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  1. In the old Spider IV amps, the editor used to have a switchable volume boost that you could put at the end of the effects chain that could be assigned to a footswitch to boost volume for solos. I don't see that anywhere in the Spider V editor. Does it have this?
  2. There is a simple boost function on the Spider IV 75 that is independent of any of the effects slots. I just figured out that function 1 button on the Shortboard. You can also use the stomp box slot for a boost as well, the only advantage being an EQ attached to it.
  3. Is there any way to turn the deidicated BOOST on the Spiver IV 75 amp on and off using a button on the FBV Shortboard MK? I can't seem to find a way to do this. I was hoping one of the two Function buttons would do this but can't seem to find a way.
  4. So what could I be possibly missing then? This app was definitely not loud by anyone's definition. It was less loud than the 10 watt solid state amp right next to it. Definitely not loud enough to be heard over a drummer, even alone without the rest of the band. Is there another master volume control other than "blend"? Note that I had drive fully on to the right and all tone controls at 12 o'clock.
  5. Nor me. :) Hopefully they change that.
  6. I tried the AMPLIFi 75 at a local Guitar Center over the weekend. Because it's Guitar center, they of course did NOT have any iOS device there setup to test it fully, and since I'm an Android guy I wasn't carrying one either. So I was stuck testing it with just the built in presets. Given that limitation, the amp pretty much sucked as a guitar amp. The default presets are terrible, but this is not unusual for a Line 6 amp. I usually have to create my own presets for a decent sound but I could not do it without an iOS device. Also, I could not get any of the knobs on the amp to do anything. Drive, the Tone controls and the reverb / effects knobs did NOTHING to the sound that I could hear. What am I missing? Also, I assume the "Blend" control was the "Volume" for the amp, but even at pretty much all the way up this thing was not loud AT ALL. I compared a 10 watt solid state "Acoustic" brand practice amp in the store and the 10 watt amp was louder. Also, my solid state 75 att Spider IV is like 10 TIMES louder than this amp. What gives? Could the default channel volume be set really low? I don't understand why this thing is only as loud as like a 5 watt solid state amp. So no sale here unless I'm really missing something. Certainly a manual would help.
  7. Thanks. But just to be clear - Did you get completely out of the Amplfi app (meaning unload it from running even in the background), THEN turn your phone on airplane mode, and then call up the app to see if you can get at your presets? If not, it could be that the presets were already temporarily download and in memory when you turned out airplane mode. It's an important disctinction.
  8. Does anyone know if you have to have access to the internert in order to call up your own saved patches at a gig? I have an old iPhone but it does not have a sim card, so if the venue I'm playing has no WIFI (or even if I had a sim card, I may not be able to get a signal), am I out of luck?
  9. Is there a way just to start from scratch with a new empty tone without starting from an existing one? Tony
  10. This is probably not it but just to be sure. A lot of times when I get amp crackling it's because of static, especially with the dry heat in the winter. If you amp is on carpet, try it somewhere on a hardwood floor or tile and will no shoes or socks on.
  11. Note that it says THIS on the Knowledge base FAQ: Q: Can I use the AMPLIFi Remote app to load or edit tone files from my other exsisting Line 6 products? A: The AMPLIFi Remote app is only compatible with tone files created from the AMPLIFi 75 or 150 amplifiers.
  12. So just to get this straight, you can only store 4 presets at any time on these amps? EVEN with a FBV shortbread mk2 as a footcontroller? Boy, I hope that changes with a future firmware upgrade. How ridiculous.
  13. In doing some extensive searching on the internet, I found a couple of German sites that list the Amplifi 75 at 11.7 kg (about 26 pounds) and the Amplifi 150 at 17 kg (about 37 pounds). If this is actual weight (not shipping weight - it didn't say) these are both heavier than I hoped and expected, especially for the Amplifi 75 with only a 8" inch speaker and a plastic frame. I was hoping this would come in at under 20 pounds.
  14. Well that seems WAY hard on the fingers since you can't wrap them around a handle so that your actual hand can bear the weight. Seems like a dumb design. Let's hope these amps are LIGHT. :)
  15. I think it might be a matter of Line 6 not being familiar with Android development. They already have iOS apps for a while not but currently no Android apps that I'm aware of. This is because Apple has much better audio latency for things like guitar amp / effects on iOS devices, which has been the Line 6 app focus to date. Audio latency has nothing to do with the Amplifi app, but Line 6 may now have to get experience in programming for Android, which is a whole different language (Java vs objective c) and development environment.
  16. So is the ledge the actual handle - meaning you just stick your hand in there and lift? Or is there an actual pop out handle in there? I can't really see anything in that picture.
  17. Also as a follow-up, in their a PDF manual yet available? I assume not as it's not on this Line 6 site anywhere that I can find, but just asking. And lastly, where is the HANDLE? Someone said it comes out of the top but I can't see it anywhere in the pictures. Is it between the control knobs and the back? Is it actually that space between the two that serves as a "handle", or does something pop up? Tony
  18. Does anyone know how much Amplifi 75 & 150 actually WEIGH and what are the dimensions? I do not see anything about either in the specs. I'm particularily interested in the weight.
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