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  1. Yep, I have the PODs set to midi through. Whacky thing is one POD won't work when daisy chained to Axe output either. Though that Axe sends along midi in to a second Axe with no problems. Weird. It looks like the sixy will send a tap command every measure. If I put a sixy in line before each POD that should theoretically solve my issues. I realize that trying to sync 2 PODS, 2 Axes, Adrenalinn III, Mobius, Big Sky and Echolution 2 all at once will never work. . . lol. As long as I can beat sync two or more devices at once for some interesting combinations, this expensive experiment will be worth it!
  2. From what I understand the Sixy sends repeated tap tempo CCs in sync with the clock coming in. I think the issue is that each POD "start" command is not at the same time. The patch is a whacky combo of seeker and pattern trem. It seems both play the sequence correctly if I just use one or the other, but if they are both on that patch they are not in sync. On the two axes with somewhat similar patches they maintained sync at least for the minute or so I tried it. I also had zero luck getting the second pod to respond to PC commands when connected to midi through of first POD. Had to run a cable direct from midi solutions T8. Whacky.
  3. In my rrack from hell monster rig, I have tow POD HD Pros, one X one normal. Two Axe FX XL and a bunch of other cool stuff. Starting out programming this I loaded same presets into both PODS and same presets into both Axes. I have a few patches that are beat synced type stuff. Playing patches where the synced stuff is on both Axes, all seems to be in sync. Patches that use the PODs for the synced FX never seem to sync up? I am using RJM Mastermind GT midi controller set to master and PODs and Axes all hooked up to midi which is split with midi solutions T8. I see a box called sixy from molten voltage which apparently fixes the weakness in Line 6 midi clock sync. Has anyone even tried synicng two line 6 devices let alone get it to work?
  4. Currently have 3.5 xplants. Tele, les paul, explorer, all flame tops, double bound in pearloid with duncan custom shop pearloid p rails. The above mentioned refinished body with warmoth neck counts as .5. Monday should be picking up purple metallic firebird, with tele neck, tele, strat and firebird pickups. Really want to build a purple flame warmoth starcaster with pearloid and bigsby.
  5. That would be a good guess. Lol. I had a LPB 69, but bought a black body only off of ebay. Had the black one refinished metallic purple, and put on a warmoth strat neck. So I have LPB body and neck, plus pickups and guard. Just need bridge and pots. Just ordered a bridge off of ebay. If it works, i may sell that guitar for 350-400. I have a sunburst 69 that will be gutted and either put in a flying V with TV Jones pickups, tele neck and bigsby, or a billy bo body with lap steel conversion neck. Hmmm, i have old variax guts laying around. Maybe I can cram them into the 69. . .lol
  6. No piezos etc. I will soon have two "gutless" JTV 69s. Bodies, necks, pickups etc. Missing pots and bridge. Could make decent strat type axe for someone, if I had a bridge for them. I assume a normal 2 point strat type bridge would work but knowing Mr. Tyler I take zero for granted.
  7. There are some real pieces of work on ideascale. I think it would be hard to foresee a feature request I would vote down unless it changed the way the JTVs work now. Anything that is an option is good in my eyes, whether I use it or not. I really dig the ability to use volume and tone pots to control POD parameters via midi CC I assume. I asked for the ability to assign the volume and tone to CCs on external devices. Same as we can with expression pedals and any of the FS1-FS8 buttons. Using tone pot to dial up or down drive in Axe Fx amp blocks would be killer. Or feedback on Echolution 2, or speed on leslie on Mobius etc etc etc. I am pretty sure that got more down votes than up. WTF, for anyone that doesn't need that or even a clue of what I was talking about, cool, but it would not cause any negative issues on JTV and any uninterested would not even know how to do it, so I fail to see what the downside was.
  8. If need be, you can lock the tone pot for the modeled sounds. That way if you roll off tone or volume on magnetics side, the modes are not effected. Not saying that is the solution for your issue, but just in case.
  9. on the pod you can lock the pickup selector switch. then you can move switch for the mags and the models stay put.
  10. I would love a VDI splitter to send both signals to both PODS at once.
  11. Looks like cool idea but I have enough problems with 6. Strings!
  12. Hmmm. . .what about no volume or tones pots? lol Pickup selector? Ma make a cool lap steel f can work all of that out.
  13. On the graphtec site they have verbage about their piezos compressing so as not to produce clipping. I will have to investigate to see if that is only with ghost system in addition to piezos.
  14. Wait a second. You know all this cool info on the JTVs. . . .AND . . . have a variax with bigsby? damn. . . .
  15. Hmmm in another thread someone asked about tapping off the ghost system and if a buffer was required. Maybe the fact that the models seem 6db hot, would allow just tapping off and the possible signal loss could be handled by lowering by less than 5-6db in worbench?
  16. You seem to know quite a bit about JTV guts. I have a whacky question for you, if you know the answer. Lets say I was building a guitar and didn't want model selector and alt tune knobs on it. If the knobs are physically not there, can I still select model and tuning via VDI?
  17. Well: tele xplant les paul x plant explorer x plant 69 with refinish and warmoth neck firebird xplant coming in 2-4 weeks billy bo lapsteel xplant next in the pipeline another 59 that may go into a warmoth flying V, warmoth LP Special body I already have or maybe I get a warmoth starcaster for this one. I also have a 69 main board I got off ebay. Would love it if I could just use that for the billy bo lap steel, so I would have another 69 ready for a project.
  18. The widest, whackiest 12 string I ever heard ;-) Basically normal tuned strings panned one side and the octave or "nashville" tuned strings to the other. JTV magnetic pickups panned hard to one side and set to p rails middle position rails setting. JTV modeled "nashville tuned tele with mini hum neck pickup panned hard to the other side. Two clean fender amps, 20 ms delay on the nashville tuned side plus an enhancer on the Axe II. Stereo track, then just mags, then just modeled nashville, then stereo again. PLaying is sloppier and crappier than usual. Didn't think that possible! https://soundcloud.com/toasterdude/wide-12-string-test
  19. Being as I currently own 7 and a bag of parts to maybe make 8, and just noticed a bunch on ebay being blown out and am struggling not buy another. I voted yes.
  20. I am away from home for a month once again. I go home for 2 days and leave for 3 weeks. Once I get more than two days down time I will order one and have it installed on my LP transplant. If it works and improves the guitar I will buy more and install on all my transplants. The great news with that is the old bridges can go back on the donor bodies. I still have all the original pickups so all I need are pots and a plastic cover to convert the variax output to standard 1/4 inch and I will have 4 decent LP type guitars. What I will do with them I have no idea. . . . .. lol. Maybe hold onto them so if in a few years gen 3 variax comes out, I stick the gen 2 parts back in these suckers to sell em, and then buy 7 gen 3 guitars to update transplants? lol Doubtful.
  21. Do we know for sure the post spacing will line up properly? May pull trigger on one to find out. . . .lol
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