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  1. Will HD500X edit run on an iPad? If so, what cable adapters to use? I have been using the Firehawk, but got out my backup HD500X and may put it back in to service,,,
  2. Yes you can create from scratch. As I recall there are some empty user banks up around 30-32. There are limited wildcard fx blocks so, yes you can only assign 3 blocks I think. I am not sitting at my rig. I added a Fulltone 2 and a Line 6 M5 modeler to my fx loop. Once I did, I assigned the reverb switch to the fx loop. If you want to do this, once you are in the editor mode on your iPad or phone, tap the FX loop and once it comes up, simply tap the switch at the bottom of the screen to assign it to what ever switch you like. I am hoping someday in a future flash upgrade, they will turn all of the FX blocks in to wildcards, I too could find other uses for the compressor and EQ blocks for instance. In the end the Firehawk sounds so good to me, I will live with the quirks.
  3. Stratotron

    iOS 9...?

    Based on the "edited" IOS statement at the top of the page, I updated to IOS 9 and Firehawk appears to be working nicely. Ipad had been acting up last few days, in the groove again now. Will still suck for Amplifi.
  4. Am looking for some advice regarding the Firehawk fx loop levels. I am running a Fulltone Full Drive 2 as a boost in to a Line 6 M5 with the FX loop in and out set at around -7. I attempt to set the loop levels so the are at unity with the FH and let the device do the Boost. I have experimented with the order of the 2 devices, this seems to work the best. With the Fulltone off, any effect I have engaged on the M5 is weak, with the Fultone on, of course the M5 is robust, in some cases too much, and will occasionally "crack" at the high end of a cycle. I have also moved the fx loop in front of the amp in the signal chain, it sounds more natural there, but can be slightly noisy depending on the gain. As a routine, I have assigned switch 4 in the back row from reverb to fx loop, as I am writing this it occurs to me that I am not sure why? The rationale was that I never toggle reverb so don't need a switch dedicated to that, hence fx loop. So what I am after is some feedback on levels, device placement, and signal chain, in other words what are you all doing? As a side, I wish the FH had midi, so I could assign the M5 to switch with the device. I know, I know, don't tell me, the Helix has multiple FX loops and midi.....covering my la la la ...don't wanna hear it!!
  5. Stratotron

    iOS 9...?

    Am grateful that I haven't upgraded to IOS9 yet!! How is it that a company can allow an upgrade to cripple an entire wing of their products? MAN, this is bad! I am thinking this should have had a fix the day after the release. I am not a basher, I love Line 6 products, I love the Ipad editing, but am hoping they are not turning their backs on the Amplifi/Firehawk owners to concentrate efforts on the Helix. I am pretty sure that I for one am not laying down that kind of cash for a multi...period. In my opine, there is NOTHING like being able to stand erect and edit my rig with the tap of a finger, and will not go willingly back to editing on the floor whether by feet or by finger. I know, HD edit worked from my laptop, but it just isn't the same. I have learned to live with the lag, even found some odd uses for it (setting Rotary Drum slow on one patch and fast on another causes it to ramp up and down accordingly when switched). Will continue to wait patiently for the fix. Having the App fail, however, is unacceptable, come on, really?
  6. I have a Fulltone 2 in my FX loop as a boost, and some extra oomph, an found it to be less noisy placed after the amp. One of the advantages of a multi-fx unit is that you can place things in the chain after the amp, which doesn't exist in the amp world.
  7. I am jump-starting this post in hopes of getting some information on hidden menus. I know the restart+A is the on board expression pedal calibration. I am hoping somewhere in the menus is a way of setting the expression pedal hierarchy. Could someone point me (us) to a menus list?
  8. My own reply...not at all happy with the expression pedal. It seems wrong for the expression pedal to take over the on-board pedal. The secondary let down is the throw of the expression pedal. Too much of the effect is at the end of the throw, and can't be compensated by adjusting the toe-heal values. Don't like the idea that if I want to use the expression pedal to tweak one function, in one patch, I have to configure it in every other patch because it overrides the one board pedal. There should be a global switch to configure the relationship between pedal 1 and pedal 2. I attempted to use the expression pedal as the default volume...In my opine, mechanically it stinks. BTW it is a line 6 pedal.
  9. When I connect my expression pedal, it takes over the volume/wah. Is there a way to set the default so the expression pedal is always assigned to "tweak" mode, or do I have to go patch by patch and assign the expression function? I want the volume/wah onboard pedal to remain assigned to vol/wah when I connect the expression pedal'
  10. I keep a couple of charts handy in my music room. 1, is a chart that converts BPM to Ms or vice versa. Very handy. Another chart I have (different subject) has the Hz at each string/fret location on the fret board. Comes in handy if a partcular note is "zinging"
  11. Once again, I may have posted too soon. I appreciate that Line6 has this user-company relationship. I will add that, last year I got an invite to something at Line6 is Calabassas. I wonder, did I miss an invite to a focus group?
  12. I think, I posted too soon, before I realized the edit-by foot function. Is there a comprehensive explaination of how the foot editing works somewhere?
  13. On the surface, bending over to edit is physically out for me. I have, at my age, developed upper back problems. Firehawk IOS editing was/is a life saver. That is a lot of ducketts as well...I DO like the Scribble Strips...nice.
  14. My goal is to avoid the back row of switches, and save an effects block. I used the fx loop on my HD500 as a boost.
  15. Am "thinking about" adding a Fulltone 2 Overdrive/Boost pedal in to the effects loop of my Firehawk, because: It will allow for a stand alone drive or boost to any patch without taking up an assignable block. It will allow more Mod or Delay flexibility by freeing up a block that would normally be taken up by having a drive occupy that space. It will give me 2 easily accessible switches on the side. ( I struggle with the back row of switches, even with my HD500X). Basically, I will place the effects loop in a space and just leave it on/save it. This way I can punch in a boost or drive to a clean sound or push a drive tone through the cieling. Or I have the option of assigning the effcts loop to a switch in some cases, which still leaves a block that would be taken up by a drive, open. Right now, just thinking about it...thoughts?
  16. Have you tried closing down everything, then going to the bluetooth on your phone /pad and select "forget this device" let it stew, then recconect the bluetooth to the Firehawk? This could get you past the lost connection panel? On another note altogether, has anyone noticed that since the update, the Firehawk opens up the last patch the you were using prior to shut down?
  17. Yeah, all of my custom patches were in their pre-update locations after the update. I used the bluetooth method.
  18. I did the update via Bluetooth. Left, came back it was done. Read the post update section, unpaired, then re-pair'd the bluetooth ( I get the sense from reading other posts that this is a step that is overlooked) and viola! Was able to operate looper, and live edit function...these will require some practice. Adjusting parameters with the volume pedal takes a steady foot. ?Does Live Edit only work when the APP is not running, or is this my imagination? AS soon as I quit the App I was able to get in to Live Edit mode. Here is what knocks me out. I may be an old hick, but the idea that Line6 can engineer functions as complex as either the looper or live edit, make space for it in the existing hardware ,and ship it to us as an update to me is incredible. Can't wait to see what is down the road.
  19. It is my experience that, if I want the tap tempo to become the default, I have to save it to the patch. Every time one switches back to a patch, it will grab the last saved tempo. Even at that, I will use the tap tempo to micro adjust once I am in the song. Set your tap tempo and then do a simple save. Next time you open that patch, that will be the default tempo. On this subject, and this is only my opine and that is all...I create song specific patches that have timed effects that match the tempo of the song that I am playing. To have my rig go to a default tempo for all delays for instance would not be useful for me at all. I will explain, unless every song I played was the same tempo, I wouldn't want my delays trailing off at a beat contrary to the beat of the song. If my delay is beating against the tempo, in my economy, it clutters up the rhythm. I love when for instance a song has a break, and a long trailing note fades off in the distance in time. I know that this "last saved tempo" is contrary to stomp box technology, it is exactly why I use a multi. I don't want to have to adjust a stomp box before each song. While we are at it. I used to think volume normalization would be a good thing. Now that I have been using Line 6 rigs for (15?) years now, volume normalization is something else that I doubt will be useful to me. I tend to create patches within a song that can go from quiet super clean intros, to huge over the top, greasy 80's style bridges and instrumentals, and back again. I work hard to balance my patches so that at the tap of a switch, I am in the next zone, and I don't need to ride volume controls and all. All of this said, I AM looking forward to the lag issue being addressed. I have also encountered an occasional "Pop" when switching a patch between songs. Once again though...lovin' the Firehawk.
  20. Here is a shot of the risers as I described. I only made 3 of them. It really did the trick. I amstill going to try the 3/8" vacuum caps however. Will post when that is done. Strato
  21. Check it out. I rummaged my garage and found some round plastic spacers that come with flat screen tv's. They are about 3/4 diameter and about 1/2" thick. I drilled out the hole in the middle to 5/16", being careful to only drill half of the way through. They sit on top of the back switches and add about 1/4" of height to them. Problem TOTALLY solved! This weeks set was operationally flawless. Here is the deal, I believe Line 6 should provide and aftermarket "extension" for the back row of switches, as I am thinking, homemade work arounds may void warranties? I have already said too much. I am going to try, 3/8" vacuum line caps from a auto parts store next.They would give enough hieght with less "mass". All of this said, the Firehawk was INCREDIBLE this week...form super clean to World War III, Couldn't have been happier.
  22. When your done, post pictures...I'll order a set!
  23. This is my biggest issue. Bumping a lower switch while attempting a back row switch has hung me out a couple of times. I am in the process of creating a "riser" maybe out of tubing, with an in-fill, that will fit over the rear switches and give them a little extra height. When I get it developed, I will post. Yes, I like the fuctionality, and sound of the Firehawk enough to explore a work-around for this problem.
  24. I am totally cool with that. My hope is that all systems play nice with each other, it will make our jobs easier!
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