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  1. I have a JTV-59 US and Korean and several Official L6 LiOn Batteries (two are relatively new rarely used batteries). All the batteries are fully charged and work in the USA but none work in the Korean. The Korean does work when using a TSR into the Line6 power supply box. Any ideas why or any potential fix? Is there a reset for the battery?
  2. I have 2 Sonicport VXs that have the same issue with the USB to iPa/iPhine jack. Writing support.
  3. I'm only playing at home (pretty much every room in the house where I'm allowed) and once in a while forget to remove the transmitter. The G10 charges pretty fast, but it is nice to have a spare ready go. Glad Line6 sold an adapter/charging cable because that is a reasonable solution. I significantly prefer the G10 over my G30 which battery cover NEVER STAYED CLOSED. I had to wrap a rubber band around the battery case to get it to work.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I just got my Line6 charging cable today. Luckily there was a workaround to charging 1, using the other.
  5. Actually, i meant two G10 transmitters and one base station. I bought an extra transmitter so i can use one and charge the other, but if i have the extra charging in the base, then the one in my guitar doesn't work. If i pull out the backup and put it in the guitar, then that transmitter works, but start charging the first in the base station, the backup doesn't connect. How can i charge the backup while using the other transmitter and not have the base disconnect the one in my guitar? Or you can't have a transmitter charging and use a second transmitter at the same time? Any ideas? Is it merely setting both to the same channel? If so, how do you do that? AdInfinitum
  6. For example GD's patches have a 4 x 10 bass cabinet in all the patches and then an IR block (with his custom IRs. If anyone knows, please let me know. Also, many downloaded patches use IR, but many do not list the IR or even what CAB the IR replicates. Thanks!
  7. I dowloaded some third party presets to load in the user slots. For example, i downloaded a Spirit of Radio patch (awesome patch although should use a Hiwatt). I changed the flanger to EHEM model (used live on tour, but not in the studio of TSOR (in fact, when i asked Terry Brown what he used a Loft Flanger. Any how, the save function allows one to save to library, save to disk. I save the patch to disk and library and then i try copying and pasting in the user list to a free spot, the patch shows up in the new slot, but it is the original unedited patch. A little help here!
  8. I have an Amplifi 75 with 24 banks of custom presets. Is there a way to backup both the Amplifi and Spider V and then move the Amplifi presets into thr Spider V? Or, do i havento into "My Tones" and import 1 at a time?
  9. Yes. Also rebooted after several tries of reinstalling my patches.
  10. There is defintely something amiss with backing up User patches. I backed up my User1 setlist and individual patches, loaded new firmware, did reset. Factory patches updated, but whn i tried to import setlist, it did upload them, but borked Factory 2 Presets. Only half loaded and they seemed to be the old set. Tried saving that user setlist and rest, same thing. Any solutions. Luckily i only had about 8 original patches, so not a huge loss.
  11. There is defintely something amiss with backing up User patches. I backed up my User1 setlist and individual patches, loaded new firmware, did reset. Factory patches updated, but whn i tried to import setlist, it did upload them, but borked Factory 2 Presets. Only half loaded and they seemed to be the old set. Tried saving that user setlist and rest, same thing. Any solutions. Luckily i only had about 8 original patches, so not a huge loss.
  12. First, I'd just like to thank Line 6 for borking Mobile Pod, so that I had to delete it from my iPad and iPhone, which resulted in deleting all my user presets. Second, I would appreciate getting step by step instruction on reloading my presets them because, frankly, your presets suck balls. Mi tried via iTunes and while it supposedly loads the priests, they don't show up in Mobile Pod. Ain't that nice.
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your issues. I had/have the same issue . . . AGAIN WITH MY Variax. Battery charged, authentic battery, and also new authentic battery. Plug it in, green lights. Play a little, slam the guitar select switch to get it to actually engage, play a strat in position 4, then guitar goes silent except on the mags, which still work. Re--charge the battery. nothing. Leave bateery in overnight, green lights, it works, for a little bit. Same problem. Nothing except mag pickups. Leave it in again, now it works. Line6 - how about letting us know what the issue is.
  14. Both of my JTV batteries are authentic Line6 batteries. But you are probably right that there is something wrong with the battery power circuit.
  15. Let's just say I did have a witch doctor perform a voodoo ritual over my JTV to get it to work. No chickens were sacrificed or harmed though. I've had weird things like that happen on other battery powered guitars like my Parker Fly (for the piezo). Sometimes the battery just doesn't supply enough current to get the guitar making any sound, then after a few minutes and some cursing, it does work. It could be a cold solder somewhere in the circuit. Who the heck knows. Note - I still had the problem even after taking it in for repair! Line6 does have authorized repair shops now, so you may not have to ship it far. I actually have an authorized repair place about 2 miles up the road. Good luck.
  16. I also hooked up my JTV using the power cable to make sure that the unit was working with AC power. at first, it was intermittent - the volume was low, then crackly, then worked. This happened a few times. But, after about 10 minutes, it was working fine with the cable/AC power. I then thought that sometimes capacitors or filters get discharged and maybe because I let the battery's charge get too low when I left the battery in the unit (I've been playing my Transperformance lately), that the JTV just need to have current flowing through it to get all the components firing or at least above a threshold. I'm not an EE, but, it worked.
  17. No, I left the fully charged battery in the JTV overnight and now it is working. It may make no sense, but . . . it worked. There is probably a component failure in the battery circuit. Sometimes having a continuous source of current gets the component to start working again.
  18. Thanks everyone for the replies. I tried leaving the battery in the unit overnight, hoping that the JTV required to get past a threshold of current or charge to activate the battery. I was right. I just checked and the battery registered four green lights. So, all is good.
  19. OMG - I forgot to turn the battery charger on! Only kidding - it is plugged in and charging correctly. Plus, the battery indicator on the Variax does not light at all. Even when the battery ran down, I always got at least one green light.
  20. I have a JTV-59 that was working perfectly fine on battery power. I just purchased a second battery because I know that these batteries have a limited recharge life. I recharged my original battery and then charged up the back-up. Of course, when I put the original battery in, it no longer powers up the guitar. Then tried the new battery (after a full charge up), and it also did to power the guitar. I then used the stereo cable and breakout box and the guitar does power up via the breakout box, but both batteries do not power up the guitar (no lights on the battery indicator). Any ideas? Is there a "reset" or a discharge that I can try? I'd prefer not having to ship the guitar back to Line6 (I have an early reproduction version that required a replacement of the three way switch, although Line6 did not put on the switch plate to cover the switch hole). Thanks
  21. I'm playing through my son's Spider III amp on the crunch channel and got a really great tone. Does anyone know what specific model amp that is and whether it is the same model as used in the Pod XT, x3 or Pod Farm? Thanks, Ad Infinitum
  22. Please provide a list of compatible floorboards for the Amplifi series. Can I use my FBV Shortboard MK 1 or can does it require either an FBV Shirtboard 2 or will only let you use an FBV Express Mark 2. I would like to control the stomps rather than just switch between 4 patches. Also, anyway to get the Blueboard to switch patches via Bluetooth?
  23. Why can't Line6 include both the 1.9 and 2.0 Strat in the new firmware? There are enough of their customers who are complaining they don't particularly like the sound of the "HD" Strat. So, why is Line6 forcing users to choose between the two. And yes, Line6 is making users choose. Please don't say "if they don't like the new Strat then don't upgrade." There are many additional features besides an upgraded Strat sound in the update. Users should forego all of that because Line6 makes an arbitrary decision to "fix something that was broken". For example, when the Axe-FX updates an amp model and the users say, "hey, I really loved the old one" Fractal will frequently include the old amp model in the next update. I really can't understand why companies can't just add the new models, but keep the old ones as well. Let the users choose what models they want. Isn't that the whole point of the Variax in the first place?
  24. I updated workbench and the new JTV HD firmware. No problem, except, as advertised, the new firmware wiped my presets. Ok, no big deal, I have a cheat sheet with all the old alternate tunings. I start updating and try to save a simple Eb tuned patch to Custom 1. The patch works in the Eb tuning, but when i itried to save the patch, Workbench then gives me an error saying it can't save the patch. Then the JTV goes dead - no power to the modeling section. Battery shows no lights.. I remove the battery, let it sit and recharge it (it was already at full charge), the JTV finally gets back power. I try again to save the patch, same thing, but this time the unit is DEAD - the variax board is shot - no power and battery doesn't show any lights. Any ideas? Anyone else having problems saving new patches? I'm running a iMac, snow leopard. Monkey updated everything to latest versions.
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