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  1. Hi It is correct, it is in the back side of the headstock Thank you all for the replies Shame on me, I have not acknowledged nor given thanks Regards
  2. Hi Guess what? It is in the headstock Now question is where were my eyes that didn't see it Thank you Cruisinon2!
  3. Hi I have bought a used Onyx Limited Edition, but I have got no papers. Is there any SW method to see the serial number? Perhaps looking at some window in a menu of Workbench. Is there any physical place of the guitar where is printed the serial number? Thanks! Regards Pablo
  4. Hi Let me be more ambitious... An input meter would also be very useful. Thanks Regards Pablo
  5. Hi Here on Windows 10 my UX2 stopped working after a operating system update. The blinking clip leds led me to this post. Had to reinstall drivers again and now it is working as a few days ago. Hope you have good luck with your issues. Regards
  6. Hi Hi I was not asking about a WiFi related question but thanks anyway for your answer. Regards Pablo
  7. Hi, thanks a lot, Cbrillow. I'm aware of a "bolt" amplifier, or something like this. And I have read users that are not specially happy with the Amplifi devices. Guided for this recomendation, I have searched and found that many Amplifi users complains about the Bluetooth interface, and now I also know that the latest tech in amp emulation is the Helix or HX, following the Pod Go. The HD series seems also to be good, but older like Amplifi, Firehawk, or SpiderV amps may be outdated. And this has reduced dramatically the price I am willing to pay for an Amplifi. And given the Bluetooth issue, I'm now only considering the TT. However, I'm still interested because there is a characteristic that looks unique to the Amplifi: it is the automatic tone matching. The ability to search among a cloud of tones to find one close to a given one, is something I haven't seen elsewhere. Is there any other product or manufacturer that offer the same? I have not educated my ears yet to do this task, and having an IA here helping me looks nice. In any case I have a B plan, which is to learn. But it is the one that takes more time. Thanks Regards Pablo
  8. Wow. These are the answers of all the questions I had. Thanks a lot. Regards Pablo
  9. Hi, Hope you all are fine and not affected by the COVID I'm thinking in buying a new Amplifi, but I have dubts that I do not see officially answered elsewere. First, about the model: If I buy an Amplifi 75 or 30 even TT will I have space enough? Is there somewhere in Line6' web where I can find the dimensions of them? Second, about the cloud: I see the videos of how to get a David Gilmour's tone, and it is clear that Amplifi allows amps and cabs emulation and several effects more. But there is not a list of the amplifiers provided nor cabs (the name and the device they were inspired in) nor effects. At least I can't find it in the product page of Line6' web. Can Line6 provide this list? Third, my main instrument is the guitar, but I also play bass. Can I connect it to the Amplifi? Will I get some bread-and-butter bass amplifier emulations? Perhaps this is answered in 2nd question. Thanks Regards Pablo
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