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  1. Certainly not looking to hijack the thread, but I face a similar issue, albeit with a HX Effects. Would definitely like to find a resolution, and as per OP I've been through all the settings I can logically find related to the pedal and Global Settings. It's something that used to work in earlier firmware revisions, but I admit I'm not sure when (or even if) this changed in more recent iterations. Regards Jack
  2. All, Please note, Line 6 released an update (3.02) yesterday which specifically targets this issue. I've not yet tried it, but will do so in the coming hours. Regards Jack.
  3. I have the same issue, as do others (although how many, I'm not sure). I also have a ticket open with Line 6, who have been able to replicate the issue using my settings. I'm sure a fix will appear in due course.
  4. I have a case open with Line 6. They are aware of the issue and have been able to replicate it based upon my settings. I'm sure there will be a fix in due course.
  5. Has 3.01.0 been pulled already? I no longer see it on the Downloads page. I already installed it, and it did fix an issue I was having with the HX effects, but a little curious as to why it's no longer available.
  6. Hi all, This is more of a heads up, as I have a resolution (of sorts) to my issue. Like many, I made the jump recently from F/W 2.92 to 3.00. I'm not normally an early adopter but recent firmware updates had gone well and so I deviced to have a leap of faith. The update itself went without hitch, but I soon ran into issues whilst using a 1SW Looper (the problem may also relate to the 6SW, etc., but I've not tested). As a relative newbie to playing guitar, my setup is incredibly simple, so nothing I'm doing is likely to be taxing the HX Effects unit too heavily. In fact, in this paticular case my setup simply included a Bass Octaver, Analog Flanger, Minotaur, Plate Reverb, LA Studio Compressor and a single switch looper (all on a single path). My problem is that recording a 4 bar loop causes the HX effects to hang. I'm unable to end the loop and all switches and buttons cease to function; my only option being to power off the device. I thought it may be an issue carried over from previous settings, so I performed a factory reset. Initially, I restored (only) my Presets, but as the problem persisted, I conducted a second factory reset and setup the pedals fresh. No difference, the unit still hangs. I've managed to resolve my issue by reverting to 2.92 (which works perfectly), but this isn't ideal. I can't think what else to try at this stage and/or I'm not sure what additional information is needed to help troubleshoot. Anyway, as I said, this is more of a heads up (for others who may be suffering the same issue). If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Also, I'm happy to provide additional information and/or conduct tests if it will prove beneficial. Regards Jack.
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