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  1. How do I uninstall Spider V drivers and/or audio interface that shows up in my DAW? I don't have any of the Spider V software installed anymore, I didn't even know I still had Spider V drivers until I launched a new install of PreSonus One today. I don't have the Spider amp anymore. Thanks!
  2. VGK17


    They should have just called this the Revv Purple update. I just updated tonight and replaced the Red with the Pruple in my presets using the Revv. Holee cr@p what an awesome sound and I didn't even tweak the amp yet! Looks like tomorrow is going to be a day of building new presets.
  3. If you're on Facebook you should check out the "Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and ORIGINAL" one of the best internet communities I've ever seen.
  4. This may or may not help you but sometimes USB ports can be finicky, even though the drivers are updated. I've run into it with other devices, not with the Helix (yet!). One thing I did notice with 2.8 was that after a period of time HX Edit would lose connection to my Floor. I rearranged my officer and wound up redoing all the cabling to my PC, including the USB cord to my Helix. I moved it to a new USB port, coincidentally going from a 2.0 port to a 3.0 port. I haven't had any issues since I recabled everything including so far with 2.81. I'm not saying this is the fix but it may be worth a shot to try another USB port.
  5. This is probably the problem, for lack of a better word. You'll have to tweak the settings to get a good sound out of your headphones. I have different setting for my headphones compared to my powered cabinet because they sound completely different. Also because i have a different guitar and different set up than what someone may have when they post a video their preset doesn't sound the same with my gear as it does with theirs. That's part of the learning curve, and I'm still learning myself. What motivates me is seeing that other people can make some amazing tones, so I just have to dial mine in. I've come up with some awesome sounding presets, just takes a bit of practice. Good luck and don't get discouraged!
  6. If you're going to get upset when people disagree with things you post online you really need to not be online. I reacted with a downvote because I disagreed, that's the function of it.
  7. That is exactly how large scale software and hardware deployments work. Unless Line 6 has absolute control over each device (they don't) there are innumerable variables that can cause issues. Everything from your computer to the processor or the RAM in your individual Helix. It's impossible to test out every scenario to identify bugs and many bugs are found by people using their system in a creative, non-standard manner. You should absolutely report any bug you find with as much details as possible if you want and expect Line 6 to prevent as many bugs as possible in future releases.
  8. Possible 2.80 bug Helix Floor & Helix Edit I've seen my Helix Edit program lose connection with the Helix floor several times since the update. There doesn't seem to be any specific trigger. I've had it stay connected for hours, until I shut everything down and I've seen connection lost within 10 minutes of powering and starting up.
  9. It's 100% inexcusable that Line 6 still has not enabled this feature for PC users. My phone is a phone, I don't want to connect it to my amp. Also that totally defeats the purpose of using the USB output to record.
  10. Damn that tone is awesome. I think this video pretty much convinced me to buy a Helix.
  11. Two years since this request first came out as well as the request to add to0nes to the PC editor instead of only the crappy phone app, no response from Line 6. Fair to say they don't give a crap about the Spider?
  12. Like the title says, how many cents is each marker on the built in tuner? See picture. Thanks!
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