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  1. Now I have tested the celestions, have no use for them! They just sound weak. The sigma IRs are much better! A waste of money! D
  2. Thanks to all for your suggestions!
  3. What frequency is the warm tone of a wooden cab? I got problems with adding that to my sound with a L3t. Must be somewere in the lower register or is it perhaps to reduce higher frequencys. Has anyone looked into this before? D
  4. Does anyone know the difference between Sigma IRs the first version and the ACE version of the same IRs? D
  5. Thanks I have done that! D
  6. Thanks, but that didn't solve the problem! Have get in touch with the store I bought it from! D
  7. dannepop

    Lights gone out

    The light has gone out of the Tap Tempo button. I can barely see it blink now! Is this a hardware fault or a system bug? Anyone had experience with this? Danne/
  8. No problems with the update, but I liked the old editor look! Please go back to the old look with the broad bars when editing the values! It looks like the plugin now and its not beautiful! D
  9. I bought the Strato IR and they really make a differens with my humbucker on my fav guitar the Parker Fly! Not exactly a Stratocaster but kindof! Just put a new IR instance at the very start of the chain and adjust it to your like! I really like them! Danne/
  10. This solved my pitch problems I got with using Helix with Cubase! It took some problem solving hours before I found out what was the problem! D
  11. I use mine separately! One stereoout from the Helix and one from GR55. These into a mixer and then out to the L2ms! Easy and good sounding! D
  12. Is there any place where I can listen to all presets in LT? Is there anyway to load them into Helix Floor? I mean are they exported somewhere that can be loaded into Helix? D
  13. Never had this problem with mine. I set it at PA setting when upright then I lean it down to the floor and it keeps the setting. D
  14. Ideascale password recovery don´t work! I have tried several times and I don´t receive any recover mail! I think the automail function is corrupt! Danne/
  15. Can´t login to my Ideascale account and their recover password don´t work! Can someone tell them that their recover password don´t work. Or give me an email address that I can reach them with! Thanks Dan/
  16. Sorry I meant L-link, the outgoing connector that Line 6 has made to transport information to StageSource speakers. I think they send data as well as analog. I can hear a great difference in sound quality between a normal XLR and the L-link! Danne/
  17. Just curious, how did you set up the L2 when you made the comparison? With a D-link and in PA mode? D
  18. What happens if I got several delay in the same preset and all set to 1/4 - 1/8 How do they interact? D
  19. How do I assign the TAP pedal to the time in a delay? Somewhere it says that the footswitch 12 is the TAP switch. But I can´t find it in the simple delay! D
  20. Thanks for all the great feedback! Now for some testing! D
  21. How should I set the globalEQ with L2m? It feel like it´s too close the sound. I have set FRFR PA settings on the L2m. If there is anyone else using the L2m I would love to here how they have set their great guitar sound! D
  22. Great input! Thanks! D
  23. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction to this Ventures sound with Helix: I can´t get that bite twang sound out of Helix when making a clean sound. Some amps need a bit of drive to get any sound out at all! My best guess was the 'US deluxe norm amp', but I get a kind of distorsion out of it when I hit the string hard. What I´m after is this strata string twang sound! Help! Danne/
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