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  1. Aha! It was a bad cable! No wonder. I loaded your lovely patch and it sounds perfect now. Thanks!
  2. I have the same issue. I got my POD GO yesterday and I can't get it to sound anything but....broken. The overdrive and distortion all sounds very unnatural when the sound decays. Like all the amps have a bad tube or a broken speaker. All of them!? I've tried it with two different guitars and many presets. My own, the defaults and ones I downloaded. Same exact rig that I've been plugging a POD 2.0 into for years. And it sounded MUCH better. I have a Helix floor at my studio, so I know how to build presets and what things SHOULD sound like. And this aint' it!
  3. I am using the original Helix floor model. Lots of holes on the back!
  4. Both my Variax 500s work just fine with the Helix. Model changes in Helix presets work great, the VDI cable works just fine, etc.. The one thing that doesn't work, and it doesn't seem like it would have been so terribly hard for Line 6 to have supported it, is using the Helix as an interface between an older Variax and the original Workbench software running on your computer. So, if you need to use the older Workbench software, you can use a POD HD500 (or 500X) or Firehawk etc., or the original interface that came with Workbench. Save your changes/tunings to the custom preset slots and then move back to your Helix. So your older Variax should work fine with the Helix, but not for editing in Workbench. If you are like me, this isn't a big deal.
  5. I got a lovely Leslie "G" pedal for Christmas and still have not figured out how to connect it to my Helix. It is the guitar version of Leslie's Leslie cabinet simulator, so it has a mono input. The output is stereo, and I think it's important to maintain that on a rotary speaker simulator. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  6. Anyone else update their Helix to 2.30 just to find out that the Variax (500 in my case) guitar models aren't switching from the patches any longer? Am I missing a setting or something?
  7. What happened to the tuner on this thing? It was never great, but it seems like it's nearly unusable since Firmware 2.20. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's deaf as a post. And deaf is it's default reaction to my Variaxes. It's also flat. I can recheck using SteadyTune on my Mac, and a great little Korg tuner I've had for many years, and they both show that it's consistently flat. I nice, convenient feature, with a lovely display has become nearly worthless!
  8. Thank you so much or taking the time to help. Worked like a charm!
  9. How do I stop this seizure inducing red light from flashing on the "TAP" footswitch? There has to be a better way than a hole punch, drill bit or electrical tape.
  10. The Edit version is 2.11. And since things seem to be trending downhill regarding stability with firmware updates, I think I'll skip these for a while. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  11. Every time I try to import a bundle (that I have to reload due to the ridiculous reset process required after a Helix firmware update) the Helix app crashes. Restarted the MacBook, restarted the Helix, same thing. Every time. Not cool. Helix firmware 2.11 and Mac OS 10.12.3
  12. There are testimonies of people right on these forums who were aware of a problem in their own, non-Line 6, endeavors in the pre-release versions of El Capitan. They found it. The problem probably didn't change much. And from what I can tell, everyone is having trouble with a final release of El Capitan. I think is a time for humility from those representing Line 6 and patience on the part of Line 6 users. Doing a superior dance regarding the wisdom of early adoption of a long awaited, major company's final release OS, or trying to distract by pointing fingers at other company's supposed incompatibilities doesn't seem very helpful.
  13. Here's another radical thought. Perhaps Line 6 could have gotten involved with some of the pre-release developers versions of El Capitan, found the problem and had an update ready at or even before OS 10.11's official release?
  14. Thank you! Thank you so much. I never thought of it being a normal setting that had just gotten changed.
  15. Since updating to the latest USB Firmware and Flash memory updates on my POD HD500, I can't switch between patches using "FS5" through "FS8". I can step on the UP or DOWN switches, and once my patches are displayed in the LCD, I can step on the appropriate foot switch, and it will switch then. That's obviously incredibly clumsy and too slow in a live situation though. Did anyone else have this issue, and if so, were you able to fix it?
  16. Mac OS 10.11 "El Capitan" is a thing of beauty and has improved the performance of everything I've used since updating. Meanwhile, my POD HD can no longer pass audio through USB. Given the fact that updates via "Monkey" have been less than sturdy since day one, and the last POD HD update from Line 6 destroyed the normal functionality of the foot-switches on my POD HD500, I'm going to lay the blame at Line 6 on this one. Were they unable to participate in the normal pre-release compatibility testing program that all the other developers seem to have successfully gone through with flying colors?
  17. Having the exact same "no device" issue. I've only had this thing for a couple of weeks, and since I (fortunately it seems) bought it as a sound source for my POD HD500, I hadn't taken much time to play with the Amplifi sounds. Now that I have, I'd say the default patches (since I can't access anything else) and the iOS app (since it won't transfer patch settings to the Amplifi) can only be described as garbage. There are other full range solutions I could have used for my POD HD. I gave the Amplifi the nod due to it's stand alone capabilities. Capabilities that don't appear to exist.
  18. I had the same problem. It turned out it was caused by a need to update the Line 6 Monkey software. And I have NEVER in 4 years been able to update Line 6 Monkey without incident. You'll need to download it directly, instead of hoping that the ever-wonky Monkey software will be able to update itself. It'll probably throw out erroneous reasons why it can't do that, so here is the direct link. Free Download
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