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  1. Updated to 2.11 on Helix Editor and Firmware. My biggest problem continues to be maintaining a stable connection to my iMac running 10.12 Sierra. Before the update, both my MacAir Laptop (on Sierra) and my iMac (Sierra) would not stay connected. USB would routinely disconnect. Now after the update, my MacAir seems stably connected. The iMac though will not stay connected. Only significant difference I see is that the laptop has USB 3.0 and the iMac has 2.0 Line 6 support want me to take my Helix to a service center....implying hardware. However, many others have this disconnect problem, and now a software updated changed the behavior on my systems. Seems like a software bug to me.
  2. I jumped the gun on this. The update has made the connection to my Mac Air laptop stable. However, on my older iMac desktop, it still disconnects randomly. The only significant difference I see is that my Mac Air has USB 3.0 vs the iMac which has USB 2.0 only. Frustrating as hell. Line 6 support gave me a response to take the unit in....as in its a hardware problem. That seems very unlikely to me. F
  3. Yes thanks....it is option-click on a Mac. F
  4. Ahhhh yes ....thank you!! . That works! Is there a similar maneuver in Helix Editor?
  5. FYI: I was having routine connection difficulties between Helix Editor on both a desktop and laptop Mac. Today I updated to the latest Helix Editor and firmware (2.11). This DEFINITIVELY seems to have resolved my connection problems. This morning my Mac and Helix would disconnect every 3-4 minutes. This afternoon after the upgrade I've left it connected for the last several hours and its been perfect. Only one short bit of testing but its already 1000000% percent improved. Good luck Fabian
  6. This seems like a basic question and I must be missing something obvious....can't seem to figure it out though. Setting up snapshots, I have no problem bypassing blocks from one snap to another. However, if I try to alter parameters, I can't seem to make an altered parameter stick on one snap and not effect the others. For example what I'd like is Song A preset: Snap 1 (clean): amp drive 5 Snap 2 (lead): amp drive 8 What I've been trying over and over is set the clean snap > switch to lead snap> set amp drive to 8 and press save-save. when I switch back to clean snap, the drive is at 8 rather than 5. What am I missing? This procedure works for bypassing blocks. Reading the manual I seem to be doing it correctly but to no avail. Thanks in advance Fabian
  7. I bought my Helix recently, and it was already loaded with FW 2.01. Would a global reset be necessary if that were the case? The disconnecting behavior occurs on all presets, factory or user. Thanks for the thoughts. Any more our there? F
  8. Same problem for me on both ElCap and Sierra. Editor disconnects every 5-10 minutes. Happens on both a laptop and desktop Mac, USB direct (no hubs). Latest versions of FW and Editor. Frustrating. Gonna try to reach someone at Line 6 this coming week.
  9. Thanks for the response. I reviewed that thread and the only thing that resonated was that I should try the "beta" driver that was available to fix "audio" issues. I had low expectations, but remarkably that seems to have cured my disconnect problems. I was able to work with editor on both my laptop and desktop. So far so good. I haven't explored recording yet or any MIDI stuff, but for now things are looking good! Fabian
  10. I just received my new Helix board and love it. But, I'm having the USB disconnect problem that seems to be described in this thread. Was wondering if there is anything new since the April 2016 post on this topic. Both my Macs have the issue. An iMac desktop running 10.11.6 as well as a MacAir laptop, also on 10.11.6 Same issue plugged directly into USB, or via a USB hub. Sometimes won't connect at all, but usually stays active and connected for minutes then suddenly disconnects. The pedalboard also gets frozen by this sometimes, and unfreezes when the cable is disconnected from the back of the board. Editor version 2.01, Helix firmware 2.01 Thanks in advance Fabian
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