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  1. Not sure, I'll have to go check the specs and see if it's published. Either that or I'll just wait till the Helix arrives and experiment :) Mike
  2. mykejb

    Screamer 808 - EQ

    You could probably use Q-Clone from Waves if you have it or know someone who does - I think that can generate an EQ curve for an outboard Mike
  3. From reading this I'm guessing that the impedance won't really matter if the Helix is being driven by the output of a G70? In this case is the best setting Auto or 1M ? Mike
  4. You mean don't use FRFR at all for backline?
  5. The FX150 looks a bit on the small side, I don't generally run through the PA so need something that'll cut through a band. The Behringer one looks interesting, although there's still that "Behringer" name thing ... I know they've improved such a lot but I remember the early days :unsure: The StageSound L2 looks good but not sure about the 10" speaker and how much volume I'd get from it. I'm used to a Marshall JVM205 which has volume to spare, but still really heavy to cart around when I'm trying to cut down on weight. Mike
  6. Seems most of the FRFR combo amps are pretty heavy - anyone know of a decent lightweight alternative? I looked at the Firehawk as a possibility but that's almost 30kg. The Roland JC120 is about 30kg, and the Traynor K4 is a about the same again. I have a couple of db Opera 605 speakers with neo drivers which are only about 13kg each that I could use, but they're not exactly rock and roll looking B) plus they're not the easiest things site on stage without a stand. Mike
  7. I've got about three weeks till my Helix appears so I'm busy looking for all the other bits I need. Obviously a case is one thing - has the official backpack case been released into the wild yet? I see it on a lot of sites with "available to order", but no-one seems to actually have one Mike
  8. I want to use the footswitch on a Helix to send a 127 CC value when the switch is pressed then a 0 value when it's released. Is this possible? I don't want a toggle, just a on/off action similar to a sustain pedal. The idea here is to control the Hold and Glide functions on a GR-20 and they react to CC values. Mike
  9. I'm always wary of bundling the power cable alongside signals in case it generates hum and noise. Take a look at this stuff - https://www.techflex.com- it's pretty much the same as Pedal Python but cheaper and you can get it in different diameters to match the number of cables you have. it's about £1/metre here in the UK Mike
  10. Anyone using Helix into a PA cab - I have a couple of db Opera 605 cabs (1x15 with horn) which I'm thinking of using Mike
  11. Great idea - the Digitech JamMan loopers have had these for years. Could be either an SD slot or an external USB drive, although SD would probably be more gig-friencly Mike
  12. Add a USB socket to provide power for the G70/iPad and/or 9V outs for standard stomp boxes Mike
  13. On a "real" pedalboard though a split often used to be a couple of bits of wire and three plugs and no buffer/gain change. If the split blocks do change the gain maybe at some point that might become configurable so you can set the gain reduction/boost independently for each output. Same with the merge. Mike
  14. Hmmm ok ... seems like a bit of a backward step at first glance, or maybe I'm just too used to the old XT/X3-LIve boards! Might be best to just order one and try it :) Mike
  15. Is there an equivalent setting for the X3 Combo/Stack/Front/Pwramp modes? I can see Instrument/Line in the manual but not the amp modes Mike
  16. Out of interest which loop are you using on the JVM? Are you using the serial/parallel effects loop or the pre/power amp loop? Also, what's the problem you see with the MIDI? Curious as I'm probably going to get a Helix ordered tomorrow and I'll be running it through a JVM205c Mike
  17. Ok ... looks like setlists are just patch banks then. What I was hoping for is setlists like you get on most higher end keyboards. These have plenty of memory for patches (what I refer to as real patches) and totally separate set lists. You create a setlist by adding patches from the patch memory into the setlist. Changing the original patch changes it in all the setlists it's contained in. The setlists just contain pointers to the patches, not the patches themselves. Mike
  18. I'd guess going from the iPad 3.5mm output into the Aux of the Helix would work as that's standard audio. It looks like you can from the manual if you're using USB too. P20 - "Helix also receives input from USB 1/2, but it's dedicated for monitoring audio from your computer (or iPad®) and bypasses all processing blocks" The routing diagram on P45 shows USB 1/2 being routed directly to the Helix output section so it looks like it should work as long as you don't want to process the output. Not tried this as I don't have a Helix, although if I get a good deal from my guy at DV247 tomorrow I might have one soon :) Mike
  19. I see the Helix has eight "setlists". Are these in addition to the real patches, or are they just eight sets of 32 independent patches? For example, if I have a tone called Tone1 and I put this tone into two setlists does changing the tone in the first setlist change it in the second setlist as well, or do I need to change it in two places? Mike
  20. That's a shame - I'm used to the one on the VG-99 which is really useful for gain staging. Sounds like something for a future update :) Mike
  21. I can't find mention of this anywhere - is there some sort of internal level meter you can use to see what the signal levels are at a particular point in the effects chain? Mike
  22. Really the question is as the title. I have an X3 Live and I use it occasionally through a keyboard amp (Traynor K4) but more often than not I use it with a Marshall JVM205 combo using the four cable method. Would an upgrade to the Helix floor unit give me any major improvements? I know the X3 is pretty old tech now and it seems to work ok, but I do like the look of the Helix unit and I have to admit I'm a sucker for new shiny stuff :) I play in cover bands playing rock/pop etc Thanks in advance for any comments. Mike
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