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  1. Nice work! I tried the HB IR and it sounded great with my PRS Custom 24 through my QSC K10 Speaker. I'm anxious to try it in rehearsal but that will have to wait since I still can't carry my gear there.
  2. Thanks! Can't wait to try it. (My foot is messed up and I can't get around to reach my Helix and guitar)
  3. Would you mind sharing your settings on the other blocks (10 band eq, compressor, etc.) (or put it on Customtone) I am using a Custom 24 with coil taps and hope to give it a try soon. Thanks
  4. Thanks for posting. Which pickups are in your PRS?
  5. djy8131

    Bundle Backup

    Thanks for that info! I never thought of that. So to be clear, the most flexible way to do a backup so you can take advantage of any new presets is to: 1.) Note any global settings info you my need to re-enter 2.) Back up the IRs noting their location slot 3.) Backup each setlist you created (select each one and hit export setlist) This would at least save the step of backing up presets since presets are included in setlist backup correct?
  6. djy8131

    Bundle Backup

    Thx. I did start numbering my IRs. I think I will also start deleting the ones I don't use :-) For this last update I exported setlists, presets, IRs and setlists just in case but I want to move away from that if the 1 bundle and IR backup will work
  7. djy8131

    Bundle Backup

    Just want to clarify, To do a complete backup of all user content on the Helix, do I just need to do a bundle export and an IR export? In other words, does the bundle include all user content except for IRs? (setlists and presets for example)
  8. I played without a backup Friday but the other guitarist carries an extra amp :lol: (and to be honest, I wasn't that far from home)
  9. Any particular tweaks you remember doing?
  10. Mine arrived and it is very nicely built. My only concern is it is a very tight fit to get the zipper to close. You can't get the top and bottom pieces to lay together without actually zipping it up which seems to put quite a bit of strain on the zipper. Does anyone else find the case fits this tight?
  11. Thanks! I can't wait to get off my business trip so I can try it. Do you use an amp with it or just the compressor and IR?
  12. You might try the free Redwirez Marshall IR.
  13. Did you try downloading some patches from L6? Some of those are pretty nice. For me, I had to start with simple amp and cab combinations and build from there. I also downloaded some aftermarket IRs
  14. I didn't audition the K8s so it is hard to say. I will say I have to turn the bass boost off as well as run a low cut filter when I play in a band situation but I love the bass I get in my 12x13 practice room with the bass boost on and the filter turned off. Especially when I use the Redwirez Marshall 4x12 IR. I am planning on getting another K10 to leave at our rehearsal space and perhaps use them both when I really want the rig to sound big :)
  15. Thanks. I was wondering about the coil voltage since there doesn't seem to be as many 9 volt relays floating around
  16. I use a QSC K10 myself. I have a set of the Behringer studio monitors but I really like the sound of the K10 better. Especially when I use the flat switch. It sounds great at low volume if I turn on the Bass boost switch and then my patches sound similar to what they will sound like when I am playing with my band. I do find it easy to play to loud for the family though!
  17. Nice work a2dconverterguy! Do you have a particular relay you used?
  18. Thanks for trying this and posting your results. I wonder if it is worth hoking up a potentiometer to be able to quickly try different values? Is there a way to damage the Helix or amp with a bad resistance value?
  19. Phil_m, you are a genius. I forgot about the default volume pedal that was in the first path. It works like a charm!
  20. I tried to implement this but I seem to only get path 2 when the heel is down and nothing when the toe is down.
  21. Thanks for trying this. I look forward to seeing if it switches your mini rectifier. If it does, I guess I will be cannibalizing a speaker cable!
  22. I was going to but I didn't have an extra speaker cable sitting around to cut up. (I only have a mini rectifier)
  23. I have found a couple switching things I am struggling to understand from the manual but both times, I have posted the question on this forum and had an answer in an hour or two.
  24. Thanks guys! Looking forward to getting off work so I can try these ideas! I love how I seem to be able to do almost anything I can think of with this unit.
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