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  1. Whatever tuning your Drop puts the guitar to, is what your DAW will record.
  2. This is a good idea for a video.
  3. I am lost to this beast already. Tried it with a guitar last night, but the strings were deader than Shakespeare. Rocking my trusty Junior now. Helix loves a P90 by the way. Brilliant.
  4. This really made me laugh
  5. It's always a problem for me when I am in my home studio recording. It can only get worse now.
  6. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.
  7. GingerLefty

    It arrived!!

    I can’t wait to get started with it. For anyone interested, I posted an unboxing video to YT. I won’t link to it here in case that’s against the rules, but my channel link is in my profile.
  8. IM SO EXCITED...... Sold 2 pieces of gear today, and that means Monday morning I will be pulling the trigger on Helix Floor. Anyone for a high five?
  9. GingerLefty


    Ha beat me to it. Watson and Crick certainly thought so. MikeDV1, you could say that Helix is like part of your DNA.
  10. Forgive me if this is a stupid idea. I'm new around here and haven't even purchased my Helix yet (but soon), however from my basic understanding of how the Helix works I have thought of a workaround: There are a few different pedals that emulate power amps, (rather than being actual pedal-sized power amps that can drive a cab). Here is an example from NUX: Notice that it also has a mic/cab section that can be turned off so that you're only using the power amp emulation. Stick it on the 6V6 setting and 'drive' to taste and that should get close to a Fender-ish power amp section. So in terms of blocks in the Helix, you would have a PREAMP block --> REVERB block --> SEND/RETURN block with the nux in that loop. Again, forgive me if this is the dumbest idea you've ever read.
  11. What exactly do you mean by time-out? Do you mean some failure of the unit making it inoperable? How quickly do you expect that to happen, if that's what you're referring to? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the response. Why is this forum not thriving in your opinion?
  13. Genuine question from a newbie and I'm not looking to generate any bad feeling or negativity, and am certainly not trolling in any way. I have a birthday coming up, and luckily I'm getting to pull the trigger on Helix floor. I'm super excited as you can all understand. Yesterday there was a bit of excitement with the leak and then the confirmation of what will be new in 2.8; everyone including myself was buzzed to see what new goodies would be coming. Super!! Here's the issue though (and leads to my genuine question): All the real info in this forum was copied and pasted from TGP Helix forum. DI was on over there, managing expectations and promising to update them ASAP. On this forum, we got squat, except for the copied info from TGP. As a future new user, I wanted to come to the info "from the horses mouth". Is that here (which I had assumed) or is that over at TGP??
  14. It is a pity that nobody who was having this issue has come back as promised to update the thread. Did anyone get a satisfactory resolution? It is very disconcerting that this issue which was first reported in 2017 by the OP, has now been reported by a new member just 17 hours ago. I was hoping to buy a Helix soon. Now, maybe not.
  15. Have you had any joy with the setup? I am looking into buying the HX stomp, but this issue would be a deal breaker for me. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for the reply. Had a very busy week so only getting to log back in today. I had read specifically from users here that there are notable dead spots and jitter in the sweep when using the Boss. One user had put forward that the low impedance Boss FV-500 works perfectly, but that the H version causes issues. Again, I'm brand new to Helix and Line6, so I'm only regurgitating what I've read from others. I have also seen numerous requests from users to have a list compiled and stickied of all expression pedals known to work with HX Stomp. This would be very helpful but I don't think it has gained any traction.
  17. Hi. New to forum as I am hoping to purchase the HX stomp (my first ever Line6 product) shortly, and am feeling confused over whether my existing expression pedal will work or not with HXS. I hope the folk here can help. My existing exp is the Boss FV-500H. I have read conflicting views on this forum and elsewhere whether it will work or not. Some users say ABSOLUTELY, others say that it doesn't work well being the high impedance version. It's confusing. Also, those that contend that it does work talk about soldering a cable for it. Necessary? or could I just use a TRS-->2 TS Y insert cable, assuming of course that the 500H works at all. I know there are a lot of fans of the Mission Helix expression pedal, but I really don't want to spend €169 on an expression pedal. If the 500H doesn't work, are there other pedals that are known to work well, that are nicer on the pocket? Thanks.
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