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  1. bluskiff

    HX Stomp FAQ

    The more I get into the stomp the more I realize how limited it is. I may end up returning it. Just wish there was something between the stomp and the LT. My problem is size. Needs to fit in carry on luggage. I do alot of fly gigs. I know the fractal fits but would rather stay line 6.
  2. bluskiff

    HX Stomp with Powercab Plus

    could you run stomp effect send to power cab and the stomp stereo outs to front of house? I have a power cab plus on the way. Right now running stomp trs out to effect send return on flex tone 3. (Cabinet modelling off on flex tone). Wish there was helix size between LT and stomp. I need something that I can carry on an airplane. both helix pedals are to big .
  3. bluskiff

    HX Stomp - Tap Tempo in Snapshots mode

    I wish there was a way to just set it like a regular line 6 pedal. In snapshot just make it so when you hold down a switch the tuner comes on. Its not that crazy they've been doing that for years. Or hold down selected switch you get tuner. I do alot of flying gigs so thats why I bought the stomp. Too bad there wasn't something in between the LT and the stomp. Its got to fit in carryon luggage. I would have easily paid the extra to get a full 2 processor helix that fit the dimensions.
  4. I really wish they hadn't given up on 10.8.5 all us protools hd studios and locked out of helix. Spending 10000 to upgrade studio is not an option.
  5. bluskiff

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I sure would like to get the full helix but I need something to fit in my carry on luggage. Right now I carry pedals and then backline is supplied. Still have to stand there for a few minutes and get my sound together. It looks like HX stomp could be the answer. just wish there was something the size of HX effects or if the HX effects could add amps. Been using line 6 amps and plugins for years.