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  1. Thank you all for your informative replies. PierM, Thank YOU for making me aware of that function. I had never seen it before and probably would not have understood what it did even if I had. I set Snapshot Bypass to Off for the Poly Sustain block and now it works the way I had hoped. Again, thanks to all who responded so quickly. Bob
  2. Is it normal for Poly Sustain to drop out after a snapshot change? None of the Poly Sustain parameters are linked to Snapshots for changes. Anyone else see this?
  3. This probably does you no good, but it works in Reaper for me running under Windows 7 (64-bit). Still works after the update, too. Update 11/04/2021 I did an upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. Helix Native in pre-existing presets would not load properly. An error pop-up said it could not load favorites - function not on line; and DSP not initialized. I eventually clicked on the gear icon (lower left) and clicked on RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS. Everything began to work properly.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a published list of which Factory Presets and Templates were changed, added, moved or removed in Update 2.70? It would really be time consuming to go through each one looking for changes!
  5. It appears that, at this time, the DIM Value must be lower than the LIT Value of the MIDI CC Toggle message for it to remain stable. Until the Dim Value can be lower than the Lit value, it will take TWO footswitches to do the job of one in controlling PowerCab+. If anyone can confirm this, it would be appreciated. Thanks,
  6. I recently added the PowerCab 112+ to the Helix Floor and Variax JTV-69S in my musical "arsenal" and I am attempting to integrate them together. Could see some wonderful automation in the future. Currently I use the Program Change message that is generated when I change presets to call up the PowerCab preset. I simply put the speaker I want to use in the preset. (Lots of duplicates, but that's okay - lot's of spaces, and infinite setlists.) However, I'm trying to switch the PowerCab's preset MODE (Flat, Speaker, User IR) from within Helix's snapshots. (MIDI CC# 20, with values 0=Flat, 1=Speaker, 2=User IR) I found the following information in one of the Helix MIDI forums: Snapshots only transmit the following data from the Command Center: The value of ANY (I read ALL) Instant MIDI CC, Bank/Prog, MMC, and CV Out messages The state (dim value or lit value) of any CC Toggle or CV Toggle messages assigned to footswitches <<<<< This is what I am doing The state (dim or lit ) of any Ext Amp messages assigned to footswitches I was originally trying to add a MIDI CC Toggle to an stompbox footswitch assigned to a Helix speaker cab block so I could switch from Speaker to Flat Mode in the PowerCab, depending on whether my Helix cab block was On or Bypassed. The default state would be with the Helix cab block bypassed and the PowerCab's preset in Speaker Mode. (The PowerCab Preset is in Speaker Mode by default) It seemed to work, but then stops working correctly - the values sent to the PowerCab were out of sync with the Helix cab block. So I then created a stand-alone MIDI CC Toggle footswitch to control the PowerCab preset Mode. I created it in Command Center with the Dim value = 1 (Speaker MODE) ; and the Lit value = 0 (Flat MODE) (this correspond to the Dim = bypassed and Lit = On, status of the cab block and its footswitch) It worked fine in stompbox mode. Toggling the PowerCab Preset Mode correctly when I pressed the footswitch. I set both the MIDI CC Toggle footswitch states and the cab block footswitch states together (and DIM) for each snapshot. I went into Helix snapshot mode and the first snapshot I pressed (remember ALL snapshots are set up for PowerCab Speaker Mode) sent the PowerCab into FLAT Mode! I went back to Helix stompbox mode to check the footswitches. They were all in their original (DIM) states; however, when I press the MIDI CC Toggle footswitch, it does toggle the SPEAKER/FLAT modes in PowerCab, but the States are REVERSED from what is displayed in Command Center. (It is NOW Dim=0 and Lit=1) I have cleared and rebuilt this scenario a half-dozen times with the same result each time. This was the same problem I had when I had the Helix cab block and the MIDI CC Toggle attached to the same footswitch, so it appears it has something to do with the MIDI CC Toggle message in Command Center. I had seen a note in the Helix User Manual stating that putting two blocks on the same footswitch could randomly change their relative states. (coming on/off at the same time versus going on/off opposite of each other. (e.g., switching between two amp blocks) Am I doing something wrong, or asking the system to do something it can't do? Will this be addressed/fixed/improved when Helix and PowerCab begin communicating over L6L? Help!!!
  7. I use a lot of snapshots, so rather than getting burned by forgetting to set a parameter to be controlled per snapshot, I make all the parameters that I change in each block snapshot controlled. I've not noticed any performance issues by doing this. Does anyone know if there are any negative performance impacts to Helix by doing this? (memory issues, speed issues, decreasing the maximum number of blocks, etc.)
  8. I think I messed up. I sent what I thought was USB Channel 5 to my DAW and audio to the Effects OUT 3 and got audio into my DAW, but I must have had it assigned to either 1 or 2 because I couldn't recreate it for you. But the Helix Volume knob does not affect the audio out of the USB going out the MULTI which is assigned to USB 1 & 2! That is what confused me.
  9. Does anyone have any information concerning using and/or assigning USB audio I/O channels 3, 4, 5, and 6 in the Helix? I am trying to configure a wet/dry/wet DAW recording path using USB 1/2 as the stereo wet output and one of the above USB audio channels as the "dry" output. I want the dry output to contain everything from the guitar through the amp, therefor; I do not want to use USB audio channel 7 or 8, as they contain only the raw guitar audio. Sending wet/dry/wet out through the connectors is no problem. I would just plug into my mixer, but unfortunately, it has only 2-in/2-out USB audio. I see all of the Helix USB audio channels in my DAW, but cannot figure out how to, for example, assign a Helix effects loop out to a USB audio channel. Are there any other alternatives? I have attached an MS Word file of everything I have been able to find on the USB audio and MIDI I/O concerning the Helix, if it should help anyone. Please let me know if there is anything I should add or correct. Thanks, everyone! HELIX USB and MIDI Matrix.docx
  10. I'm glad you didn't... I saw the new Line 6 intro video for the PowerCab and saw the cover - and wanted to know the same thing! Thanks.
  11. I also had this issue. Here is what I did to split the tube amp into a preamp loop and a power amp loop. NOTE: The HELIX FX SEND/RETURN numbers are for illustration only. Any will work. THE PREAMP LOOP: 1. Drop the #1 HELIX FX LOOP Block. (set up as an INSTRUMENT I/O in Global Settings) Connect the HELIX #1 FX LOOP SEND to the amplifier input. Connect the amplifier's effects SEND to the HELIX #1 FX LOOP RETURN. THE POWER AMP LOOP: 2. Downstream in the signal chain, drop the #2 Helix FX SEND Block. (set up as an INSTRUMENT I/O in Global Settings) (Set DRY THRU = -120dB. This effectively sends the entire audio signal to the amplifier, reducing a chance of setting up a feedback loop.) Connect the HELIX #2 FX LOOP SEND to the amplifier effects return. NOTE: I am assuming the amp is set up with the reactive load correctly installed. 3. Next in the signal chain, drop the HELIX #3 FX RETURN BLOCK. (set up as a LINE I/O in the Global Settings) (Ensure MIX = 100%. This ensures the output of the block is amplifier audio ONLY) (I had to set RETURN = +6.0Db to make the audio level of the output equal the audio level of the input) Connect the reactive load box's LINE OUT to the HELIX #3 FX RETURN. NOTE: Be sure to add a CAB or IR to complete the signal chain. This seems to have fixed my issue. I hope this helps you also.
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