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  1. saving issues in HX Edit with multible devices attached: last week in the rehersal i had attached my LT. as i pluged the USB cable out of the LT and into the stomp of my colleaque without closing HX Edit in between, HX Edit opened the Stomp in a new window but the user presets on the Stomp instantly where messed up. some where missing, the others in a weird order. i hope, this description helps to recreate, trace and eliminate the problem. LT and HX Edit had the latest updates. with the Stomp i am not 100% shure but the hardware was shiped just two weeks ago. so i guess its 2.8, maybe 2.7.
  2. hej findlase. i am using a similar approach. i use my expression pedal to boost my amp or more acuratly its the opposite: i attinuate the inputsignal. i set the amp to a well distorted setting. directly before the amp-input i put a volume pedal, wich i turn down to get a clean sound. the natural compression of a distorting amp takes care of the most volume-differences but when you run 4cable method or a amp-model instead, you can set a second volume block after the amp, controlled by the same pedal. other people tend turn down the volume knob on the gittar but i like the controll with the expressionpedal more - and i have no volume knob on my cello;).
  3. this is a kind of "use your ears" - argument. i think "support your ears" (with your eyes) is a much faster aproach, although the ears should always have the last word. i beleve we can agree on that. have to admit this one, thinking of the tuner history and the rougth tone in the diskussion back then. but you could implement an optional lufs/level meter and label it as "experimental" in the setings menu. so the people you mentioned will tend to avoid it and otherwise no one can complain about malfunctioning ;) I think, this topic is much wider than just level metering. it's the whole complex of visual feedback. like gain reduction, frequency-rta and much more. this all woud be no problem to implement and would give mighty tools in the hands of some. but in your philosophy for this unit it seems to be explicitly not intended. I think i get your idea of leaving the helix unit more like a representation of a classical guittar gear and purposely seperating it from classical FOH/DAW tasks. maybe thats part of why the interface is so intuitive. that thought makes me understand your desicion even though I disagree. because now i know why, i may accept it and stop waiting for it. I may find a workaround with a DAW on a tablet but it took me a year and a half to get to this point and find your view on this topic here. @Digital_Igloo with respect to all the ideascale submissions in this direction i hope you line6 guys consider to communicate this decision more prominently. maybe in the FAQs. so you could shorten this frustrating "but why?"- phase for others on their jurney;) cheers.
  4. Thanks. That's exactly the input I needed. I don't work with MIDI so I my mind completely ignored the command center because of a "general lag of relevance" haha:)
  5. I just updated my Helix! Yeiiiii! the new EQ's work great for me and I certainly will use this tools alot. allso the new models will be explored soon. I am a little sad, that signal metering still has not made it into the update...maybe next time;) But I wondered abbout one feature which was announced on winter NAMM: Does somone know how to set this up? i found no tutorial or new manual in the www and i found nothing in the helix menus...maybe I have overlocked something but i would really like to use this feature.
  6. visual block monitor a idea which unifies many ideas about metering, indicatoring and understanding the effect block https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/917728#idea-tab-details
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