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  1. Are you using preamp models on the Helix? If you use the Helix full amp models you are doubling up on the power amp section. Quite a few people seem to like using full amp models into the DT power amp but it could send your cleans into break up.
  2. Possible bug on 2.8 and 2.81: Snapshot change lag when Guitar In-Z (input impedance) is set to change per snapshot (with square brackets). I have quite a few patches where I use a different impedance value per snapshot, so I might use 1M for a clean snapshot and then 230k for an overdrive snapshot. In 2.8 and 2.81 I get a lag when changing snapshots if impedance is selected for change. I'm fairly sure this didn't happen with 2.7 or I wouldn't have used this method. I can understand a small lag when the impedance value actually changes but I get the lag even when the value does not change. If I remove the square brackets then I get the normal seamless snapshot change. This seems similar to the reported bug where there is a lag changing snapshots which have different IRs assigned. I tried a work around where I assigned a switch to go from 1M to 230k but it would not let me complete the process. I have done this on 2.7. Maybe it's another bug? Other than that 2.81 is great. Thank you Line 6!
  3. I'm experiencing exactly the same behaviour. It makes the auto engage function all but unusable for me. Hopefully it'll be fixed in the next update.
  4. Global settings/preferences/tap tempo pitch. You can set it to accurate or transparent. I think you will want to change it to transparent.
  5. On the HD500 you had a bypass volume when the amp was turned off. This could be set to zero. I'm not sure if Helix does the same thing.
  6. So global eq doesn't apply to L6 link???
  7. In theory the Elixir Polyweb might be a better solution than Nanowebs. According to the Elixir website Polywebs have a 'warm tone' whereas Nanowebs have a 'bright and lively tone'.
  8. Yes, I've looked at one or two reviews for half rounds that suggest they are brighter than regular strings. Maybe they're not the ones to go for! I tried Elixirs years ago on my acoustic and found that my acid sweat caused the coating to break up after a while, making the strings more unpleasant to play than regular strings. Maybe their technology has improved since then? The Fender nickels have moved to the top of my list now!
  9. Anymore experiences/opinions on string choice? To summarise, these seem to be the main suggested alternatives: D'addario half rounds Fender 150R nickels D'addario NYXLs Elixirs Flatwounds? I think I'm favouring the half rounds to start with. I'm interested in taming the high metallic frequencies in particular.
  10. The gear page has found a possible hd500x:
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