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  1. I don't really understand all the different options for the signal routing so thought best to just ask about what I want to do specifically. Right now all my patches are single path just using the top path, simple amp and cab a few effects and that's it. But I'm wondering if I can make a bigger wider amp sound by running the same or similar amp in the second path. Does it really make a bigger sound by running two paths with two amps or am I just needlessly doubling up on the same thing? And is there really any benefit in putting a single amp then a single cab in the path as opposed to using the amp + cab option instead? I'm running two alto speakers and trying to get a spicier amp sound really.
  2. I'll check those out. You could put me out of my misery if you could nail Def Leppard's current live guitar tone - which you can hear on the recent Mirrorball live album. I can only describe it as a very modern high gain tone that seems to have a really low growling type of distortion, but not fuzzy or top endy at all. To me, it doesn't sound like any out of the box high gain amp tone. They are apparently using JMP-1's with a Fractal AX8 but obviously doing a big EQ on that. I've been watching a lot of rig rundown videos of major artists recently and a lot of it sounds quite straightforward, Angus's Marshall heads were dialled really low on mids, treble and prescence, but of course they never tell you how they do the final EQ itself.
  3. I'm on the fence with this but leaning back towards stock cabs. In my short time with the Helix, it has taught me more about real world amps than anything before, now I find I have more of a known target in my head for the sound I want. Maybe it's just me but right now, I think some of these third party IR's sound great when you're playing on your own, but they don't really mix that well with other sounds, even if you just play along with album tracks. With stock cabs it's easier to dial more authentic type tones I think. I haven't used them in a live full band scenario so maybe they are good for that. I do find with the high gain IR's that although they sound thumping and huge when you're rhythm playing, lead playing and single note tones seem really top endy and fuzzy, so you end up trying to cut it and eq it further, which then takes you away from the original IR! That could be just my fault for tinkering though. Helix has turned me into a terrible tinkerer because there are just so many ways to change the tones. I now have banks of the same amp/cab tones just with different eq settings, in an effort to finally decide what my preferred sound is!
  4. What is that modded JCM 800 model actually based on or what is the difference based on? I hadn't noticed that new amp model until someone mentioned it on here and I only had a quick go with it just now. I never had any real Marshall amps and always thought they were a bit of a cliché, but I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying these particular models on the helix. It's a bit of a revelation to me.
  5. Guy's, I'm really enjoying setting up my tones on my new Helix. I'm wondering if any of the amp's are modelled on the Marshall JMP 1, or if any of the current Marshall amp models are anything like the JMP 1. Not having owned any marshalls, I'm not sure how similar the amps sounded in real life. I do like the Helix JCM 800 but how similar is that to the JMP?
  6. As a Queensryche fan also, I would be interested in the same , however, the answer above sums it up...too many variables for each user to arrive at a globally accepted result perhaps. I have the same problem with my Def Leppard tone that I'm always trying to nail, which is really their live sound now, which is a very modern high gain sound with great dynamics...but what is that exactly? I think a better way to pursue it is to try and understand how these tones are made by the original artist, i.e. in fundamental terms, are they using low mids or high mids, no treble at all, very low bass, and try and go from there. At least you can apply those principles to each amp model and cab combo and go from there, because I'm pretty sure most of the amp models can be made to sound drastically different just using the main tone controls, and I do find Helix to be very sensitive on those controls which is great really because you have a better chance of capturing a good sound for yourself. In my experience, the big bands always seem to put their guitar signal through so many gizmos that it's probably a bit academic what amps they may have used because you probably still won't quite get that finished sound, unless you're a whizz with EQ maybe.
  7. Sounds ideal, I should have looked into those. I'm happy with my Alto's 210's although to be perfectly honest, for just home use in a relatively small room they are a bit overkill probably. I could have gotten away with something smaller and lighter, but...they do sound great
  8. My Alto's came with Stagg stands and they seem to be very adjustable in the height and how far you open the feet up. I've lowered mine so that the top of the speaker is level to my head and it will still go lower than that. I would think optimum height would probably be about head head or just above anyway wouldn't it?
  9. That must be the input 1 & 2 connectors then, you're right Zooey, they do look like XLR type fittings but the middles are different. There's only the one main XLR connection on the speaker. I'll try a quarter inch lead into those two inputs. I would imagine the Helix probably sounds better going out to two speakers in a stereo type setup, so how is it intended to link up to the two Alto's then...one quarter inch lead from Helix to first speaker, then XLR cable from first speaker to second speaker? Are there any real sound quality advantages if you try and stick to just using XLR over quarter inch leads?
  10. I don't think there are an quarter inch inputs to the Alto speakers, but I've only got these at home at the moment I'm not doing any gigging with it
  11. I couldn't get anything to work with my vetta, it's actually quite a while since I used it and I'm a bit lost fiddling with the input options and connections. So I got a good deal on two Alto 210's including stands, at least this way I know I'm going for the best or least fussy option in getting the sound to work nicely. Main connection to the speakers seems to be XLR so am I right in saying I should get two leads, both coming out of the XLR connectors on Helix, and run one cable to one speaker and the other to the second speaker...I don't think there is really another way to do it is there? I just need x2 female to female leads? Thanks
  12. Great, my L6 link cable should serve as the XLR cable to try that. Will give it a go
  13. Hmm..well I didn't get any sound at all from the Vetta with that 1/4 inch cable method so maybe I did something wrong. I did get sound from the DT50 with that cable, when the toggle switch on the amp is moved into position 4, it sounds better but still nowhere near any of the demos I've seen of the helix. It kind of sounds a bit muffled really. I suppose it's on to the FR speakers now. I'm a bit underwhelmed so far, but I haven't tried any stand alone FR stuff yet, and the helix does sound good through head phones so I'm hopeful of getting a nice big guitar tone yet. Worth pointing out that I'm only using the stock presets to test the sound at the moment. I know some might say you can improve on those but they should still be a good enough guide.
  14. I'll investigate the Vetta 2 combo option a bit further, when I did try it once, I got no sound at all, but just seen the post above which says to dummy the guitar input on the vetta, so I'll try that again if you think it will sound really good. The DT50 is a lost cause for me I think. It doesn't work well with Helix when you plug into the front of the amp, so I'll try what you suggest just out of curiosity. I know some people are re-programming it via midi but I don't really understand it very well so don't want to delve into that. The JBL's have got good reviews but I have my doubts how well it will handle the bass output of the Helix, so Alto's seem a better FR solution at this point. It is difficult to say for sure until you've had the unit of choice working in your room with your gear, but you have to start somewhere. I'm going to try the Vetta 2 & DT50 again tonight. I'm willing to be surprised!
  15. So there are actually quite a few flat response speaker solutions. I'm going to count out the stagesource speakers due to cost although I believe they may be the best sound quality option. I'm looking at the JBL'S or Alto's as a reasonable cost good quality solution.
  16. Just had a look at those JBL'S, cheap to pick up but only 5 inch speakers. Will a pair of those on stands sound as good as the Alto's or the DT50 combo in terms of richness of sound? As said previously, volume is not the issue but sound quality is so I want the best quality output at reasonable cost. I don't want to end up with my helix sounding like a practice amp!
  17. Really? I'm in England so wonder if I can get that deal? Don't know much about that unit. No it's not for high volume, I just play at home at the moment but I do like to get as big a sound dynamically as possible but certainly won't be gig volume.
  18. Good idea, I'll hook up to my Vetta and give it a go. I really should try it before taking the plunge on an alto. I saw a youtube video where a guy did a sound demo on the L3 speaker against an alto 110 and the line 6 speaker did sound better but they are very expensive.
  19. Similar here, still got my hd500 and dt50 combo but will probably sell that as the helix doesn't sound great with the amp at least not with L6 link. These from speakers look like the way to go
  20. Paulzx

    My Helix is dead

    I'm seeing all the same issues here that I had. I was very worried my Helix was not coming back and worse still - I bought mine second hand so I've got not purchase warranty as such. But with some help from from here I have realised that you just just need to keep trying. I must have done mine twenty or thirty times times until I got it back. Download the current editor software with updater Download the correct flash memory for your OS to your pc Do not use Microsoft Edge. Use google chrome or something similar. If you get a failed update, re-boot the Helix using all the reset options available If none of those reset it, keep trying safe boot/update mode (switch 6&12?) The LCD may still be messed up. Remove the usb cable and keep trying safe boot Alternatively download an earlier firmware and keep trying to load that. Eventually you will either get an earlier firmware to work or you'll get it in safe boot/update. Once that happens you should be able to load firmware. I got mine back to 2.01 using this method. I haven't yet tried 2.10 but I feel it will more likely be successful from a file on my pc than direct from a download relying on internet connection. Hopefully this will help some get out of a bad place. Otherwise it's tech support
  21. Paulzx

    My Helix is dead

    To be fair, my update had loads of dramas and none of it was down to following instructions incorrectly. The amount of times I applied an update just to revive the unit, using the same routine time after time and eventually getting success, tells me that the update process is a bit glitch to say the least if we're being honest. One piece of advice I would give is to download the firmware file to your pc and apply it that way. A lot of the problem is downloading the update from the site, it seems very unstable at times. It's not obvious at all but the file is in the download list under flash memory.
  22. I'll research the LT3's for an alternataive. On those Alto's, I've noticed there are a few 115's going second hand, not many 110's Will it really make much difference or are we saying definitely stick to the ten inch speaker?
  23. Thanks for the comments, sounds like Alto's are the way to go. I am keen to get the purest tone from the helix and I do want a simple easy solution. I shall probably try going in to my amps just out of curiosity but I'm expecting the amps to produce an undesirable result because they might change the tone too much or require lots of fiddling. So I'll look in to the Alto's as my ideal solution. I like the sound of those
  24. Well...I can confirm it is indeed a Microsoft Edge browser issue because it worked fine using google chrome browser Annoyed now that I didn't think of that myself! Hopefully it will help others with this issue though. The question now is do I risk trying to actually install this on my Helix! Thanks
  25. Yep, I do get accept download, then it goes wrong...windows 10 and using Edge browser, and it has done the same on my win 10 laptop and win 10 pc at work. Just out of curiosity I'll try a different browser Thanks
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