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  1. hkremer

    G10 Horrible, constant dropout issues

    Same here, lots of micro-dropouts. Really sucks because I was starting to get to like this thing even though the USB connector comes unplugged from the unit if you just...touch...it. (so I have it duct taped in, but that's another thread). Anyhow, just ordered a competitors unit to be on the safe side for some upcoming shows.
  2. hkremer

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Got my replacement, and it's not as loose, but still inserts only about halfway. So I'll duct tape it, or maybe loc-tite or something.
  3. hkremer

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Looking at it closely just now, it only inserts about halfway. The lightest tension on the cable pulls it out.
  4. hkremer

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    I agree that this is a really poor engineering decision. Micro usb is fine for plugging in a device on your desktop to charge it. But for the rigors of the road and stage? Not even close. Mine just sort of hangs there, easy to wiggle around, and doesn't even insert all the way, maybe 75%. If I move the unit a little bit, it falls out. All that's standing between me and awkward silence is this little "electronics device" connector, unless I duct tape the hell out of it. I like the unit enough that I may do that, or bring it into an electronics shop and have them hardwire a different type of connector. I'll be trying to get a replacement from Sweetwater. Maybe I got a lemon. I'll post the results. For stage, give me big, clutchy, reliable connectors, not consumer electronics stuff.