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  1. Matt Scannell from Vertical Horizon tries out the Line 6 Helix Like the slow rotary at 1:47 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mkgCrpCyeOM
  2. and less time consuming....
  3. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwcVCfKOg4NVWUTVTnfQiLg
  4. Wallyg

    Custom Tones

    "We haven't officially announced CustomTone for Helix. Still working out a few kinks before we pull the trigger. But yeah, I believe it's just an extension thing." -Digital Igloo from TGP
  5. Wallyg

    Custom Tones

    Rename it to .hlx and that should take care of it
  6. I've been reading some great reviews and hearing nice clips on other pages today so I figured I would start the Unofficial First Impressions & Soundclip thread here since I don't have my Helix yet.
  7. Post a video
  8. Wallyg

    Helix Presets

    I hope some of Sean Halley's from the demo vids are included.
  9. Ha! I learned a great lesson from a manager I had once upon a time. He always said, "Never Assume." I didn't say it was to one store but I was at the Houston store so you never know do you? 200 to the 4 GC's in the Houston metro, population 7 million, sounds small to me. I am terribly sorry I wasn't clearer. I didn't say I believed him. I was just reporting what I saw and what he said. Have an outstanding weekend!
  10. In GC today buying slides, cables, pics, etc. and my guy and his green screen computer showed 199 units to be delivered on 10/5. He said they probably wouldn't have an in store floor demo for awhile due to filling preorders. I've been pretty happy with my HD tones(even though the switches still go out periodically) so I'm waiting to play with a Helix before I buy it. I run an outboard mid 90's Dunlop Uvibe and I'd almost pay for a Helix to not have to do that anymore.
  11. Don't know if someone posted this already. First I've seen it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T6w41qFLB88
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_FEhXjJgZFo
  13. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gQbQtPeD7NQ
  14. They did that in the Vetta. I used those models quite a bit and loved it. Great FUN! As soon as they do that, then the people who "aren't happy unless they aren't happy" will be on here complaining about why Line 6 is wasting it's time creating non exisitent models when there are so many great boutique/vintage amps out there. Unfortunately, It's probably a no win.
  15. Thanks for the list!! I will miss the Line 6 Drive but I'm sure some of the new models will suffice. Looking forward to the MXR Flanger redone. Along with my Univibe, It is one of the few things I ran outboard with my HD500X. The new Univibe sounds great in the video so I can eliminate that and hoping the new flanger will be just as improved. It'd be great to have no outboard gear.
  16. I need to do this(signal analyzer) What app are you using? Thanks in advance!
  17. Wallyg

    Helix Demo Videos

    And another one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9fP3y_3z_x4
  18. Wallyg

    Available effects

    Thanks for mentioning the Dimension, it is one of my main "go to" FX on my 500X.
  19. Wallyg

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for the quick answer. Copy & Paste should work well.....
  20. Wallyg

    Helix FAQ

    Back in my Vetta days, I loved the feature it had that let me save my dialed in models(amp & FX) as my default models. The POD HD's didn't have this ability. I sure hope Helix can do this..... It is a huge time saver.
  21. 45 amps(!), 30 cabs, 16 mics, 70 FX
  22. Why did the drummer put his drumsticks on the dashboard? So he could park in the handicap spot. Dah dum splash! I'm here all week...tip your waitress.
  23. so on several sites and in person at GC, the 112 DT25 is selling for $100 more than the 212 DT50. Interesting.....
  24. Went into the Guitar Center near my office to pick up some slides last Thursday and they had a DT50 212 combo for $850...I asked what was wrong with it or if it was used and they said No...just a sweet price. I was tempted.
  25. Interesting thoughts, Probably so.....the Soldano preamp in the Pod bean 2.0 is still one of my favorites and my old Vetta combo can get tones no other Line 6 device can come close to....a Hendrix patch and an SRV patch come to mind.....I haven't been able to come close to those on the HD's.
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