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  1. I can verify that certain effects, depending on where they are in the chain and how much volume is hitting them internally, will clip. The Bubble Vibrato is a good example. Try placing it after an amp+cab block with some decent level coming out and you'll hear it clip. It's not pleasing distortion; it's the ugly digital clipping. It gets a little better if you crank up the headroom on the effect, but I've just settled for the fact that this effect only works if put before the amps. FWIW, lots of modulation effects, specifically chorus-types tend to run into this issue. It'd be worth Line 6 taking a look and determining what's causing it. Turn the chorus effect on = clipping. Turn the chorus effect off = no clipping. I have Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro headphones and UE in-ear monitors and whether I run them direct from the Helix or plugged into my Focusrite Clarette 8Pre I can hear the clipping. I can also hear it clip on my JBL4328P monitors. The issue is not the source you're listening on, the clipping is happening prior to the output.
  2. New bug with 3.01: When adding either the Arbitrator Fuzz or the Pocket Fuzz (could be true with other pedals, I haven't tested all) everything works fine when that pedal is engaged at first. When you turn off the pedal, then the amp/cab acts like it's been bypassed as well (it's a little tough to tell if the cab is doing this as well). Definitely sounds like the amp is bypassed. If I swap the Arbitrator Fuzz for something like the Compulsive Drive it fixes the problem. Again, not sure if this is an issue with other pedals, but those two exhibited this problem.
  3. So there's a weird behavior that I noticed when I'm working with a snapshot that's aimed at creating a lush, ambient, swell-type of sound. When I switch to or from that particular snapshot it works perfectly, UNLESS, I've changed the MIX settings on the effect. So if Snapshot A is my ambient swells snapshot and I have the mix cranked up on the Glitz reverb, if I switch between that and another snapshot (or if I switch back to Snapshot A) I get this weird "surge" in sound that has a very abrupt beginning and then the natural decay. Example: (silence) --> step on Snapshot A (ambient swells) --> expected behavior --> step on another snapshot --> expected behavior --> step on Snapshot A --> (don't touch my guitar) weird audio surge The way around this has been to have to use a dedicated block to a swell reverb and leave the mix static between all snapshots, which is frustrating b/c I tend to fill up my blocks with effects and need all the space I can get. Why can't I simply use a single reverb effect and have the mix change per snapshot without causing this unusable situation. Why "unusable" you ask? Because typically when I'm doing these types of ambient swells it's during a very quiet portion of the music and this surge/spillover sticks out like a sore thumb and sounds terrible. Imagine it's nearly silent on stage and the effect you're hoping for is a subtle volume swell...nope, you get this brash, full volume dump of the effect. Anyone got a good idea of how to avoid this?
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