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  1. Just to throw some thoughts on this discussion, from someone who owns & uses the Stagescape M20d, the L3T & L3S for mains, and a Mackie DL32R, and happens to be a software developer... Both sides have very valid points. The M20d AS IT STANDS is one hell of a mixer. The effect chains and processing ability are not matched by anything less than $10K. (I've been trying to find something that has multi-band compression available on ALL CHANNELS for ages...) If Line 6 does nothing else with the mixer, it is still amazing. Having said that... There has been nothing else done with the M20d. The basic driver software has been updated twice, with great additional features. The drivers are still being updated to work with the latest OSes (yeah!). The two firmware updates, though, came out pretty quickly, within a year of the original release. My guess is that these were the features that the team wanted to have for day one, but got pushed to get the unit out the door. The other, more disconcerting sign is that no other products have appeared for the stagescape/stagesource line. The often rumored L1 speakers never materialized (could Bose have put the kibosh on the speaker name?). The 12 + 4 format is pretty awkward. It's too much for a real basic band, and certainly not enough for anything much bigger than a 5 or 6 piece band. Yes, you can get all 16 channels to be used (and trust me, I have!), but it does take some planning and foresight to make sure that it all works. If I had to guess, the M20d is probably maxing out the processing power. Going to a 24 channel mixer would probably require a significant boost in horsepower to add the additional 8 channels, which would probably be cost prohibitive. I don't think the M20d has sold all that well, as I seem them get blown out a lot lately. As to the things *I* would love to see... - New model, the M40d - 32 XLR / 1/4" neutek connectors and 10+ tuxes - Different / faster workflow interface Those two things, and I'd buy one in a heartbeat. The mixer could even be like the DL32R or Presonus faderless boards. My favorite UI so far is definitely the Mackie board. Not a much visual representation as the Line 6, but way faster for moving between settings and faders. I hope Line 6 brings out another Stagescape board, as the system is awesome.
  2. So far, the DL32R has been stable. There are a couple of missing features that didn't make it into the initial launch. I saw a demo of the unit a couple of weeks before they were available, and the guy showed off a feature that isn't in the initial software. I fully expect Mackie to continue to do updates. They've already done one update to address some of the launch issues. There are some hints that another update is coming out around NAMM, as the iPhone interface isn't working with the 3.0 iPad interface yet, and Mackie has a news bit that the iPhone update will be shown at NAMM with availability soon afterwards. I am using the Airport Extreme with the latest iPad Air 2 with the DL32R, and I haven't had the router and iPad hiccup except for once for a quick moment. I've used it on 5 gigs so far. The current M20d seems less stable than the Mackie, BUT, the M20d is doing a LOT more. I'm missing the automatic feedback elimination and the multi-band compression the most.
  3. I'm not sure WHERE Line 6 is headed... on a lot of the internet forums over the last two years, I've seen the Line 6 employees popping up with 'you should see what we can't talk about'. The idea page has been running for over a year as well, and yet... very few, if any, updates or new products other than the bluetooth amps and the iOS interface. The M20d has no sisters (the M36d, anyone? :) ) and the L series speakers have dropped in price. Usually those signs point to either something new is coming out, or the line is being dropped. As much as I LOVE my DreamStage setup, there clearly were a couple of issues with the design on the system. The initial price and the number of inputs were very conflicting. The aim was clearly at smallish bands, but the price was *way* up there. This put the system out of reach for the majority of the target audience. I just don't see the sales of the M20d being very high (or the L-series speakers). Most of the local stores I know about sold only a handful at best, and that was when they were being cleared out. Having said that, I love the fact that Line 6 put some thought into how the systems are being used. I switched to a Mackie DL32R, and it works great with the L3T / S speakers. I go L/R into the L3S, and digital out from there. Great sound, and all of the inputs I need (plus a faster mixer interface for my workflow). I wish Line 6 would have brought out a bigger mixer. I think the M20d is still the best mixer with the best features out there. It just doesn't have enough inputs...
  4. Looks like it was the power... Performed last night, different place, used different plugs and no extension cords. Everything worked fine.
  5. Hi! I'm in the US (floriduh to be exact) :) Yes, using L6 Link. I'll try a new cable and not running it off the power strip and super big extension cord. (which we are doing). It's odd that it's actually fully powering off (the light on the front is going off), and I hear a clicking like a relay being reset. If it happens tonight, I'll just bypass the sub, and call Line 6 on Monday.
  6. Good to know!!!! I'm having the same issue... I'll try that tomorrow.
  7. Hi! I have a fairly new (< 3 months old) L3S that has been went a bit haywire tonight. It started clicking and power cycling all through the set. It did this once before, but I had thought it was a loose cable. The first time this happened, I power cycled it, and wiggled the cable, and it didn't happen again. This time, I power cycled it a couple of times, reseated the cable, and even switched power outlets, but no joy. I plan to call tech support on Friday, but was wondering if anyone here might have some insight. Thanks!
  8. Hi Triryche, Interesting, I don't see the note that was up from before the forum change over. There had been a note that said that the UX8 was legacy, and no further development was going to be done. Good to know that Line 6 is continuing to work with the UX8!
  9. Hi Mike, The UX8 is a great unit, the Digital-to-Audio and Audio-to-Digital converters are really good quality. If I remember the FAQ the UX8 does 24-bit/96 kHz recording, while the UX1 and 2s do only 24-bit/48 kHz, and the converters on the UX8 are the Apogee converters. I've had mine for almost 5 years now. I would recommend it, except for one small thing... Line 6 has discontinued support for the UX line. I don't know how they are going to handle driver updates, as it seems like all the POD units share a unified driver system, and those seem to be continuing to be developed. Also, the POD Farm seems to have come out of moth balls, with an update in the last month or so. It is my understanding that the new Amplifi amps and pedal board are based upon the POD Farm software, so that might get more interesting soon.
  10. I was checking out the Line 6 Store and found that they now sell the USB connector! The Apple USB-to-Ethernet + Airport Express rock, too (wireless N) :)
  11. While the QSC, the Behringer, the Mackie, and the Allen & Heath digital mixers are all awesome in their own ways, the StageScape has some different features, functions, and goals that those mixers don't have. The biggest difference is the goal of the mixer. To me, the StageScape is for a band that doesn't have a sound tech to make everything happen. The functions are very musician friendly, like the X/Y graphs for the quick tweaks. The graphics of the stage and instruments are designed to be very visually friendly, helping someone who doesn't know channel strips identify the players. Same goes for the auto trim, it's designed so that no one has to sit at the board to make everything happen. What's interesting is how deep the rabbit hole goes for the StageScape. The 4, 5, and 6 band EQ WITH the spectrum analysis on each channel. The multi band compressor on each channel, and on the mains! The sub bass generator for kick drums. There is some really deep stuff in the mixer for making a band sound like the studio. There are not too many mixers with those functions. All of the other digital mixers are designed for a sound guy. Most of the features are there, but they are not presented in the same way. Heck, they all have BETTER features. But the nice thing about the digital mixers is that they can be upgraded with a quick RAM flash :) Gotta say, my StageScape rocks. Was going to get the Behringer X16 last year, but it never materialized. Maybe they'll get it out this year, but I'm really glad I got the StageScape.
  12. Some times you just have to bite the bullet... I had bought one of the original USB / Wifi adapters listed in the StageScape manual, and it worked great. Only problem is that at one point, the bag the StageScape was in was thrown away because of an adult beverage being spilled on the bag. Unfortunately, the wifi stick was in the bag :( I tried the Samsung one for the TVs that was mentioned, which sort of worked, but I kept getting drop outs, and at one point, the StageScape completely locked up (in the middle of a song!!!!) I decided to go nuclear, and go with the "it's gotta work and be easy" route. I picked up the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter and the Apple Airport Express on my way to the gig. Set everything up in 5 minutes, and not ONE hiccup. Extra bonus was that because the wifi is 802.11n, the lag was GREATLY reduced on the iPad app. So far, that's been the best wifi setup for the StageScape. I just wish that Line 6 would add the spectrum analyzer to the EQ on the iPad. I can see where it'd probably be a problem with some methods of transmission, but with the Apple setup, it should be able to work...
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