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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. What I've been trying to figure out how to do is use the Helix as an interface only to experiment with using some other guitar plugins, or to use the helix sounds and monitor an additional VST live through my headphones connected through the helix. I figured out one way to do it just now, but I'm not sure if its best: Path 1: Guitar in --> no blocks --> USB 1/2 Path 2: USB 3/4 --> no blocks --> 1/4" out (which also goes to headphones) Then I can use the Helix as just a pass through interface to monitor various VSTs, whether its Native, products from other develops, etc. and then tack on my reverb and delay VSTs and monitor them in real time.
  2. Is this possible in Helix: Right now, my Adam A7 monitors are sitting in storage with family in my old town (recently moved). As such, I'm stuck with headphones for the time being. I have a separate interface for my mac, but not for windows. On my PC, I set up my Helix to go guitar in -->insert no blocks --> raw signal to multi out --> USB audio into my daw --> run signal through VSTs --> DAW output to helix. However, the Helix headphone out will then give me both the DAW output, and the sound of the guitar being played if I'm trying to monitor live. Is there a way I can set it up such that the dry Helix guitar sound in this case is not routed through to the headphone out? The workaround here is that I could just record parts using the Helix sounds and then re-amp through VSTs, but that then takes away the fun of messing around in realtime with my VST effects. Is there any way to do this or am I out of luck until I get a separate PC interface?
  3. Yeah I agree as well. Three more plexi channels just warrants the worlds biggest yawn from me. The electro king and trainwreck are cool and unique inclusions and after the litigator I'm curious to check out he cartographer. But it would really be nice to see some more high gain flavours. Fractal blows the Helix away in that department while I suspect if the helix was more competitive at that front they would be able to really eat into that base because of the price advantage. Would be great to see flavours from among amps like the Mark IIC+, VH4, Herbert, BE100, Savage, XTC, Deliverance, Satan, etc. Obviously the helix is great as it is, but it would be nice to see high gain players get some love. right now I get some of those above sounds out of much cheaper VSTs but it would be nice to get some of those in the helix platform. I think it would really help snag part of the market that decides between the Helix and Fractal products. Here's hoping for the future anyways.
  4. I agree VH4 model and Bogner XTC would be amazing. The XTC is an amp where I would love to see all of the channels modelled. Friedman BE, Mark IIC+, VHT deliverance, ENGL Savage are other amps I would love to see modelled.
  5. I had to sell off all my tube amps recently for life reasons (moving to an apartment in a new city, new baby). I've been using VST modeling for demos for years but hate being plugged into a computer to play. At first I was regretful, but since I picked up the Helix I haven't missed them at all, for home use anyways. Near unlimited tones in a light box that sounds good at any volume - my teenage self could only dream about something like this. if I ever end up performing live again like in my younger days I guess there would be quite a bit of adjusting to do but for recording and home use, modeling is basically all the way there.
  6. I posted this submission requesting a Fryette (VHT) Deliverance amp model to provide a high gain amp with a unique tone profile as opposed to another amp within the Recto/Marshall/5150 high gain paradigms. Upvote if you're interested! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/914389
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