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    New amp models

    Just for grins, I plugged in EVH's settings from a picture I have of him on stage with his amps into the Panama model... It sounds pretty powerful cranked up in headphones though a tad bassy(Uber Cab?). Definitely not a can o' bees! Used my JTv69 set on a Les Paul.. I added Pitch shift slighty, a bit of stereo delay, and reverb. Took a screen capture but have no idea how to post photos.
  2. Wallyg

    New amp models

    MotherGoOse, me too! I pretty much memorized that record years ago. Which one? Sometime World, Time Was, Warrior?
  3. Wallyg

    New amp models

    Just spun through the new models very quickly. The Shiva is OUTSTANDING! Found the Wishbone Ash Argus tone on the Orange in about 2 minutes( but I owned one of those in a past life so I had a head start). The Pete Anderson Custom is nice and the Tweed sounded cool through larger cabinets. Made a quick patch with the Shiva using the pitch shift and delay stereo'd with a dynamic delay following. The Variax patches, as someone mentioned before, have some very useful sounds in there. The banjo was great! No issues downloading anything....
  4. Some people on this thread need a Snickers
  5. Great reminder that it is all about the playing and musical interpretation. To this very day I get asked what amps I used on a CD I was on in 2000. It was Texas rock n blues, jazzabilly, and lots of slide work kinda deal. They required me me to use a POD bean(2.0?). I had never used one being a Mesa boogie player but did at their request and everything came out great. Turned me into a Line 6er....but it truly was dial up a tone quickly and lay it down, move on....changed me and my outlook substantially and turned me into what I've called myself since...a "recovering musician."
  6. I think I recall a Vetta upgrade dropping on a Saturday once......
  7. Thanks for the quick replies. I'll continue to use a setlist as my amp default setlist. Thanks Again!
  8. I loved the feature in my Vetta which allowed me to save my painstakingly dialed in amps as the default model. I was always pulling up my version of the Marshall, Boogie, etc.when creating new patches so I was always starting in the same place without having to copy/translate anything over. It was real time saver. Can we do that in the HD without having to use up a slot on a setlist?
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