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  1. That is exactly the reason I never pulled the trigger on an FM3, lack of switches. The guys who use them and swear by them either say three are enough or you can access extra scenes via those three switches. Trouble is, coming from a Helix floor you get very spoilt for switches and it is a backwards move. They partially addressed that with the more expensive FM9, but you're still lacking a volume pedal or wah pedal.
  2. I don't think it really matters if you like Steve Vai or not, I don't particularly like him either but I respect him as a world famous musician who is very well placed to give an opinion on guitar tone. The point is, unless you have played more guitars, used more amps, played more live, or recorded more albums, than Steve Vai - or anyone with similar experience, I would submit to you that his knowledge would be far greater than yours and therefore, probably has more useful opinions and advice than most people. Of course if you have equal experience or better than Mr. Vai, I doff my cap to you sir, but I doubt you have. It's not a kiddo argument, it's just accepting some people know more than you do because they have more experience to offer. Simple equation really.
  3. There are certain caveats to that. I would suggest that any tone related opinion offered by Steve vai would be significantly more valid than either yours or mine actually. The reason for that escapes me right now but it will come back to me I'm sure.
  4. You cared enough to comment on it. Several times lol
  5. You may not agree and that's fine but when you call it a load of crap you're inferring it is incorrect, so what you're saying is that everyone with the opinion that Fractal is an improvement on the Helix, is wrong. You can disagree but the tide of opinion is against you I'm afraid
  6. I think you're safe, I don't think anyone is about to get into religion on here. The only religion I'm interested in is rock & roll!
  7. Are you talking about modellers or real religion lol?
  8. Silly remark, it's not about preferences or some platforms claiming to be something they are not, it's just a simple objective comparison between similar pieces of kit. I'm surprised some people take such umbridge to the mere mention of a competitor. The Helix platform is good enough to be able to have an objective discussion when comparing to other devices. It's helpful to know the pluses and minuses of various platforms. It's not a religion when you buy a modeller. You should still be able to discuss.
  9. I actually agree, for me the accuracy of the modelling was never that important, just to be able to plug in and really enjoy what you're hearing is far more important and you can get that with Helix but it usually takes a bit of tweaking. I will say that Quad Cortex and Fractal do sound better out of the box, but Helix is a better overall deal for what you get.
  10. Ironically, that is an area the helix is probably better than the Fractal lol
  11. It's not a load of crap, it's the opinion of many people who have owned both and chosen to move because one sounded better than the other. The Helix does a lot of things better than most competitors, but it isn't the best thing out there when it comes to reproducing amp tones, it's pretty good but it's not the best.
  12. What are you talking about? A lot of those Cork sniffing fools as you call them, used to be here using helix devices, some still do but they are well placed to make the comparison and its one way traffic. Nobody sells fractal gear to go Line 6 do they?
  13. There's a reason why the biggest artists use fractal, its the benchmark for modelling, there's no shame in being honest here. There's no point trying to diminish the reality of it. If all modellers were considered of equal quality those artists wouldn't all be using the same o e would they? Helix is perfectly good at a lot of stuff but it's not the best thing out there.
  14. I've looked at this scenario myself but elected to stay with my Helix due to funds really but also in the meantime I've become better at dialling it in too. Anyway, if you really want the absolute best whatever the cost, it would have to be Fractal to be honest. The A-list artists using their stuff speaks for itself, plus if you go over to the Fractal forum, take a look at how many ex Helix owners there are there, that also tells a story because it doesn't really happen the other way around. Said it many times, Helix is still best bang for buck but the concensus is pretty clear over there with owners of both, which is better sounding, even if it is fairly close
  15. Agreed it is a rabbit it hole when you get deep in to it. However I have had quite good success with my helix and IR's in tone matching some of my favourite players And it's not always by using the digital equivalent in the Helix of the real gear, it quite often comes down to how Well you know your Helix. The only tone I can't nail at the moment accurately is the rockman x100.. even with rockman IR's ironically
  16. He does have an Axe fx III but used sansamp on his last album. He seems to change gear all the time for albums, live may be more consistent gear
  17. Just stock cabs, you don't need more... that made me chuckle. I can virtually guarantee without IR's, that won't sound anything like Satriani's tone when you get the patch into your Helix
  18. If you like Helix Native but you don't like your presets when you play through speakers you need to start by looking at those speakers. Helix does have a tendency to easily make dark boomy tones. You can fix that with some editing in combination with suitable speakers. Are you using FRFR?
  19. Jamie, I've been here mate, same exact issues. I play rock and metal, always searching for great high gain. I've had some good results this year with my Helix floor but I tell you right now, it's a fiddly art full of variables that no one can duplicate for you because your set up, your room, your guitars.. it all changes the results. What I did - changed my speakers for yamaha HS7's, no sub (don't think you need that), adjusted room control bass and treble on the speakers (cut both i think, can't remember right now). Other recommended speakers would be Adams and G66 Elis - I never tried them but people rave about them. Ditched the cab sims altogether, got some nice IR's, trim the high gain to anywhere between 5khz to about 10khz (adjusting this for each preset is vital) Stopped buying custom presets - waste of time. Dial in your own, it's the only way you will get what YOU need. I now adjust the amp settings by very small margins to get just where I want. Typically the bass is only ever around 3-4 and I can can get some pretty thumpy tones with that. I can get close tones to what Ola does - obviously you won't get the exact same thing using FRFR speakers as a real amp, for the reasons discussed, but you can still get a damn close tone. I cannot emphasise how important it is to find the sweet spot on the IR high trim, along with the mid, treble and bass values on the amp block. Presence is also very important to get right because it changes the tone from accurate to disgusting. You may have tried some of this, I know what you're shooting for and you can get close.. with the right variables
  20. A wah type of sound on the preset is quite a specific sound so that doesn't sound right at all. Two things the Helix is really good at if you're not experienced dialling in tones - honky and muddy, the skill is getting somewhere in the middle. Are you using IR's or the Helix cab models?
  21. That is a bit disappointing to hear. I was hoping for that by early next year but oh well. How long does it normally take them to produce an update, they seem to have been fairly regular in the past but I suppose this next one is quite a big one.
  22. I don't think dsp is the main thing people look at when comparing competitor units like the Fractal or kemper, it's mainly just the quality of the amp tones and the quality of the effects. If you're a high gain player like I am and someone comes along with a Marshall amp sim that sounds a lot more satisfying than what you're using, it's very tempting to switch or at least check out and that has been the case with the Fractals. Personally I'm glad I didn't make the switch just because I've recently produced a lot of very satisfying high gain Marshall patches on my helix and I know the user interface so would have to be really tempted at this point to learn a new one. I can see how someone new to the Helix might be discouraged, it takes a lot of learning to craft a really good high gain patch and that's the downside with this unit, however, the results are achievable. I think what I would like to see in an update would be great tones ready to go in the factory presets. The high gain presets are laughable really
  23. Surprising result and good news for the Helix! However, seeing as you're not using it as a stand alone device, that does muddy the waters a bit. I would have liked to have known how it stacked up on its own without the real amp in the equation. Interesting though..
  24. Yep genuinely curious. Everyone to a man I've spoken to who had both devices have said the Fractal wins hands down so I'm not expecting a much different reply! I think you have to accept that when metallica, def leppard, satriani and petrucci etc are all using fractal units, they are the benchmark units. Helix is't that far behind though, and for me at least I don't want to spend the extra money at the moment lol. I don't think you can DM on here. They disabled it didn't they?
  25. That made me chuckle..
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