. Is this speaker a flat respons speaker? D
  12. I´m using a Jazz Chorus 120 in rehearsals. Can´t figure out what settings to use! Not even if to choose line or instrument out. Anyone with experience with this? I´m thinking of buying a SoundSource FRFR from line 6. What would be the right choice just using my Helix with it? D
  13. Thanks for your answere! I will go on trying to make it work! Still no luck! D
  14. I can´t switch between Exp2 and Exp1. What does activate toe switch mean? Is there any shield or something on the rubber button or what does this mean. I have assigned wha-wha to Exp2 and volume to Exp1 but I can't switch between them how hard I stomp on the pedal. Nothing happens is this a bug or what? D
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