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  1. Yeah hoping they bring out the offer again for then. Bet it'll be $199 for the LT owners :( Also, really hope they introduce a way to import presets between Native and floorboard - rather than individually having to export/import each preset.
  2. Can only see 2.6 up on the download site :( EDIT - ignore me, shows ity here https://line6.com/software/index.html?hardware=Helix&name&os=All&submit_form=set
  3. It DID apply to overseas orders too - missed out on the $99 for LT owners :( PS - how you get around it... pay via PayPal - they convert it from $ to £ and you don't get bank charges - but VAT is added on
  4. I'm gutted I missed the $99 offer on Native for LT customers :( Wish I had bought it
  5. Hehe my wife was born in Holmfirth - I'm a dirty Southerner who married a Northerner and moved up here ;)
  6. hahahaha :D They always said I was slow :P PS - nice LOTSW reference :D
  7. I assume you've all seen this (I know - you probably have :D) Helix Firmware 2.50 (Helix Floor, Rack/Control, LT) AVAILABLE SOON—DON'T LOOK FOR IT NOW! New Amps (2) Cali Texas Ch2, based on* the drive channel of the MESA/Boogie® Lonestar (Ch1 coming later) Placater Dirty, based on* the BE/HBE channel of the Friedman BE-100 (Clean channel coming later) * All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. New HX Effects (6) Delay > Multi Pass (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original bandpass-filtered multitap delay Reverb > Glitz (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original Reverb > Ganymede (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original Reverb > Searchlights (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original Reverb > Plateaux (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original Reverb > Double Tank (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original New Legacy Effects (77) Helix Floor, Rack/Control, and LT now include a library of effects from M13, M9, M5, DL4, DM4, FM4, and MM4. These appear in a new "Legacy" subcategory in the model list. Distortion > Tube Drive Distortion > Screamer Distortion > Overdrive Distortion > Classic Dist Distortion > Heavy Dist Distortion > Colordrive Distortion > Buzz Saw Distortion > Facial Fuzz Distortion > Jumbo Fuzz Distortion > Fuzz Pi Distortion > Jet Fuzz Distortion > Line 6 Drive Distortion > Line 6 Distortion Distortion > Sub Oct Fuzz Distortion > Octave Fuzz Dynamics > Tube Comp Dynamics > Red Comp Dynamics > Blue Comp Dynamics > Blue Comp Treb Dynamics > Vetta Comp Dynamics > Vetta Juice Dynamics > Boost Comp Modulation > Pattern Tremolo Modulation > Panner Modulation > Bias Tremolo Modulation > Opto Tremolo Modulation > Script Phase Modulation > Panned Phaser Modulation > Barberpole Modulation > Dual Phaser Modulation > U-Vibe Modulation > Phaser Modulation > Pitch Vibrato Modulation > Dimension Modulation > Analog Chorus Modulation > Tri Chorus Modulation > Analog Flanger Modulation > Jet Flanger Modulation > AC Flanger Modulation > 80A Flanger Modulation > Frequency Shift Modulation > Ring Modulator Modulation > Rotary Drum Modulation > Rotary Drm/Horn Delay > Ping Pong Delay > Dynamic Delay > Stereo Delay > Digital Delay > Dig w/ Mod Delay > Reverse Delay > Lo Res Delay > Tube Echo Delay > Tape Echo Delay > Sweep Echo Delay > Echo Platter Delay > Analog Echo Delay > Analog w/ Mod Delay > Auto-Volume Echo Delay > Multi-Head Pitch/Synth > Bass Octaver Pitch/Synth > Smart Harmony Pitch/Synth > Octi Synth Pitch/Synth > Synth O Matic Pitch/Synth > Attack Synth Pitch/Synth > Synth String Pitch/Synth > Growler Filter > Voice Box Filter > V Tron Filter > Q Filter Filter > Seeker Filter > Obi Wah Filter > Tron Up Filter > Tron Down Filter > Throbber Filter > Slow Filter Filter > Spin Cycle Filter > Comet Trails Improvements/Changes If a Snapshot has been given a custom switch color, that switch ring now displays a dim color when not active 12 of Helix’s 17 reverbs originally appeared in M-Class processors and Verbzilla. As such, they’ve been moved into the new “Legacy†subcategory within the Reverb category Helix's tempo no longer responds to pressing TAP at tempi lower than 40.0 BPM (Beats Per Minute). This is to ensure that multiple fast tap entries are recognized properly, as previously, they could be seen as one really slow tap entry. You may still manually select a tempo all the way down to 20.0 BPM and your presets can still be saved with tempi down to 20.0 BPM—just touch TAP and turn Knob 6 (BPM)
  8. Thanks guys! Another question... how do you use a foot switch to adjust the gain in the amp? I think I really need to start reading the manual ;)
  9. I was really hesitant to buy the Helix. I ALMOST bought the Headrush unit instead - as I didn't like the Helix Native trial (I guess I wasn't using it right!). I was also a bit unsure if to get the LT or the Floor - but decided the £285 saving was what swung me for the LT. Since then, I honestly can say it is one of the best purchases I have made so far... same with the Variax Standard, which sounds awesome! Anyway - one of the things I am struggling with is... What's the best way to get a clean patch with decent volume? Whenever I try to create a patch for a clean / overdrive setup, the clean always seems to have to have gain on the amp block otherwise it goes silent. I basically want to balance a patch for a clean channel and overdrive / distortion. I have several IRs and patches from Glenn and co but they don't seem to have just clean stuff (or maybe i've not bought it!) Next... wah. How to add the block properly? I add it but the pedal doesn't work unless I fiddle with the Assign Controller button... and then I can't seem to get it to either be on/off or activate on press etc. Seems really awkward. Also, it always seems to be on EXT2 - never EXT1 if it makes a difference. So what is the best way to create a wah block to use with the expression pedal? PS - love being able to use the same foot switch to control several blocks at once - ie created a patch which has a (quiet) clean channel but when I press the switch for overdrive, it changes the amp/speaker, enables reverb and delay and turns on the tubescreamer - all from 1 switch :)
  10. I've not had experience with refurbs but... The Standard can be hit and miss. I received my Standard last week - fretboard was dry, frets were scratchy, it would be quite noisy both using the normal pickups and modelling, intonation was out, pickup heights were too high etc. I sent it back and received my replacement the next day (well, they never collected the old guitar - still sitting in my kitchen for the last week waiting for them to send a courier to pick it up!). The replacement was about 20 digits out of the serial from the 1st one, so same batch. Fretboard was perfect - frets were better (still scratchy), intonation perfect - pickups no longer were noisy. After a slight setup, it is now feeling like my Yamaha Pacifica 311H, which is an awesome player. I went from "Hmmm not feeling this guitar" to "Damn this guitar is AWESOME" - simply because of the quality control issues. My 311H only needed the action adjusting out of the box (due to personal preference) - was hoping the Variax would be of the same quality, but I think the QC is different...
  11. Well, it is ME who is the stupid one. OK - when I play it through AMP or Monitors I can hear the warble, Weird. Just did another recording in Reaper - inputs 1+2 (wet) and 8 (dry). Both do NOT have the warble at all. Maybe it is my old age...
  12. So, I received my replacement Variax today and same issue. However, this one is much better quality than the 1st - fretboard doesn't feel dry - frets are not as 'scratchy' ie will need a light polish to get them smooth. However, pickup heights were WAY off - bridge pickup was almost touching the strings! It made the audio sound terrible until lowered. Anyway - this is the warble - https://soundcloud.com/james-kapherr/variax-warble Someone mentioned on Facebook that it sounds like the pitch shift used for alt tunings is not muting the original tone hence it sounding like it is playing the correct pitch and the alternate pitch at the same time, hence the warble. Standard tuning is perfect.
  13. GAK are sending me a replacement as they have not heard of the issue i'm describing. It's not the palm muting thing.
  14. I've set the intonation and reset the pickup heights but still there is this weird digital warble sound on those 3 strings. Does it on all 3 pickups. The bridge pickup I never even adjusted from stock. It is there when using 1/4" jack straight to amp and also the VDI output into a Helix. Only the GBE strings... More evident if I select a different tuning.
  15. H'ok that makes sense... Thinking it is like a normal guitar, I adjusted the pickup heights... I tend to have them nearer the body. I'll adjust them back up. I also adjusted the action to make the strings lowered. Will check intonation tomorrow :) Thanks :)
  16. Thanks for the clarification :) I think I called it Tobacco Sunburst as the site I bought it from called it that... doh! I have a VDI cable coming in a couple of days - they seem to be hard to get over here in the UK - they were back ordered everywhere :/ Anyway - battery charged up, 1/4 jack connected (not ethernet) - playing about with it and my Helix LT and I am mixed opinion... I am not sure what is happening... but quite a lot of the sounds are sounding "warbly" - almost like they have some kinda modulation going on, like a phase shift. In particular, if you set the tuning to say Drop D or Eb - playing a chord sounds fine... the low EAD are fine - GBE have this kinda digital warbling sound - hard to explain. This happens either through the Helix LT or direct into an amp. Not sure if I am doing something wrong here.
  17. Just got my Variax Standard - currently sat at work counting down the hours until I get home. Got a VDI cable coming on Thursday... battery is charged up. Not sure if I have a long enough ethernet cable to hook it up to my Helix LT for the interim. Do I need to upgrade the software on the Variax as the first thing I do? I bought this guitar as I have had an itch for a while to own a Strat / Tele... and these demos sound very good from what i've heard. My setup is in my signature :)
  18. Thanks for the reply. To be honest, it was only the bridge and tuners, with the tuners being the biggest change... I understand the bridge is a different kettle of fish as some of the wires are routed through the block or something. Either way, before I part cash i'll enjoy it first :) End of the day, I love my Yamaha Pacifica 311H so if this feels the same, i'll love it too
  19. Hi guys Seems like it is the time of the year for good deals... bought a Helix LT for £715 last week... now I have a Variax Standard being delivered tomorrow that I picked up new for £330! I'm used to locking tuners on my guitars (Ibanez RG6PCMLTD and Yamaha Pacifica 311H) so I am looking to replace them, so does anyone know if these are direct drop-ins for the Standard? https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_parts_locking_tuners_6l_chrome.htm?ref=search_rslt_Harley+Benton+Parts+Locking+Tuners+6L_283975_1 or https://www.btnmusic.co.uk/product/hipshot-6-in-line-closed-staggered/#prettyPhoto Also, any tips or things to look out for with this guitar? Thanks heaps James
  20. Does anyone know if these are direct drop-ins for the Standard? https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_parts_locking_tuners_6l_chrome.htm?ref=search_rslt_Harley+Benton+Parts+Locking+Tuners+6L_283975_1 or https://www.btnmusic.co.uk/product/hipshot-6-in-line-closed-staggered/#prettyPhoto Thanks
  21. Phew seems to be working for me now...
  22. Just got my Helix LT and want to update it to 2.30 but I keep getting various errors from the site :( Is it just me?
  23. Oh wow - listened to his Satriani patches and they blew me away. Pretty much tone perfect. Does Glenn ever do any discounts for the Ultimate ie should I wait or jump in?
  24. Over in the UK, the Helix are on offer. I picked up the Helix LT for £715 new - the full fat one is £999, £284 more expensive. I couldn't justify that. My monitors were £125 - so I got everything for less than a Headrush too! PS - Love Canada! In 20 years of visiting Canada (about 8 times now), I saw my first moose (5 of them) back in May this year :) - heading back there in 2019 ;)
  25. Thanks for the quick reply :) I guess it is a case of "wait and see" as to what I keep, but from what you say the Polytune is probably going to be the only keeper. Really looking forward to trying it - all the videos i've watched have put it into high standing. I was confused over this or the Headrush - but decided that I would go with the most established. I've read several reports about units being bricked if not powered down... even latest firmware upgrade on the Headrush has caused bricked units.
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