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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm not thrilled and still a bit suspicious, but at least I can just use my other cable. I also note that when using the apparently faulty cable, changing patches on the POD does not change models on the Variax like it should.
  2. Thanks Max. When submitting the request, it showed me several other threads where people had similar problems (like I tried swapping the VDI cable and... it worked fine. Tested it a few times with USB in or out - all good. So I went back to my previous one (the original cable that came with it) and... it worked fine. Tested a few times - all good. So for now it's working, but it doesn't seem right. I don't want to put it down to an intermittent cable since it only started after the firmware updates and it's never happened before that.
  3. Hi. I updated my POD HD500 and JTV-59 recently to the new firmwares. Now when I turn it on with the Variax plugged in it just constantly reboots - doesn't get far enough to make a sound. As soon as I unplug the Variax (VDI connected), it starts and I can plug the guitar back in and it works. Anyone else in this boat? I haven't tried reflashing anything but will soon I guess.
  4. Thanks psarkissian. I thought it might be a special mode... I was hoping someone had seen it before and knew exactly what it was. I had not been pushing any buttons down though - just plugged it in. I will re-flash if anything more strange persists.
  5. I guess no one's seen this before then..? I've also had no sound recently - unplug/replug fixes the problem.
  6. Hi. I just plugged my JTV-59 into my POD HD500 using the VDI cable, and I got a green light under the tuning knob (the model knob was the usual orange colour). Monkey didn't recognise that it was there. Pressing or rotating knobs didn't do anything, so I unplugged and replugged and it went normal. I'm not fussed as there's no ongoing problem, but I've never seen a green light on the guitar before. Has anyone else had this or does anyone know what the green light is for?
  7. Hi Aris. There's no link in this thread. Is your demo the one called "Jazz" here? Thanks.
  8. Wow, that sounds great! Which jazzbox models (positions) were you using? Any ideas what POD HD amp/settings you might use to get close to that sound - I love it! (and I really enjoyed your playing too!)
  9. Thanks Andy, Sounds interesting. A couple more questions: - What is actually connected to your POD? Do you run a MIDI cable to the Ableton computer via a hardware interface? - I'm still not sure how it 'knows' which patch to load, since you say the order doesn't matter... Wouldn't your MIDI signals have to request a specific patch (e.g. bank 1D), or does it work differently? Do you choose the patch manually on the POD, then the MIDI signals just change 'options' (like stomps) in the same patch? We use Ableton too, and I have it sending MIDI signals for changing the words in time and experimented with changing lights too. Are you using stems? (we are, plus some of my own part recordings) Cheers...
  10. I just spent 5 minutes looking for an old thread that covered this (with my input), but the search facility here doesn't seem to go back very far. Google does though... ... briefly - I use a Studio EQ at the front of the chain, with only the gain changed (+5 or 6dB).
  11. Hi. That sounds interesting. Can you tell me more? I heard about Lincoln Brewster doing that (his drummer set it up)... Do you have fixed patch numbers for the song and then the click track changes to that patch? I use click tracks at church and have been thinking about trying this too, but each week, I copy that Sunday's patches into 1A, B, ... so they're all in a row. Not sure how that would work here. Thanks!
  12. Hi Heath. I'm a happy user of one of these CNB cases. I put some foam (not much) around it to keep it tight. This is an Australian seller, but should show you what the case is:
  13. Hi, Recently, Sean Halley posted a blog entry about getting good JTV acoustic sounds with a POD HD ( He says "Here is a typical patch (available on my CustomTone profile):", but there's no link... I found his customtone profile at: but the acoustic tone there ( is not the same as the one he's demoing and has screenshots of on the blog post. Is this patch available? Sean? (I posted a reply on the blog entry a few days ago, but it hasn't come up yet.) Thanks.
  14. Hans, thank you. This is the best chart I've seen - very good. ...Except that all the guitars are upside down ;)
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