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  1. SO I did an update, went fine. Followed directions to a "T". Imported backup, started going through presets, 1/2 are there but I cant see anything. I click on first preset, works. Click on second preset, changes tone but still has all the same info from first preset on screen. Lost all my IRs. AM I doing something wrong?
  2. We you just noodling around or playing some songs? Watching this video is making me sell my pedals on reverb right now and buy a Heli? If songs, can you let everyone know the names.
  3. Got a PD 500XHD. Was working great - no complaints. All of a sudden, I heard a pop, and everything sounds "trebly". Patches that sounded great are crap now. I downloaded the last patches. My unit got out of sync one day (when your PC HDEdit is running but board is off). I've done this before so I know what to do. When I downloaded my latest save on the Open Bundle option, it didn't want to load. Once I loaded it, now all the tones seems "way off". Tested through 2 guitars, earphones, speakers, different connections - all the same. Am I missing something?
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