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  1. Thanks guys. I can reproduce this using the attached presets and have logged it as a bug. Appreciate your report!
  2. This is indeed a bug. I have logged it for review by the team. Thank you for the report!
  3. This sounds like your DAW is sending MDI CC 68 to the Helix to activate the tuner. Try changing the midi channel in the global settings on the Helix. You can also use a midi message monitor to see if you daw is sending CC 68.
  4. If you unplug the USB cable after it has become unresponsive does that snap it back into functioning?
  5. Is your keyboard sending out MIDI clock or any other MIDI data constantly when powered on? Simply having something plugged in via MIDI din should not matter but I could see flooding the MIDI stream with clock and other things could theoretically cause an issue.
  6. I am able to reproduce this easily. I noticed that if I deleted the looper block at the end of path 2B the problem goes away. Do you use that looper at all? If not I recommend deleting it from the preset until the bug is fixed. The bug seems to be that if you load a preset with a looper on a B path after coming from another preset with a looper on a B path audio stops passing.
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