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  1. Yes, I looked at the MIDI Baby, thanks. He doesn't want power at the front of the stage as that's regularly an issue. The Commander gets it's power via MIDI (I made him a MIDI cable that injects power at the rack). It only sends Preset changes 1-10 which is fine for him. I don't know if he has any patches that use more than 6 blocks, maybe I'll try to get him to convert to a Stomp as I know the footswitch thing works on that. Thanks all!
  2. I am currently building an HX effects into a rack for someone. They will be using 4 cable at the amp. For the most part the drive will be coming from the amp but, they were asking if they could have 1 boost in front of the amp that they could click off/on from the front of stage. All that will currently be at the front of stage is a Voodoo Lab Commander. This will only have MIDI to the HX Effects. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find a switch that can be run to the expression jack that can be assigned to an effect. I've so far tested a regular switch and a hard switch, both TS/TRS and nothing seems to work. I see that Mission has a pedal that has a toe switch (not sure if that's Helix/Stomp only) but, I don't need an expression pedal. Thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction of a product or the how-to (switch type, cable type, etc.)!
  3. I just want the midi controller to do the PC's for the Pod and have the 8 buttons on the Pod free for "pedalboard". I would do it the other way around, but there's nothing as compact as the Commander that is programmable.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping to user a Voodoo Lab Commander to control the HD500x via MIDI, but the Commander requires getting it's power from the 5 pin MIDI connection. Is there any way to get power out from the HD500x or an adapter cable maybe? Thanks! SSG
  5. Well, decided to take a chance and ordered a 500x. I loaded my primary patch from my 500. I currently run 2 copies of the same patch, one having a dr z, one a %13. FS1 is midi assigned to swap between the 2, more or less acting as a amp channel switch with the other 7 FS' just being a pedalboard. The only problem is that when I swap I lose the current status of my "pedalboard". I'd hoped the 500x would allow me to do nothing more than turn on a second amp but, no luck. The preset is Wah> Compressor> Drive pedal> amp> Tremolo> Rotary cab> Delay Oh well, brighter LCD, hopefully easier to see LED's. Guess I'm going to stick with the 500x being my pedalboard and running stereo amps with EQ's post amp on my HD Pro. Hope this can help anyone running similar size presets decide whether an upgrade is worth while for them.
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