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    How do you import 3rd party IR's to the powercab plus?

    Seems to work for me. I am able to load Celestion IRs into my PowerCab 112 Plus. But they must be 48k, 200 ms, and Mono. Any of the other Celestion IR formats fail to load.
  2. My PowerCab 112 Plus, as delivered and even after updating to firmware 2.00.1, has 2 IR slots labelled "Unity" immediately after the 6 including Allure IRs. Their level is set to -6.0 dB. Anybody know why those are there?
  3. rayray6

    setlist question

    You're not dense. What version of HX Edit are you using? You may have to upgrade to see everything. Slightly different scenario, as I have HX Stomp, but 'Setlist Import/Export' (in yellow) didn't even show in the HX Edit interface until I upgraded HX Edit to version 2.82.
  4. rayray6

    XLR output *real* quiet

    Thanks for the tip. My PowerCab112 Plus "Direct Out Level" was set to MIC, as delivered from the factory.
  5. rayray6

    HX Stomp - Sudden Loss of Sound

    This has happened to my Stomp about 3 or 4 times in 6 months. I play multiple times every day, so statistically very seldom. It has only happened at home and, I believe, while connected via USB to my Mac. I play live once a week and it has never happened there. So I wonder if it is related to the USB connection, which is flaky anyway (HX Edit drops connection frequently). Like the OP, power cycling the Stomp fixes it immediately. I'm on firmware 2.71, going to update to 2.8x and see if it persists.
  6. rayray6

    Plugging a regular amp head into powercab

    I have a Two Notes Torpedo Reload (https://www.two-notes.com/torpedo-reload) and a PowerCab 112 Plus on the way. Will this setup work with your suggestion? In technical terms, what exactly is happening that makes it safe to do so? Thanks much.
  7. rayray6

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    What block(s) does your friend use when he plugs into the amp? Is he using Amp+Cab, Amp, or maybe Preamp? There is a Tim Pierce youtube vid - see below - where he is talking about using the Stomp's factory DIR presets and just putting them into his real Park amp set open and clean (volume around 5 I think). He was raving about the results. He said he felt like the Park amp set up that way was like a power amp. It's hard to tell exactly what he is doing, because he also talks about using the FX:BeachFuzz preset, in which case that was probably the FX only version of the preset. But, later on you can see him and his friend building a preset from scratch, and they definitely start with the WhoWatt Preamp block straight into the real Park amp. After watching the vid, I decided to try the Stomp directly into my 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb's custom channel, keeping my Amp and even Cab blocks in some cases in my presets and was completely surprised at how good it sounded. I had the custom channel vol around 6 and just took the bass almost all the way down. My presets sound very close to how they sound through my studio monitors and headphones. Plus it's way more fun playing through the amp than my little monitors and I also swapped my reverb blocks for the amp's real reverb. I'm going to experiment more with my Reverb amp, plus also try it out on the DSL 15C in my rehearsal room next week. Edit, ffwd to about 12 min he plays a couple of DIR presets through the Park.
  8. rayray6

    HX STOMP screen size

    5.0cm by 3.8cm. Measured glass only, inside the bevel of the black chassis.
  9. Hey guys, I was at rehearsal tonight and my Mission SP1-L6H expression pedal wouldn't work with my HX Stomp. The Stomp itself was working fine, but it seems as if the Mission pedal just wasn't recognized. It was baffling since everything was hooked up exactly the same way as at home, using the Line 6 DC-3g power supply and the same Y cable from the pedal into the Stomp. I just got home and plugged it all in again and both Stomp and Mission pedal are working fine, whether I have the Stomp plugged into my APC surge strip or straight into my wall outlet. I have had an issue in the rehearsal room before, when a buddy's Firehawk FX wouldn't even power on, when plugged into the same outlet. Do you think it is a power issue specifically related to the rehearsal room? I tried plugging the Stomp into a cheap power strip they had there, but the Mission pedal still wouldn't function. Weird since last week it worked fine, plugged into the same power strip I think. Thanks.
  10. rayray6

    Need help diagnosing Stomp / Mission pedal issue

    Just reading the SP1-L6H manual, it says it is a passive device - doesn't require power. Which makes me think that as long as the Stomp was functioning, the Mission pedal should have worked. Or, does the Stomp still need more power than normal to work with the Mission pedal? I guess I can try bringing my APC surge strip to the rehearsal room to see if that fixes it.
  11. rayray6

    Need help diagnosing Stomp / Mission pedal issue

    Yeah. No changes at all. At rehearsal I even verified that the Global Settings and patch settings hadn't been changed for some reason. Came home, took it out of my backpack and plugged it in - working fine.
  12. I did notice that after updating to firmware 2.71, the footswitch on my Mission SP1-L6H had reverted to being in toggle mode for EP1/EXP2. I had configured it before to FS Mode>, but I guess the update changed it back. I had assumed that since my presets didn't get wiped, my global settings would stay the same, too. But I guess not?
  13. Sorry I'm new to this and just want to know the best way to get the new presets in the latest firmware, while keeping my custom presets. At the end of the video, below, it says doing the dual (or triple) FS trick will get the new presets, but erase my existing custom presets. How do you guys usually do this and still keep your existing presets? Do you do the reset, and then load your individual (backed up) custom presets or setlist back onto Stomp using HX Edit? Thanks in advance.
  14. rayray6

    So I am all set with my HX Stomp, for now at least...

    Not sure if this helps, but from Preset Mode (i.e. the display is showing presets 34A, 34B, 34C) press BOTH FS1 and FS2 and it will queue up the previous bank of presets (i.e. 33A, 33B, 33C). Then a second press on the one you want makes it active, I think. Likewise, to cycle UP through the banks, press both FS2 and FS3. Only issue is I find it tricky to press both foot-switches with my foot. Really easy with two fingers, but if reaching down anyway, probably more efficient to just press the top button and turn to scroll through the list of presets.
  15. rayray6

    HX Stomp - Any Chance of a Future Native Discount?

    Hey Stompers, A Line 6 rep did respond to my support ticket, saying it must be a glitch in their system, as I definitely qualify for the $99 Native since Jan 24 because I am a registered Stomp owner. They are checking with IT and Marketing. So hopefully it will be fixed for all, soon.
  16. rayray6

    HX Stomp - Any Chance of a Future Native Discount?

    I also tried today and could not see an option to add Native to the shopping cart for $99, for registered Stomp owners. I opened a support ticket.