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  1. Thank you for your replies I reinstalled HX Edit again This time it worked Note: For the second re-install I deleted HX Edit from Applications using Finder and from Trash as well before downloading and reinstalling it Rebooted for good measure before downloading and installing it again Heliosphere is now there as well as the other new stuff (Ventoux etc.) Next, I downloaded and installed Helix Native again Then, in Logic I went into: -Logic Pro -Preferences -Plug-In Manager -Highlighted ‘Line 6’ -Clicked ‘Reset and Rescan Selection’ I rebooted for good measure Everything is now there in Helix Native, all set
  2. Running MacOS Monterey latest version Intel 27” 5K HX Stomp DOES show Heliosphere etc. HX Edit does not Helix Native does not (in Logic) I checked everything suggested in the post and all show 3.15 version in every location Re-installed both softwares and updated Stomp firmware again, no go Stumped
  3. I updated my HX Stomp to 3.15 I updated HX Edit, it shows 3.15 I do see the new effects like Heliosphere in the Stomp but not in the HX Edit software Any Ideas? MacOS
  4. Well, I found the answer. In Logic Pro, go to Preferences - General - Notifications You can modify your “Triggered Button” here. That should do it or... Click “Reset All Warnings”. After your reset is done, shut down everything and go through your normal start up sequence. When the Dialogs come up for your Audio Interface and HX Stomp be sure to check the “Don’t ask me again” box after denying the Stomp. Note: this solution is only for people that don’t want to use the Stomp as their audio interface.
  5. Scenario: I have my Focusrite audio interface setup as my In/Out device Audio settings. I have my HX Stomp connected to the Mac via USB. I do not want to use the Stomp as an audio interface. So, I turn on the Focusrite, launch Logic, all is good. The Focusrite shows up under Audio device as my in/out. However, when I turn on the Stomp, Logic “grabs” it and makes it my Audio device. I can’t find a way to stop logic from recognizing the Stomp as the Audio device. I would like to use HX Edit with the Stomp, but not have it be my audio device. Current work around is to unplug the USB cable and only plug it in when I need it. But it just seems that there must be a way to stop Logic from using it as an Audio device but still allow HX Edit to be usable with the Stomp. many help would be greatly appreciated. Mac using Catalina and current Logic Pro. Stomp is current firmware.
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