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  1. I updated my Helix LT to 3.0 and since the update when exiting the six switch looper with a press of the mode switch, it doesn't return to the home view (with the signal chain), but instead goes into "footswitch edit" mode. So I have to push the mode and tap buttons together to get back to the home screen after hitting the mode switch to exit the looper.
  2. It's definitely not the one switch, on account of six switches lighting up when I engage it. The one switch just starts recording without "arming"
  3. Well the looper display used to show up when I pushed the looper button. I have not installed any new firmware. I am not using any new power adapters or anything like that, just the factory cord into an outlet. I have changed a few global settings in regards to the stomp mode, so that the top switches are snapshots and the bottom are stomps... hey wait a second... I always assign my looper to the top right switch, would it make sense that *if* the top row of switches were assigned in global settings to be a "snapshots", it would still engage the looper but remain on the home screen?
  4. Hello All - Writing to get some expertise on an issue I'm having with the 6 button looper on the Helix (LT if it matters)... The issue is simple, and I hope there's a simple answer but I can't for the life of me figure out what happened. When engaging the six button looper that has been assigned to one of the stomp switches the looper interface used to come onto the screen and show me which foot switches were assigned to effects/rec/stop ect. But this is no longer the case... NOW when I hit the looper the foot switches will light up - like they should, showing the looper is armed, and it does work - but the screen remains on the signal chain view, and I get confused... What did I do? How do I get the looper interface to come back onto the screen!?
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