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  1. are you more concerned with the panning of the guitars or the masking of frequencies between the guitars and vocals? panning isn't going to relieve you of that symptom imo.
  2. I seriously cannot for the life of me understand why everyone gets their panties in a bunch over getting new amps all the time.... what is it you cannot get out of the helix right now? It has every flavor you need covered, just learn how to dial it in.
  3. Heavyville

    Bleat Chop

    Alright!! thanks for response all and the additional tip on a different effect to try, really appreciate it.
  4. Heavyville

    Bleat Chop

    Is the bleat chop based of the Gig-FX pro chop? I don't recall being able to control the panning left to right. I want to set up an FX like Wings for Marie by Tool. So far the only way I have done this is to use the bleat chop in front then use the ping pong delay after and synch them, I have not figured out for to control both of the speeds with the pedal though.
  5. Its a lot of work imo. But I do this for a cover band I play in. I run all the pre "amp" effects on path 1 before the pre-amp that feeds my "amps FX return" through the 1/4 out. I split the the feed right before the pre amp (but after the pre FX )and send the signal down to Path 2 into another similar AMP+cab model that goes to XLR outs and my IEM mix. you have to tweak both to taste due to the nature of running that pre into a power amp and one set of real speakers vs that amp + cab on path 2, plus you have to mirror any time based effects after the amp blocks on both paths. Its a lot of work and you have to use your ears and not rely on the HX edit and numbers. There is probably better ways to do it, but that's what I came up without even looking. I may research to see if I can streamline what I have going on. But probably not after all the damn work I did for 50 songs so far.
  6. hard to navigate this ideal scale site, wish it had a better dashboard, but i'll take what i got, something IS better than nothing. I've added 2 items 1- paremetric eq that works like fabfilters pro q or the stock pro logic X eq. ( pro logic offer 5 points that can zero in on any frequency) the current para EQ in helix is "locked" into a range limiting use. in order to hunt down offending freq for a guitar you could have to load up multiple eqs to hunt down 3-6 K issues. this should save of blocks being used and dsp. 2- DI emulation blocks, I like to see something done here. or improve the signal strength of the DI. but even adding a radial emulation of a countryman. not sure if these are already on the go.
  7. This is stupid.... and bad business practices gents. Let your product speak for itself, if its that good, you can let the trolls wonder around in the forums and its member's will take care of business for you. It's clear in your responses that you are passionate about your product. You can change my mind on the unprofessional comment with that free cab pack to me instead, because if your gonna give something away for free it shouldn't be to the squeaky wheel on this... business 101.
  8. What a great effing read at lunch time today gents, I'm not even going to ask for those minutes back it was so entertaining to see this derail like it did.
  9. EPIC amp seems to be based on MESA imo. The master volume effects the drive or gain which seems to be a MESA thing from what I understand. I've landed on this amp several times for long periods of time as my go to amp, for pure out grind!!! I just did an amp shootout with my helix to get a tone for a recording and the Epic won out over Bedonk, Archon, Recto, BE100, and 5150 (which I've never gotten to sound good at all) my second layer of guitars on the track ended up being the Mark4 lead. I was using the Free Ownhammer IR's on the modern 00. for the leads i'd take the BE100 as the throaty midrange cuts real nice. BE100 is the other amp I use a lot for m patches. I find most of the L6 original amps to be outrageously good. Litigator getting the most mentions.
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