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  1. Just bought a second 500x and when I saved a bundle from my old one and loaded it into the new, it did not load the setlist names!!!! I know there were issues transferring from my old 500 to the 500x. Surely transferring between two 500xs should work?????
  2. is the high price anything to do with it being a Yamaha thing now. Line 6 gear was always - so much stuff for little money!!
  3. Maybe they've gone then. I remember Andertons selling lots of B stock JTVs
  4. http://www.dv247.com/guitars/line-6-jtv-59p-james-tyler-variax-electric-guitar-goldtop--102050
  5. I have one switch that now does not click but seems to be fuctioning OK
  6. The problem I am having (especially now I have global eq) is that the HD500x is giving me every sound I ever need which is no good for my G.A.S. I guess the search goes on to find an excuse to buy something new!
  7. loving global EQ

  8. I love Pete Anderson too - really responsive
  9. I use an 500x live and have a 500 for back up on the gigs. Both are registered with LIne 6. Will line 6 make it possible to buy once to load into both units, or am I going to have to buy the downloads twice?
  10. I've added a footswitch in-line with the expression pedal which basically shorts the expression out. So I can set the pedal full for my solo sounds (with every effect setting tweeked using controllers) and just stomp on my switch to switch the sound with no latency at all. ( I could never get rid of the glitch switching amps, even when they were similar, but his way I can use completely different amps and switch instantly between them with no glitch, as all that is happening is a change in mix settings as both amps are always on.
  11. Pics of my labels that were banned by this forum
  12. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I produced some of these months ago, mentioned I was selling them on this forum and got reported to admin and had it removed. What the hell!!!! How is this acceptable now?
  13. try reloading the software. I had this happen a long time ago and that cured it for me
  14. have a look at your mixer setting after your Pod amp to check if it is panned to one side
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