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  1. How do I set a footswitch to select between path A and B? I'm playing a ballad that has a clean part and a very distorted solo (I have path A set to aux for this picture so it would only go through path B for testing)
  2. You were using the Mark V:25 right? (Not the Mini rectifier)
  3. I broke down and ordered the Helix backpack. Should get it next week
  4. I think the bass is similar but there is a bass boost switch on the K10 that is really nice when I use the speaker to play back MP3s. I also use it at home for low level playing but turn it off when I play with the band. I had both speakers for a little while and did lots of side by side comparisons and almost kept the TS110A since it is such a great speaker for the money
  5. I've just made the switch to a modeler and invested in a QSC K10 and have been totally impressed. It sounds great. The first speaker I tried was an Altos TS110A. It was good but not nearly as nice sounding as the QSC, particularly in the bass region. Also, the weight and size are very manageable.
  6. Thanks. I just ordered one of those
  7. Has anyone seen the Helix Backpack at Guitar Center? I noticed it wasn't on their website (or Musiciansfriend.com) which seemed a little odd.
  8. Believe it or not, I turned the Helix off and came back a couple hours later to look at your suggestion and it worked. Not sure what changed since I didn't change anything. For what it is worth, it still shows a guitar icon when on the Aux input. Anyway, I'm happy now since I can not only jam but feed a monitor mix back into it and use headphones at practice.
  9. I am trying to use the AUX input but must be doing something wrong in the mixer section of the helix. I want the Aux to go straight to the XLR outputs and the guitar to go through all the effects you see in the picture. When I try this, the guitar works but the AUX doesn't come out of the XLR (I have the output of that path set to multi and the input to AUX) If I set the guitar path to all, i can hear the AUX coming through the effects path so the cable seems to be working.
  10. Do we know if the phantom power will harm the Helix or is it just a matter of dealing with the hiss?
  11. How do I create the 2B path? I currently have path 1 set to super serial which feeds into a few more effects on the "A" chain on path 2 and can't figure out how to use the user interface to create a separate independent path 2B with a separate input and output block. (I'm sure I am missing something simple)
  12. I bought one of these for about $35 at BandH Photo. Although it was a little annoyed to have to buy it, I like the Helix too much to get rid of it!
  13. I'm most interested in how to videos. Particularly around routing, foot switch assignments and using IRs
  14. Until the Helix backpack is released, I've been using my Pedaltrain pt1 case. The fit is a little sloppy but it works
  15. Today I spent another session implementing some of the other recommendation you had. What a difference! I'm wondering if a lot of it had to do with the eq. All the was gone. I did change amps but most of your other recommend parameters worked great
  16. Thanks! I just got my helix for Christmas and your post really helped me to get started.
  17. Thanks for the reply. I think I will try to make the cable as described in the Knowledge base. It involves an 11 K resistor. I just hope it works for the mini rectifier too. (I'm assuming it won't hurt anything by hooking this cable up to the amplifier)
  18. Did you ever find a solution for your mini rectifier?
  19. It looks like Santa will be delivering a helix to me on Christmas Day. The amp I have is a mesa mini rectifier. Is there a workaround or fix for channel switching with it yet? After looking at the knowledge base, it appears there may be a workaround for this problem. Can anyone confirm that it will work on a mini rectifier?
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