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  1. Hey if you can do that, why can't we get the update now! :p lol kidding.
  2. Bass players really have been neglected since helix came out, this is why it's big news for them. Us guitar players have been spoiled. I too would have loved to of seen a cool friedman amp or overdrive pedal etc... but I'm happy with the volume swell which I have been asking for a long time and really should have been in the helix since beginning but it's there now and few more nice cabs to play with!
  3. lol at the zoom being better then helix........ I'd like what he's smoking :P
  4. I spent a hour today messing with "volume" and here is my conclusion.... Guitar into helix and into JBL studio monitors and USB to computer.....it does NOT matter about where the channel or helix master volumes are... neither bother the tone of your patches..... I put channel volume on 2, helix master on noon and played.... i put channel volume on 4 and helix master all the way up and played.... i put it back to where i keep it for recording and that's channel volume around 8 and helix master around 10am and played, they all responded the same... all i do know is each 3 effected the way I recorded though.... channel volumes low and helix master high = low input in DAW, but channel volume set to around 8 or so and helix master volume set low = higher input in DAW. Levels over the USB interface are not affected by the Big Master knob on the Helix unit. So this means, leveling your patches for recording vs leveling for Live over the xlr or 1/4 outs are really two different beasts.
  5. Just set the Early Reflection on the cabs to something you like and that is suppose to give you a feel as if an amp is in the room with you and not behind glass in the studio like the mics make it seem.
  6. OP mentioned starting a patch and putting a overdrive down etc... but failed to mentioned if he was running into a amp and if he had amp sim off, or did he forget to add a amp/cab sim if he was using something else and perhaps THAT was his problem?
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