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  1. Apologies for the click bait title, I promise you that this is not click bait. Let me in good faith say up front that it is incredibly good, and therefore nobody ever needs to click the video. If you’re still here.... I have owned my Deluxe memory man since 2004, and I know it very well. I haven’t seen a comparison anywhere before so I decided to do one myself. If you want to hear just how accurate the model is to the real deal have a listen. I think anyone would be impressed.
  2. That Behringer is basically a cheaper clone of the Fischer amps stuff, and a band I did sound for all used those and they were excellent.
  3. I struggle to see the consistency with your view that there hasn’t been much development in Helix, with your devotion to S-Gear, which has had so little development over its entire history, and nothing at all for aeons. Guess what? Mike’s models aren’t perfect either. You prefer the models in S-Gear. I have found better tones in Helix in 4 weeks of owning it, than I have in 3+ years of owning S-Gear. Everyone is different. This speaks to the endless fractal vs Helix debate too. Frankly, the price for a III in Europe is just silly, and is not commensurate with how much better it is than Helix, which is a matter of opinion anyway.
  4. Here’s my 2 cents. Tried this technique tonight with the tube screamer with my strat and wasn’t mad about the results. But when I stuck the kinky boost in the same position, with no drive, boost on and bright off, holy moly what a tone.
  5. That could get very expensive. I have some nice pedals that thankfully I didn't have to sell to afford the Helix, but I couldn't afford to be running out buying the real deal versions of everything I like in Helix. I'd be divorced. Helix does pedals incredibly well, so thankfully I don't have to.
  6. No problem at all. I'll be trying it tonight.
  7. Suppression would only be on the Mems, correct. Wouldn't work for you so.
  8. It would have been helpful if you had described what you are hearing that is an issue, and what sounds better to you after you have implemented your fix. Also in your implementation I presume the gain blocks are just making up for the drop in volume caused by setting the ch vol to zero?
  9. Oh I know it CAN be done in Helix. I was more wondering whether anyone had done that and could report back. If nobody has, I'll fire up the beast myself and report back, but alas I'm nowhere near it now, unfortunately.
  10. The software has a very good feedback eliminator built-in to it, if that helps.
  11. Hi there. Was watching a video from Chris Buck on Youtube (link below) where he details how he gets the tone for his videos using NI Guitar Rig. If you don't know anything about CB definitely check him out. He's a superb guitarist from Wales, who has played with Slash amongst others, and has appeared on That Pedal Show and Andertons. His strat tone is a bit legendary at this stage. One of the things he does in his Guitar Rig setup really intrigued me, and got me wondering whether this would work in Helix, or has anyone actually done this and can give a thumbs up or down to the results. He puts a tube screamer model running at its cleanest setting in between the amp and the cabinet. Anyway, his tone is spectacular, and the tube screamer thing really makes a huge difference. What do you guys think? His patch description starts at 1.54 in the video.
  12. You really do!! So many possibilities with the unit.
  13. Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I did a search and I couldn't find it. Only a few weeks in with the Helix and up to now I've been running with good quality studio headphones. The tones have been spot on and I've been having a blast. Today I finally went from the XLR outs to my Adam A7 studio monitors, and the sound was AWFUL. There is a happy ending to the story however, and I want to share it here so that others don't make the mistake I made. Experienced users will go DUH, obviously. This post is not to help you guys, but the D'OH guys like me. My A7s expect line level and the XLRs were set to mic level in the Global settings. Changed it over to line and now my monitors are giving me loveliness again. Bliss.
  14. Cheers. I’ve seen some of his stuff. Very good.
  15. Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I will have a gander at that video for sure. I had very limited time the other day shooting, and should have included each tone separately, but just ran out of time editing.
  16. There must be some acoustic guys, right? I like the sound I got here, it’s not terrible. I just know that it can be better. Thanks.
  17. I just uploaded my first Helix video, and following a suggestion from a forum member I created a patch which takes the output of the guitar's piezo pickup into path 1, and takes the output of the iRig Acoustic clip-on microphone into path 2. I have placed all of the wet effects on path 1 and kept the iRig Acoustic path dry. In Logic Pro X I armed 2 tracks, one mono and one stereo (the stereo track is from path 1 with the wet effects). I have given the stereo track a little spread in Logic. I would love for experienced Helix users to critique my patch and give me suggestions for improvement. @datacommando gave me the idea. Thanks.
  18. @amsdenj, have you done this? Is it as simple as matching Helix path A output to input of S-gear and output of S-gear to input of path B and then output of path B to DAW for recording?
  19. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I'm new to Helix, but I have loved S-Gear for years. I have no idea how to route what you are doing with S-Gear into Helix. Hope you or some other knowledgeable soul can help. Thanks.
  20. You know it's true. I'm loving the Helix, and this is the way I currently have it set up.
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