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  1. Same thing happened to me too. I lost all blocks from A path on one preset. Funny thing is that after I recreated it, it works better (at least it seems to sound better, more sustain, don't know how I even packed more functions in it now), but the problem for me is how do I know if preset is damaged. This preset worked fine through 3 or 4 firmware upgrades, but after 2.6 it was lost.
  2. A question for experts phil_m said that preset was corrupted and after update to 2.6 top path was missing. But, how to spot a corrupt preset? I've experienced system freeze before, with a patch and I deleted it, and I'll rebuild this one but is there a way to check preset "helth" ?
  3. This preset was not new, it worked fine with last 3-4 updates, until 2.6.
  4. Is it possible to revert to 2.54 from 2.6 ?
  5. After update to 2.6 all the effects that were on path 1 ( top row ) disappeared. After restore from backup got this message What to do next ?
  6. Tried backup again and get this message
  7. It happened to me too (one preset, and 2 copies I used to experiment). Backup didn't help.
  8. Just installed HX Edit 2.52 but I can't find 2.52 firmware using updater or on download page. This morning I did see it on download page, but now it is missing ?
  9. HELIX LT black screen. I've got new helix LT a month ago, updated to 2.21, sounds good, but last night I was working on preset, and pressed amp button to move to amp block, and then screen went black. I can still hear the sound, but no screen. After restart it worked without problems for the rest of the night. This is the first glitch so far. Should I be worried ? Has anyone else experienced this ?
  10. Yes hideout, exactly like that, so I just voted for your idea.
  11. Another idea: Compare button -> like on Motif XF. From Motif Manual : "The Compare function lets you switch between the just edited Voice and its original, unedited condition, allowing you to hear how your edits affect the sound." If such option already exists, my aplogies.
  12. phil_m is right, Headrush doesn't have save/recall option too. Didn't know that. Well I guess, I'll have to use DAW to capture ideas, for now. But maybe Line 6 will surprise us :) Still it would be good to add sync option at least.
  13. Well, that is really disappointing. The looper as it is now is pretty useless. I might reconsider Headrush pedalboard again, because capturing idea while improvising is more important to me then 640 user presets. In that regard, Line 6 should tell us what options are not possible.
  14. Hi Peter, you said most people do not need these looper options, but following "youtube" and "the gear page" posts about modeling pedalboards (while I was trying to choose between Helix and Headrush) I've seen many posts where users complain about helix looper, and praising headrush looper. And most of my guitarist friends say that having an idea capture tool in moments of inspiration is very important. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think these upgrades are doable within existing hardware. At leas that is what I have red in one post on TGP forum (helix is built with some hardware reserve so new improvements are possible https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-vs-fractal-did-you-convert-to-the-other.1849863/page-3#post-24556448 Quote :"I know with Helix we have lots of headroom for further development because the architecture was designed with that in mind"). So I still have high hopes for better looper in Helix. BR Meshax
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