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  1. Good idea, I'll hook up to my Vetta and give it a go. I really should try it before taking the plunge on an alto. I saw a youtube video where a guy did a sound demo on the L3 speaker against an alto 110 and the line 6 speaker did sound better but they are very expensive.
  2. Similar here, still got my hd500 and dt50 combo but will probably sell that as the helix doesn't sound great with the amp at least not with L6 link. These from speakers look like the way to go
  3. Paulzx

    My Helix is dead

    I'm seeing all the same issues here that I had. I was very worried my Helix was not coming back and worse still - I bought mine second hand so I've got not purchase warranty as such. But with some help from from here I have realised that you just just need to keep trying. I must have done mine twenty or thirty times times until I got it back. Download the current editor software with updater Download the correct flash memory for your OS to your pc Do not use Microsoft Edge. Use google chrome or something similar. If you get a failed update, re-boot the Helix using all the reset options available If none of those reset it, keep trying safe boot/update mode (switch 6&12?) The LCD may still be messed up. Remove the usb cable and keep trying safe boot Alternatively download an earlier firmware and keep trying to load that. Eventually you will either get an earlier firmware to work or you'll get it in safe boot/update. Once that happens you should be able to load firmware. I got mine back to 2.01 using this method. I haven't yet tried 2.10 but I feel it will more likely be successful from a file on my pc than direct from a download relying on internet connection. Hopefully this will help some get out of a bad place. Otherwise it's tech support
  4. Paulzx

    My Helix is dead

    To be fair, my update had loads of dramas and none of it was down to following instructions incorrectly. The amount of times I applied an update just to revive the unit, using the same routine time after time and eventually getting success, tells me that the update process is a bit glitch to say the least if we're being honest. One piece of advice I would give is to download the firmware file to your pc and apply it that way. A lot of the problem is downloading the update from the site, it seems very unstable at times. It's not obvious at all but the file is in the download list under flash memory.
  5. I'll research the LT3's for an alternataive. On those Alto's, I've noticed there are a few 115's going second hand, not many 110's Will it really make much difference or are we saying definitely stick to the ten inch speaker?
  6. Thanks for the comments, sounds like Alto's are the way to go. I am keen to get the purest tone from the helix and I do want a simple easy solution. I shall probably try going in to my amps just out of curiosity but I'm expecting the amps to produce an undesirable result because they might change the tone too much or require lots of fiddling. So I'll look in to the Alto's as my ideal solution. I like the sound of those
  7. Well...I can confirm it is indeed a Microsoft Edge browser issue because it worked fine using google chrome browser Annoyed now that I didn't think of that myself! Hopefully it will help others with this issue though. The question now is do I risk trying to actually install this on my Helix! Thanks
  8. Yep, I do get accept download, then it goes wrong...windows 10 and using Edge browser, and it has done the same on my win 10 laptop and win 10 pc at work. Just out of curiosity I'll try a different browser Thanks
  9. Guys, thanks for all the help so far on trying to solve my update woes, I'm sticking at version 2.01 for now as I don't have time in my life to lose trying to get 2.10 to install properly - or to risk losing the unit altogether! So..I've had my Helix for more than a week and I still haven't actually been able to use it until now. What I want to do is use the Helix for all the amp tone, cabs and effects ideally so I'm guessing some kind of PA speaker set up might be best? My actual situation is that I own the following amps: Spider 3 combo Vetta 2 combo DT50 combo Is it actually worth trying to run a Helix through any of those or would you just go for some powered speakers? I don't really want to mess about trying to change the DT50 midi settings and I don't know if there's any prospect of Line 6 integrating L6 link properly. I have no clue what the difference in the sound would be either way. I do prefer a 'pure' solution of Helix doing everything, but would be open to using one of those amps if it's straight forward to do. If you guys are going to recommend stand alone speakers over an amp, what should I be looking for? Thanks
  10. Exactly this, you get the download icon and the accept disclaimer etc but rather than start a download process it just fills your screen with random code or letters etc You never actually get the download process started
  11. Thanks for this, yes just seen it listed, didn't realise it was there under flash memory. Got excited and attempted to download it but guess what...just a page of gobbledygook again and no download! I've selected windows 10 as the OS, I'm on a windows 10 pc...what else can I do? Something isn't working here, I'm not the only one either who has had this while trying to get a firmware download onto a pc. I suppose there's no way anyone could attach the firmware file to a post or message on here that I could try and download? Thanks guys
  12. That's great to see your update went well but it certainly isn't down to just following instructions for all of us. I can't speak for others but I went over the instructions repeatedly and still got various results so it's not always that simple for some of us.
  13. Bearing in mind the link to download the firmware to the pc didn't work in this thread, does anyone know a way to actually do this? How come there's no option to do that on the website...is it hidden somewhere? Thanks guys for all the help so far.
  14. Yep as already stated, it was safe boot mode that eventually put it back in to update mode, switch 6&12 I think. Over the last couple of days I have thought several times mine was bricked and that I would need a support ticket but in the end it was a case of switching the unit off and leave it a while then keep trying. A lot of times it didn't clear the LED screen, but I kept just trying to reset globals then safe mode until something finally worked. I even went back to the first firmware download at one point and that got it going also at one point. It's so glitchy it's untrue. I loved the demos of the Helix but had I known what this was going to be like, I would have gone with a competitor unit because this just isn't acceptable. Even after I get this fully up and running I think I'll call it quits with Line 6 and finally learn my lesson. Don't mean to sound negative but it shouldn't be this traumatic just to apply an update.
  15. I agree, I'll probably stick to 2.01 - I've nearly launched the unit out of the window on several occasions just getting this far though..unless I can get that offline 2.10 file to work somehow but that seems just as glitch trying to download that as it does doing the update. My worry is that I'll have this all over again on the next firmware release. I wonder if this is the reason quite a few of these units are being sold on now?
  16. I got this too, a page of junk, no downloaded file, followed by website not responding after further attempts. Why is dealing with Line 6 gear so frustrating? I should know better after owning a vetta 2, spider 3, DT50 and HD500, now Helix, and yet we're still messing about trying to get simple operations to work properly.
  17. Thanks for the link but it isn't working for me, I just get 'line6.com isn't responding. It's interesting because I'm trying to download this at work on my work pc and the line 6 website is still pretty poor on download connections. I thought it might just be my home pc but clearly it isn't, it's the same here. Now I'm thinking all these failed firmware upgrades are more down to the website itself. In any case, I can't download 2.10 to my computer either!
  18. Thanks for this. Im going to try this method as the online download seems very unreliable. I'm up to version 2.01 now but honestly, the amount of times it has taken me to just get that far is a bad joke really.
  19. I've deleted all line 6 apps from my pc except the helix drivers. I downloaded the editor 2.10 bundled with the updater and I'm thinking of giving it another go although I am worried because the helix is at least working at the moment
  20. How do you download the firmware update to your pc then because I haven't seen an option for that
  21. The updater on my pc is version 1.10. I totally agree that finding the right items to download is initially very confusing
  22. Okay guys thanks for all this info, I really do appreciate it. I spent hours last night trying to get the unit working as the lcd screen had gone bananas. I managed to get it into safe mode and reapply the 2.00.0 update and it's working again thank God. On my pc I have the updater installed and the helix app version 2.10. It won't connect to helix because it knows the firmware is out of date. I have noticed that the line 6 website it very slow on this pc sometimes it doesn't load at all and I'm wondering if this is part of the issue. Basically now I've got the helix up and working I'm afraid to try any further update! It's the floor model by the way. What do you guys think the best way to proceed now is?
  23. Hi all, Just got myself a Helix and starting to regret it without even having used it yet. It didn't have the latest firmware so I've attempted to get it to 2.10 but I am having epic difficulties with this thing. Using the Line 6 updater I can get it up to version 2.00 but after that it seems to just corrupt and I end up trying to re-load 1.06.5 just to get it working again. The most recent attempt to get to 2.10 resulted in my floor unit telling me it was a rack unit on the somewhat messed up screen and then it wouldn't work at all, so back to 1.06.5 and it works again. I have tried applying all the updates one by one because going straight to 2.10 is not working. Is it correct to try and apply all the updates in sequence or should I be trying just to get the 2.10 update regardless of the current version the unit is running on? This is without doubt one of the most frustrating experiences I've had with any guitar hardware, I know others have had issues also but I have no idea why this is happening. Surely it cannot be my pc because it's applying the earlier updates? Any help is very welcome at this point. Thanks
  24. EQ is a black art in itself. Interesting to learn about but now you realise why sound engineers earn their money. I'll bet the majority of pod HD owners have no clue how the eq effects really work. One other thing I have noticed is that if I roll off most of the bass on my tone then the horrible boomy A string effect vanishes. It's that old scenario where you sit there in a room and dial up a nice bass thick low mid crunch tone and you think yeah...this sounds heavy as he'll, but it only sounds any good when you play on your own. If you play alongside a record your tone is now too muddy and doesn't cut through. If I then start removing bass and dare I say it, a bit of the gain, I get a nice audible cutting crunch. It just sounds better with other people playing than on it's own. A case of re-learning some of the fundamentals I've forgotten over the years. To master the eq will improve that further no doubt
  25. Yeah the Cube is just a little practice amp I have around the house, my main gear is the DT50/Pod hd500, it's just noticeable sometimes how a limited little amp can effortlessly produce great distortion, maybe being solid state it's easier, but it really gives you a thick distortion that you can hear on individual notes let alone chords. I've realised two things this week. Firstly, it's a mistake to copy other people's patch set ups, unless they have identical gear. YouTube videos where some folks are getting great distortion tones and such like, are not translating for me because they are not using a DT50, and when you load in their patches it actually throws you further off track. With my amp and pod setup, mids are everything. I've realised that where I've been using other people's patches, they have been dialling up the mids and that is making my tone very brittle and shrill, and thin sounding. I've dialled all the mids out completely on the amp setting and now I'm starting to get nice throaty chunky percussive distortion, which is what I wanted, just didn't realise DT50 does not like mids! Still need to resolve the booming A string problem, but I'm optimistic again with my tones. Then I saw a video on Spider V and now think I need one of those! Sigh.....
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