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  1. Whatever power supply you choose MAKE SURE you use the right polarity, cause pod go requires center positive, contrary to the vast majority of fx and pedals that go with center negative. So you'll need a cable reverse polarity converter for your power adapter. Also, the center pin is bigger then the standard so again you'll need the correct plug/cable.
  2. Wow! Good to know, thanks for sharing.
  3. cristt

    Pitch Wham

    Try with this video: it's in spanish but it's not hard to get.
  4. Tecnically you would still have the left main out available, but you can't set R/mono without IR and Left with IR (or viceversa). I agree that If you are satisfied with amp out solution, this is for shure easier to deal with and more straight forward than the 4 cable method.
  5. It is completely fine and it's just one on the benefits of having an amp-out, other than the main outs. If you check YT there's people who is using that. You might need to tweak the eq of the pod to fit with your amp and cab. There's however only one caveat: is that, if your amp has the master volume before the fx loop, you won't be able to set the volume because the volume knob on the pod go doesn't affect the amp-out level ('cause normally you would set the volume on the real amp itself). 4 cable method gives you even more flexibility.
  6. Probably you messed with the Global Settings > Switches/Pedals > up/down switches.
  7. see? based on what crugero also writes, probably some ir's of the pack are corrupted. check with the vendor. 512 and 1024 are the number of samples of the ir. sometimes they state it on the specs, sometimes not. Pod go should eat pretty much whatever type of ir but I don't know precisely.
  8. what resolution are they, 512 or 1024? try an ir from another source, also for free, just for trying.
  9. does that happens for all your ir's? from the same source? did you tried others?
  10. depending on your browser you can clear cookies also per site.
  11. cristt


    BTW "variations" as reported by voxman means different parameters values or different blocks on/off state.
  12. Right the same for me. Try use incognito mode or clear cookies, but anyway is a little annoying.
  13. cristt


    I quote voxman. And of course if you need different amps or cabs, just use different patches. Not a big deal.
  14. I've never had any problem using phantom power from the mixer to the various instruments that may be connected. Phantom power should not damage any equipment if it's connected via a balanced cable, which is general standard because 99% of mics have all XLR connection, and other devices most probably too, and if they're not you put a DI in between. So with the TRS>XLR adapter you should be fine, or, use a short standard mono (instrument) cable from the main out to a DI, and from there to the mixer with XLR cable.
  15. Actually, have a look at the manual and pod go at the global settings/switches-pedals. There are three options (stomp mode, snapshot mode, up/down switches) that you can tweak to better suit your style.
  16. Nope, no particular options. It should toggle between presets and stomp mode.
  17. Well actually hitting the mode footswitch does swaps between stomp and preset mode directly. And, if you are on snapshots view, it exits to the previous state (stomp o preset mode). There are many possibilities to automate clean/dirt/high gain could simply create two or three different presets, mandatory if you also need to change amp model.
  18. I think you just hit the dsp limit. Every pedal has its own cost in terms of dsp power it requires, some more and some less. Pod go has only one processor compared to the helix stuff, so the power available is not "infinite". But I guess that even if you have "only" ten delays to choose from, you can pick one of them and be satisfied.
  19. Sorry I don't get what you are asking: volume and on/off block bypass are indipendent, even if you assign both it to the volume control. And you can tweak also the default behavior of the volume pedal configuration to whatever you like.
  20. cristt

    Looper settings

    I have a delay/looper that has the same sort of bug, so I guess it's a design thing, when there's multiple functions assign to the same switch. As a workaround you could shut off your volume pedal while you are deleting the loop, then get it back to toe position. If turns out that it's a bug you may submit a support ticket to line 6.
  21. cristt

    7/8 expansion

    I guess that if you want to use the mosky and maybe other ext pedals you most definitely will need a pedal board, given that you'll also need another of a different psu. The pod go is not big, you won't need a huge pedalboard.
  22. you could try with a ping pong delay with one repetition set around 8ms, if it can go that low. you can't do parallel signal chain on the pod go.
  23. Sorry I was really convinced that helix had it. Thinking again I guess some kind of Z axes you do get, with the early reflection parameter of the cab, I'm i right?
  24. 1) the sounds (being amps, cabs and fx) are 99% the same as the helix family, so helix sound like pod and vice versa for the majority of the cases (on the helix you get go with dual amps and stuff like that, so you would get different tones, in a way). for the pod there have been developed new presets, but again the base sounds are the ones from helix. presets are a good starting point if you don't want to start from scratch. 2) pod go is easier than every helix device, in my opinion. because it's been design to be a "go and play" unit. 3) typically you want to tweak presets, because usually they are made to "show off" things... also your ears and equipment are not the same as who made them. so again, they are starting points, but if you are not very picky they might be good for you, at least some of them.
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