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  1. I'd commiserate with you, but in another one of your threads you openly admit to buying a broken/used G30 from L&M.
  2. https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/fbv-mki-mkii-controllers/the-complete-line-6-pedal-compatibility-faq-r58/
  3. Well, I think you win the incoherent rant award, but the day is still young. Not your responsibility to tighten strap locks? LOL, buddy it is your guitar, it is your responsibility. Sounds like L&M sold you a busted G30, and that sucks. But that is on L&M and yourself; L&M for selling you a busted item and you for keeping and not returning it. In my experience Line 6 customer service has been great; have you even filed a support ticket with them? Though I doubt they can do much, because at the end of the day, YOU bought a broken G30 and didn't return it the first time. Live and learn, friend.
  4. Chaz176

    Helix Update..

    See a lot of people talking about the next update, so business as usual; but nothing as you have described....
  5. Doesn't it have a "printer" USB connection and the standard connection on back? pretty sure it does. But yeah I hear ya, about the computer remote, bud
  6. Thanks for the confirmation buddy... But seriously, "disappointed in the product and you haven't plugged it in".... go take a hike, then come back and actually play through it... yeesh
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