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  1. Thanks for the advice. I've done all of the above many many times. (Starting in another thread) I've had this problem since moving to 2.0. Reinstalled, rolled back, followed the direction perfectly, rinse, repeat, etc. etc. I'm working with 2.01 tonight and I'll see what happens.
  2. Mine froze at a show Thursday, it locks up as you pointed out(still processes sound but all switches, etc. have no effect). Thankfully I brought my HD500X and switched out to it. I upgraded to 2.01 Saturday but haven't played with it yet. Hopefully that solves it because right now I'm back to my HD for performances until I solve my issues. On a different subject, Love the new Mesa Mark IV models but still haven't been able to build a decent SRVesque tone yet.
  3. Wallyg

    SAVE-AS Preset?

    I "saved" my favorite Marshall patch to another location on the same setlist to try a few tweaks. After trying and saving them, I went back to my original and the tweaks were on the original patch as well. Lucky for me I was able to remember what I had changed so I didn't learn the hard way.
  4. I used a Quad preamp into a Mesa 50/50 for years and loved it before switching to Line 6 gear for the convenience, reliability, and travel-ability. I've been able to easily duplicate my great Mesa tones(especially the gorgeous Lead 1) and definitely agree with roscoe5 that the Helix is "much more even and controllable." I virtually recreated my old rack and pedal board. FANTASTIC JOB Line 6!!
  5. Thanks. I didn't do this however I did find multiple patches that cause the issue. They are all patches I didn't alter and save from my backed up patches( any custom tone, Glen Delaune, or other patches I didn't either create or alter and save before this update). It's just an interesting fact I discovered. I am going to try the idea of opening one and changing a parameter and then saving it to see if it works. I'll have to be quick to beat the Helix freeze up. It's fine. I didn't use any of them for my shows, they just give me different ideas on patch creation or FX settings. The ones you build yourself, at least in my case, always are the best patches. In all my years of dialing in Line 6 gear, I've always used others patches as learning material but have never used any other than mine live. The slightly used patches were only played once, show no signs of wear, and are not from Pasadena.
  6. I'll try that again. So far When I open one of the patches that causes the issue, the unit freezes before I can adjust anything. I've nothing to lose except the few minutes it takes to re update.Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! I have done this step after each of the 4 updates. Problem still remains. I did manage to load a setlist and then save my own patches OVER the downloaded unedited/purchased patches and my Helix worked fine. I left one patch not mine on the list and didn't use it. After using and switching patches, editing, and playing with the unit a while, I decided to hit that patch. Unit freeze....have to reboot and re update. So the issue is real if only unique to me......
  8. After 4 updates I have run into and isolated an issue. If I load in my saved presets and hit one that I haven't either created or adjusted and saved,(ie anything downloaded from customtone, purchased etc.saved and unedited ) it locks up on that patch. I re updated and have only factory presets and it is works great. I loaded in one setlist and saved my created patches over the downloaded unedited patches, it works great. The minute I hit one of those unedited downloaded patches my Helix freezes and I reboot...hit any button it freezes again so I have to start over with an update. Thanks!
  9. Yes, I've burned up half a day trying to get this done! It is working now but only works if I DO NOT load my saved presets and have the USB disconnected. If I load in presets and hit one that I haven't either created or adjusted and saved,(ie anything downloaded from customtone etc.unedited and saved by me) it locks up on that patch. I re updated and have only factory presets and it is working now. Hopefully I can find a way to get my work only into my unit. Anybody want to buy some "only used on Sunday by a little old lady" patches?
  10. My exact issue plus if you skip the editor and just start changing patches on the unit only it locks up quickly.
  11. I've updated twice and each time my Helix works for a short time and locks up. I have to reboot it several times before it will be seen by my computer. It seems to happen anytime I open a patch that wasn't created by me or Line 6. Just started my 3rd update. I have followed all steps perfectly.
  12. It has nothing to do with the Helix. I have this happen to me about once a year since I got my JTV, Usually the A or D string (or both) but I've had others as well. I cannot figure it out. Sometimes if I unplug completely it comes back, other times it is out for the gig and works normally later but it always fixes itself like it has a ghost in the machine. I guess just like my locked up phone or any other computer based gear, it needs a reset every now and then. I have a JTV69 also and I play so much slide and so many music styles that the alternate tuning feature(not to mention the models!) saves me from bringing and changing 4 or more other guitars to every show. I've been using Variax since the first edition and own 3 but the JTV is the only one that does the "missing string" thing and it is very rare. The other issue I have had with my JTV is heat. It will not activate the models if it gets hot as in outdoor summer gig hot.. Once I activate the models, they will stay activated which requires me to keep it somewhere cool, activate the models, and then take it outside to play. This is unique to mine I've discovered. A bit inconvenient but the guitar is invaluable to me. It is my musical Swiss army knife which I why I bought a red one. I bought a Helix about 3 weeks ago and the Variax glitch hasn't happened with my Helix though I haven't gigged with my Helix yet since my sounds are not yet ready for prime time. Long post to say it is not your Helix causing the issue.
  13. My Helix came in yesterday and for too many reasons to list I only had about 20 minutes to spin through the presets in headphones running my Variax direct in. Sounded OK but nothing better or even close to what I have dialed in on my HD500X. Started to doubt the hype until I hit on a Soldano model and I could not believe how great it sounded and more importantly felt! Wow! Stunning! My question is about the proper procedure to update the software. I know it is spread all over this forum but could someone tell me the exact steps in order that I need to follow to bring it current so I don't mess up a good thing? Right now It shows 1.04 installed. Thanks in advance!
  14. Mine lands on Wednesday. I'm interested to see how long it will take for it to become my live board. I've been using Line 6 gear for so long, I'm thinking days.....
  15. Glad that didn't happen to me CR! Just received my tracking number via email. It's on the way....
  16. Just ordered this one.....thanks for the heads up!!! Waiting for the fun to start!!
  17. You will need the ToneMatch if you are using the latest version of the towers (L1 Model II) and you need more than one 1/4 input.
  18. It is much simpler to avoid the Tonematch altogether because the moment you adjust the volume out on the pedal, then you have to redo the attenuators and volume levels on the Tonematch. It can get very messy and makes volume adjustment mid song almost impossible. I prefer skipping all that plus it leaves my XLR outs for other uses. (Ex: In large venues I use my old Vetta combo or a backline amp as a stage monitor running 1/4 inch in to the Vetta and run XLR out to the FOH). It just standardizes my setup. Many times, if they have a great monitor guy and on some fly dates, I'll use the pedal all by it's lonesome. Sound guys love it and my setup/teardown time is minimal.
  19. Hey EF! I've used Bose systems for years with different Line 6 products if it suited the venue and it depends on what you are using it for. With the HD, I've used 2 L1's and run from the unbalanced 1/4 inch outs direct into the analog inputs set at 12:00. Then use the output volume on the HD to control overall guitar volume level. I've run into the tone match mixers before but prefer the simplicity of the direct inputs and only use the Tonematch for vocals. It really sounds amazing when you have it dialed in right - stereo surround sound guitar! One L1, just run one output. Im sure Helix would be a similar setup. If it is an older Bose version, not the latest version, go direct into an input channel and set the preset to 00. If you like, I can post pictures Tuesday which is the next time I'll use an L1.
  20. Nooooo! Just about to order the Helix when a dreaded Footswitch thread appears.I've kept 2 HD500X units in rotation because like clockwork every 8-10 months a Footswitch or three starts to not work or become inconsistent. That's about every 64-80 shows for me. I never play them other than onstage and I am not that tough on them. Line 6 has been fantastic in turning around my repairs! I hope this isn't a recurring issue but I suppose I could just keep one of my X's around for backup/rotation. I've gotten tremendous tones out of the HD, can't wait to see what the Helix adds.....
  21. Talked with Line 6 customer service and they are expecting some chargers in 05/02. Found a battery. Thanks!
  22. I'm having issues with the battery and charger on my JTV69 and cannot find replacements anywhere. I gig all the time and this is my workhorse/Swiss army knife guitar. I can not play tethered. I'm calling customer service today. Any advice? Thanks!
  23. You are probably right. It has hundreds of gigs on it. Nice one PRSGuy!
  24. Thanks for the replies! I'm going to try them tomorrow and see how it goes.
  25. Playing a gig last night with my JTV69 and after a dive bomb on the whammy, the b string saddle is almost dead. I can hear some digital artifacts barely coming through but it is dead. Never had this issue on any of my Variax(I've been using them since the beginning) and my JTV has been a workhorse for years now. Any suggestions before I dive in to figure this out. Thanks!
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