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  1. i also have both...a bean and a hd500x. the bean sounds good and the hd500x sounds even better thru headphones. maybe your 'used' hd500 has been too used?
  2. i had the same problem earlier this year and a new usb cable did the trick
  3. will i damage the hd500x if i connect a condenser mic to the hd500x xlr mic input with an external phantom power between the mic and the hd500x? i understand it makes more sense to use a dynamic mic but i happen to have a condenser...
  4. i asked a similar question back in july at which point i would have bought the whole hd set. i'd still get the vintage pack today @ 30% but that desire will have faded as well by next christmas me thinks... bottom line: wait a little longer and you can save yourself more than 30%. just sayin
  5. Ramones? oh great....i gotta grab that one :)
  6. Thanks! Aux input WORKS and is exactly what I was looking for. All I wanted was to be able to use both pickups. The bonus are the routing options. With input setup set to 'preset' i can use different amps for ea pickup. Cool. On a different note (for what it's worth): Even though the guitars are 2 very different animals, my 2013 MIM Strat sounds A LOT better plugged into the Pod than the 1967 Gibson. On the other hand, that Gibson plugged into my pre-cbs Princeton blows the MIM strat back to Mexico :)
  7. been there done that. the pick-ups in my 345 are wired 'out-of-phase'. summing them back into mono makes the sound real tinny... apparently not all 345's are wired like this. mine is. i think there's a way to rewire the guitar but i don't like the idea of it. it's a 1967...and it should stay as it least that's where i'm comin' from. they made this guitar to be plugged into 2 seperate amps. one for each pick-up. if the HD500X had '2' 1/4" mono guitar inputs then i wouldn't ask this question. will i screw up the Pod by plugging a electric guitar into the mic xlr input? @pianoguyy >I know that it is still Saturday night even though the sun is up... >Plug them both into the Pod. Yes, the Pod can handle 2 inputs at the same time are you suggesting to plug an electric guitar into the mic xlr input? If not then you didn't understand my question or it might be Monday for you :)
  8. cause i wouldn't be able to use both pick-ups since the ES345 is wired for stereo output.
  9. wondering what would happen using both guit + xlr inputs for my old stereo Gibson ES345...with a stereo 1/4" coming from the guitar out to a split 1/4" mono + xlr plug (for the mic input)?
  10. has there been one yet? did i miss it?
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