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    Fractal FM9

    Had a deeper look at this fractal, so it's a floor unit very similar to helix, they've obviously tried to copy it. It does all the same stuff from what I can see. My question now is, if this thing is bringing axe fx 3 quality tones with it, it could be too good to ignore. It's so new that I don't think anyone knows much about it yet. I hope line 6 have got another good update for helix soon though. Better tones straight out of the box would be good. That is the one criticism I have of the Helix, it does require a bit of tweaking to get anything really good. We're all used to it by now but new comers may be underwhelmed at first. I still think helix is the best thing out there right now though, at this price point. The fractal would have to be a decent step up to challenge it in my opinion.
  2. Paulzx

    Fractal FM9

    Agree..just seen the price though.. 1600 dollars or 1100 pounds, which makes it cheaper than a Helix! How the he'll did that happen. Since when does fractal beat line 6 on price?
  3. You're more likely to get an alien invasion before switching off the Helix having any effect on the planet. It might have an effect on your electric bill lol
  4. Paulzx

    Fractal FM9

    Anyone checked this out yet? Looks like fractals attempt at a direct helix competitor to me. It looks amazing in the demo video but they all do don't they! Have to admit I'm intrigued but I doubt it will knock helix off the top spot, which I firmly believe it does occupy because you simply can't buy anything as good as a helix for the same money, and knowing fractal gear, it will be top notch but it will be expensive. Has anyone tried one yet?
  5. Steve Sterlacci on youtube has done it, check out his recent live gig setup videos, he's done the exact thing you're talking about
  6. Interesting.. I didn't know there were any options on the tuner - what exactly is the on board coarse tuner you're describing then?
  7. Is that tone setup as stereo or mono, or just stereo effects etc? Still trying to decide which is better for my main tones
  8. What a great post to come across this is - I haven't tried the tone yet but I certainly will. We had quite a long discussion on the Rockman in a recent thread, I have an obsession in re-creating the Hysteria album guitar tone, mainly because I played it to death growing up, learning to play guitar, and have read so much about how the tone was created. I've actually managed to get fairly close, well at least to something that fits in really well when you play along to the album, and that was done mainly by using the modded marshall amp block or the Diesel amp, but EQ'ed by boosting some frequencies, mainly 500k & 700k, and cutting the highs & lows. The X100 itself though has a pretty distinctive sound straight out of the box so it'll be interesting to see how close you've managed to get!
  9. Excellent thanks, that's my first job to do later lol
  10. Yeah I think that's the way to go, try a test patch for editing. How you've currently got yours set up 4 and 4 is how mine is but I don't want to keep engaging stomp mode to access different things, I want it all laid out the way I want it to start with. Incidentally when you're in the 4 and 4 mode, when you hit a singular stomp then go straight into a snap shot, does your stomp stay on regardless until you turn it off? Mine all stay engaged until turned off again which is a bit of a handicap in that mode if you want to jump quickly between snaps and stomps. That was actually part of my original question also because I'll still have that issue after editing the layout with command centre
  11. Exactly right my original question was a little different
  12. Interesting to hear how you're doing it with snapshots, but as duned in dragon mentioned, it was more about opening up the flexibility between stomps and snap shots. I totally understand how the snap shots long their own are ideal in a band set list because you're playing those songs the same way every time. I'm not lucky enough to be doing what you're doing haha I'm just playing at home so every time I jump on a preset that I like, it won't be to play the exact same song each time, I'll be jamming and experimenting hence needing the extra flexibility
  13. Excellent thanks for putting me on the right track. What a revelation this is!
  14. Thanks for the tips, thats why I was a bit confused about command centre but it makes more sense now
  15. Aha the man himself! That's a good analogy actually. The question now is just mastering the command centre editing. In order to make the edits applicable to just that preset you're working on, you go into stomp mode while you're in the preset? That's the bit I didn't understand because I knew you could go to global settings and access command centre but that would force global changes across all presets right?
  16. Yeah that's what I'm getting at too, are there any decent guides on how to edit command centre?
  17. Ah yes not 8 and 8 lol, I meant 8 switch mode and its in 4 stomp 4 snap like you said lol
  18. Hello all, Small disclaimer here.. I'm revisiting this topic as I can't find the thread where I discussed this with a few of you before and themetalkid too, who did give quite an in depth description.. which I now can't find! So what I want to achieve is the most flexible mix between displaying stomps and snaps. Right now I'm running in 8 snap/stomp mode but obviously that only allows 8 snaps across the top and 8 stomps on the bottom.. but what if I want in some patches more stomps or more snaps? Obviously the stomp snap modes are global across all the patches. I don't want to really toggle the mode switch between stomp and snap, I just want each patch to display with my desired configuration, so is it possible to customise each patch with different amounts of stomps and snaps without it changing all the patches globally? I'm sure themetalkid said you can do something like this in the command centre but I think that would make it a global change wouldn't it? Second disclaimer.. I'm a dummy when it comes to editing the command centre switches, never done from fear of messing everything up so I'm not very familiar with how it works. This is not for playing live by the way so I'm not worried about the practicality of that situation, this is purely for me at home wanting to just fire up the helix and seeing each of my patches with their own custom foot switch layouts. And just to add to that as I'm currently running the lower 8 stomps and upper 8 snaps, if I engage one of the stomps and then hit a snap, the previous stomp stays on even if its switched off in a totally separate snapshot. Is there a way to fix that other than have to physically switch off each stomp before using any of the snap shots?
  19. Paulzx


    Hey Doug, I don't think you can PM anymore wasn't that removed? I would love to take a look at the patch if you could send email it to me? paul@paulzx.plus.com. Thanks
  20. Paulzx


    Good suggestion, going to try this. Auto wah been on my list for a while to solve
  21. Helix volume knob in globals is now set to quarter inch output - I think the quarter inch output itself was set to line (not in front of it at moment). The Alto's are the 210's and i'm pretty sure the switch on the speakers was set to line - I will check this later though
  22. Yep echo the above, the one thing you didn't mention was doing the factory reset after the updates - just in case you didn't! Out of interest, is this maybe happening when you're running out of DSP? Can you replicate the error just building a simple patch on the top output path?
  23. If I did that I'd have no roof left lol..
  24. All the posts on here have been valuable, remember, all I was asking was if I was making a basic error in the volume settings, which it turns out I was. I was never fully happy with my distortion tones and can now say with certainty for anyone else looking at this issue, setting aside all other arguable variables, if your helix knob volume is way down like mine was at the quarter position.. its a basic user error for tone quality from this unit. It seems now that getting that volume knob anywhere between half way and full, really does bring everything much more alive. Secondary objective is to get your output speakers up to 12 o clock or near as. It really has made a big difference to me, I'm so much more impressed with how the tones sound now and would strongly recommend to anyone unhappy with their helix to really look at this. Thanks to all who commented on this, I've learned a lot.
  25. Yep fair enough. I'm not using it in a live situation for now so I'm not concerned about how I adjust the volumes, I'll deal with that down the road. My main goal is to nail the optimum sound quality setup between the Helix volume knob and the FR speaker volume level and understanding which cable type would be better to achieve that. Right now my speakers are turned down to around 1 quarter volume but the helix volume knob is way up to three quarter position, that already livened my tones up quite a lot. If we're saying anything over half way on the helix knob volume will get a similar result then great I'll work with that.
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