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  1. I get that part, that isn't new. I discovered while buiding a new patch with snapshots that after everything was saved and I got my snapshots in order. I was fine tuning them and turned on/off a few blocks. While hitting the save button on HX edit i noticed that it saved all the blocks the same for all snapshots. So if i had a boost on for a lead, all the snapshots now had the boost engaged which is not a normal behaviour. using the save button on the physical unit solved the issue and the snapshots saved correctly.
  2. maybe there is already something addressing this already. purely a lazy question right now. anyone notice saving snapshots via HX edit does weird things to all the other snapshots. For instance saving a snapshot with Delay and reverb turned on the day and rev for all snapshots. Could;t get around it... However double saving every snapshot from the actual unit seemed to work. I can live with it, but i'm sure we can figure it out team !!!!! GO! i'm hoping its a DFU error, those are easy to fix.
  3. Heavyville

    Tool Tone 2.8 I put up a quick stab at some guitar tones for Tools Fear Inoculum. Snapshots with some included FX. If anyone is interested in leaving a comment on the tone that would be great, i'm trying to get a gage for the quality of the snapshots. Dual amp / Dual Cabs ( Normal would use IR's but for the sake of sharing i went with items stock to helix) so feel free to grab your fav IRs in replace them if need be. Tone adjusted with Helix Floor, ESP EC1000 CTM/T loaded with motorckty AFWAYU's. Monitoring with HS8's. Cheers
  4. What else is connected to the helix? we've got a laptop so far, what else? you can try other sockets if avaialbe, that sometimes will help. Good luck, nothing like a good ground loop issue to drive you mad. IF that is the case.
  5. What if you bought it on a payment plan? is that why there is issues updating ? Were on to something here!!! the internet will love it!!!
  6. Ground loop issue....just saying.
  7. you should blame cell phone companies like Apple and Samsung, blah blah , for creating a one button update culture with humans. I believe they have more employees than L6 to create a smoother transition with less involvment for humans to completely say hold my beer and mess it up. I don't care what the update process is like, or how many steps you need to take. Most of these #armchairactivists forgot the big picture was free. When you start paying for an update, you maybe have a more valid reason to voice a concern if ligimate and not user error driven.
  8. there is a margain of error for every software update release of anykind out there. I bet the % of people with real errors are well under 10% of the updating population. i'll admit this was my second update, and both times it didn't go off without a hitch. It was user error in the end and not related to L6 instructions, it was just apple related. I figured it out with some help from some cool members here. chill out, eat a burrito, drink a beer. its just software, and that lollipop can be fixed. Your broken heart may need a few more tacos and beers though.
  9. It would help to see how you are routing your signal path., take a screen shot if you can. That can create an issue as well, Not just the amps "fizziness".
  10. You don't use Libra inside the Helix. YOu basically make new IR"s out of your favorite current IR's. LIbra is a plug in for your chosen DAW. here is how I would use it. I'd pull up a track I'm working on, that has DI guitar tracks. I'd open Helix Native or any other AMp sim. I"d then disabble any cab sims. I'd insert the libra plug in after that and load up different cabinets and start blending those cabs while the music is playing. ONce i got the right mix, i'd bounce that blended cab out to an IR file that can be imported into the helix as an IR.
  11. yes i can see how you think I missed the point due to the stereo feed you are looking to continue. can I ask why you need stereo for live? it doesn't translate to the audience. FOH mixes are generally mono. Don't get me wrong its ear candy for sure. For the libra comment, you can take 1-8 IR's and blend them to your liking, so for me i like to use to 2 IR's and blend them. I use to have to run a paralell path for that. NOw i can simply blend them ahead of time and use only one block for the blended cabs. Check out Ola Englunds review of it on you tube. this saves my paralell path for other goodies like stacking overdrives etc. you have stumbled upon a limitation in the helix due to dsp and how paths you can run. I like the thought of using stereo paths to cheat out the parralel path.
  12. Just go and get Libra from STL, you can blend up to 8 cabinets into one single IR. I'll be planning on getting this Software and using it to get my studio IRS and live IRs in place. its set up to mimic kinda how the pro's record a mulit head/cab set up in the studio (circular fashion) not affiliated with them, but i know a good thing when i see it.
  13. 1) Well you've got internet somewhere, cause here you are...;) This>>>>>>>
  14. First. GO find an amp model that you like the gain structure on. now turn every dial on it over and over again, just experiment with it until you get a feel for how each dial works. Now start to dial it in. you really need to know and understand the model you are using as the dials and paramenters are key here. They models these amps as closely as possible and no 2 amps (even if the same model sound the same and react the same way) Yes they have traits, but Twins don't exsist in the amp world really. Know your stuff. I use the epic amp model for almost all of my "modern" sounding stuff and its a model that does not get a lot of love due to it being a L6 original but its an absolute beast for rythm and lead tone. Alot of chiggy players love on the bedonk which is good too. BTW both of these models ARE modded Mesa amps.
  15. OK, after having 2.8 for a while I wanted to circle back with a couple of thoughts around the new additions in 2.8. Specifically the Grammatico and Rev Gen. 1- Rev Gen, cool amp FEELS REALLY REALLY good to play. i've made a couple of patches so far with it. This amp feels good and I like playing it. 2- Grammitico - WOW, this amp just has feel and mojo. I have never encountered a model where where moving so maning of the available "knobs" does so much to the sound and feel of the amp. 3- the two new models to me imho, have way more feel to them. The reason I say this is because, i'm using two amps i'd never use normally ( the Rev Gen is awesome, but to me it reminds me of what a 5150 should sound like in a way and I'm not a fan of that amp, but here I am playing it to death because it responds so well.) the Grammatico amp responds to my fingers like no other model in the helix and I just love playing that model. I truelly don't think this is a case of "new shiny" things. I was not excited at all leading up to the release of 2.8. I was completely happy with 2.6 where I was. Now, I started from scratch on all my presets because WHY NOT, it's a platform update, so I thought i'd start from scratch. US double norm, never liked it, tried to use it a bunch pre 2.8. no luck. Fire up 2.8, its one of the first presets I auditioned, and was like, W...T....Shattner, how the hell does this sound sooo good now...... I've heard they "touched" up a few things. I'd like to know more about that honestly if that can be shared. It cannot be just the low and high cuts. So, I'm going to put out the "well played" LIne 6 on this update. The new additions are simply amazing and very interested in what you guys are going to include next time. you should rename this update the "gateway" release.
  16. This is sooooo true..... Why do you think we have traffic signs and lines on the road everywhere. Yet we still get nailed for not following the rules there too. Did the line move ? nope....Humans is the answer, and they never dissapoint when it comes to messing shattner up.
  17. @datacommando i've figured it out. DFU oversight. I started from scratch after 2.8 with new patches for a cover band, when I writing them I was specific to the routing of the signal 1 path was for FOH via XLR 1 path was for a Amp via 1/4 " apparently you have to set the output to multi to get USB 1-2 to throw the feed towards your DAW. I was building a new patch around the Grammatico amp preset and after getting it dialled in I happened to notice a signal on an input getting a -3 db feed. sure enough channel 1-2 coming in hot!!! thanks for anyone who pitched in with suggestions!! you guys are the best!!!
  18. For the bedroom type players and engineers that only need 1-2 inputs, its an amazing starting audio interface. Easy to use and good results too. its got DI capabilites while monitoring the wet tone. I get get some pretty good results out of it. I would never actually mix a record on it, but for writing and capturing ideas onto simulated DAW tape, its very very good. If your gonna do something professional audio wise, get a professional interface for that, this is not its sole intention.
  19. there is no easy way, but what I can tell you is to adjust all aspects of the patch/tone at the intended volume and source. I'm a bit complicated in my approach right now out of maybe stupidity. Line 6 gave us plenty of "setlists" so I use the setlists differently. 1. Set list one - Studio monitors / Studio sound only. copy patch to set list 2, same location. 2. Set list 2 - Live sound via Mic'd up cab. ( all patches tweaked loudly - I mean Gig volume and maybe a bit more) ( I don't have FRFR ) 2.a) I may also set up a dual path here, one going to the amp, one going to FOH if a MIc will not be placed onto the cab, but this has complications now with adding a Cab or IR and now you'll need to replicate that tone potentially or make an IR of the cab your using. 3. IEM mix, because the quality of IEM's is a mess and most things do not translate well onto IEM's from other sources ( unless you got some spanky new Empire Ears IEMS)... 3.a) I may have dual patch set up here too, if IEMs are the preferred method for a show, and I would grab the dual path from 2a and mess it up. it's complicated right now, but thats because I cannot find a balance which works for them all. Going to FRFR for me will help reduce the amount of different set lists i need and tweaking i hope. I use my ears as the final judgement on volume, although I do use an SPL meter and the meters on my DAW to help speed up the work flow when doing this. I like to aim between -6 and -8 db for my patches on a board for live patches.
  20. You may be looking at this the wrong way. you want new, go get the Kemper floor, but be warned there is nothing new about what is inside of that floor box really.... same old Kemper stuff just made to look like a Helix without an expression pedal. so the physical aspect of the unit isn't as much as consideration as to what the inside tech can do today and potentially tomorrow. If the Helix does everything you want today, no need to worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself.
  21. Trash it? how so? somewhat of a serial DFU error kind of a guy here= me.
  22. thanks for the response Datacommando. I'm not close to my HElix now, but for shots and gaggles what should the Globabls be set at for recoding into Logic. If i'm lucky i've simply forgot something stupid. thanks in advance
  23. Channel 1 -2 on the usb feed (from HElix) carries the affected ( all your junk) Helix tone. I do not have any signal on channel 1, but i do have channel 7 which is the DI feed. MAC 10.11.6 OSX Helix 2.8 Updated Helix driver for MAC too. I have a support ticket in and have had some diologue over it, but nothing corrected it yet.
  24. I'm dealing with a similar issue. Followed the instructions. I don't have channels 1-2 USB audio feed, but I do have CHannel 7 (DI feed)
  25. STL Libra, everything anyone needs to make the ultimate IR.
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